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  • Parry The Wind High, Low - Frank Black
    "And if a ship meets your car You know you can't go real far Well they could treat you real nice Or put a tracking device Way down inside I'm checking out inventions at the UFO convention tonight Planes"
  • Parry The Wind High, Low - Frank Black And The Catholics
    "And if a ship meets your car You know you can't go real far Well they could treat you real nice Or put a tracking device Way down inside I'm checking out inventions at the UFO convention tonight Planes"
  • Party Like I Parry - Wyclef Jean
    "Yo it's a lot a tension on this dance floor right now A lot a thugs A lot a thugettes A lot a sets A lot a projects A lot a hungry people I can't take this pressure no more I gotta scream for the people,"
  • Bedtime story - John Parr
    "She turns you on, from across the floorYou're tracin' every move she makes, on her way out the doorYou'd sell your soul just to know her nameThe feelin' that she gives you, is somethin' you just can't"
  • Blame it on the radio - John Parr
    "Chorus:Blame it on the moonlight, blame it on the radioI just wanna hold her tight, and never let her goMaybe it's her blue eyes, or maybe it's her sweet helloI just know it feels so right, I gotta let"
  • Come out fightin' - John Parr
    ""Introducing, from Brockton, MassachusettsHeavy weight, captain of the wild, Rocky Marciano"I was on the road to nowhere, just these six strings to my nameOn the run from one more one-night stand, seekin'"
  • Dirty lovin' - John Parr
    "Hi girls, I'm back, yeahLove, so good, so good, and I want you to knowLove, so good, so good, there ain't no lettin' goBreakin' down your sugar walls, taste so sweet, resistance fallsOoh, so good, so fine,"
  • Do it again - John Parr
    "You can play any game you wanna play,don't play with my affectionYou can say anything you wanna say,so talk in my directionDon't tell me "I want to",don't lead me on'Cause when we dance,see our bodies"
  • Don't leave your mark on me - John Parr
    "Under your protective wing I walked into the nightAnd a thousand angry demons up and took flightI went running through the fields with the fever in my veinsAnd the rain came crashing down and tried to"
  • Don't worry bout me - John Parr
    "I suppose the record shows that I'm a loser nowAll I need is one more chance, oh babyI've been waiting a lifetime for someone like youI promise you this time, that I can really see it throughChorus:Don't"
  • Everytime - John Parr
    "You'll soon get over it, you'll find somebody newYou're better off out of it, that girl's no good for youCry if you wanna cry, shout if you wanna shoutWhy don't you let it out, but they don't realiseI"
  • Ghost driver - John Parr
    "Burnin' up the highway, chasin' shadows in the nightHe was on the road to freedom, passin' everything in sightIn the middle of the fast lane, on the wrong side of the roadSlipped her into fifth, and goodbye"
  • Heartbreaker - John Parr
    "When they look lost and all alone, maybe staring at the phoneLet me tell you that's the time, I make my playA cup of coffee usually buys me in, pretty soon the game beginsAnd while I'm staring in their"
  • It's startin' all over again - John Parr
    "Caught that look in your eye, he's back againTold me time after time, he's just a friendI need to know, I can't go on, I won't survive without youYou said you'd laid that ghost to rest, why don't you confessChorus:It's"
  • Killer on the sheets - John Parr
    "(Killer killer killer, killer killer killer)When I left a dirty message on your answer machineLeft a call sign in the middle, so you'd know it was meI got your number, from a rock and roll bandThey said"
  • King of lies - John Parr
    "Got my nose to the wheel, but I don't steal, I'm a good boyGonna work till I drop, I'll never stop, I'm a good boyOh I'm not looking for a good time girlOh I'm not looking for a good, looking for a good"
  • Love grammar - John Parr
    "You wanna shake my hand, say there's no hard feelingsBut there's another lie between the lines I'm readingIf you want him, then take him, just push me away, baby I just got to knowIf you want him, then"
  • Magical - John Parr
    "Up in the attic where the skeletons hideWe all live in fear of the door and what's behindA door you dare not open, 'cause what you'll findA close encounter of the sexual kindLove in the shadows, like a"
  • Man with a vision - John Parr
    "Destiny, I can hear freedom callWith these hands, we can tear down these wallsYa gotta sing out loud, ya gotta sing out strongHe's gonna soon be here, and it won't be longYou wanna change the world, you"
  • Naughty naughty - John Parr
    "I put my hand on your stocking, I was movin' nice and slowLet my fingers do the walking, and there ain't far to goDon't tell me "I don't wanna be a girl like that"Do you wanna see a grown man cry?You don't"

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