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Part of the Process

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Part of the Process

  • Part of process - Morcheeba
    "Angry faces, cursing loud, Changing places, falling proud Behind the bomb, no one cares, Time is money We're taught to tear It's all part of the process We all love looking down All we want is some success"
  • Part Of The Process - Morcheeba
    "Angry faces, cursing loud, Changing places, falling proud Behind the bomb, no one cares, Time is money We're taught to tear It's all part of the process We all love looking down All we want is some success But"
  • Process - The Darlings
    "There's something wrong today I can't seem to find a place in this Social circles they spin out of control just closing all the doors around me the fun never ends the fun never ends There's someone else"
  • Process - Skinny Puppy
    "alternative - mass control diversification and guilt jealousy prejudice the courage to be themselves... often hated aims to make individual freedom spiritual bounds mental shackles to heal the wound"
  • The Process - Good Riddance
    "Braced against the grip of choices Memories of the gentle ways Stained by a thousand voices Yearning for a shaft of light Catergorized And labeled an affliction Delivered naked into this world Dehumanized And"
  • The Process - Forgive-Me-Not
    "Always mine a sensual bliss Always yours what you feel is right Not a day with some joy to miss One man stand " got a fight to fight I face my fear It has no name Here I stand come and bring me peace I"
  • The Process - Sullivan
    "Break the code of silence Forget your conscience And baby, you'll be fine Grab a book of matches, Half empty gas can And get these hands untied You made me who I am Blame it all on the process, darling Draw"
  • Putrefaction Process - Suicide Commando
    "deformed faces on the ground deceased corpses slaughtered mankind choosing target setting aim pull the trigger no ones to blame putrefied smell the flesh rotten to the bone putrefied start the process the"
  • Burn Process - Tactical Sekt
    "Burn process Death processors Chemical cocktail Society feeds on the defenceless Hate incarnate Evil incarnations Blame your culture Justified their incantation Burn process Stealing posesions Theft"
  • Process Elimination - Evil Dead
    "Black moon is on the rise, Air raid the sirens sound, Population in despair, Warlords tehy sit and laugh, Chemical rain upon the earth, Invisible killers path, Melting minds in demise, Hear the human cries... Radiation's"
  • Democratic Process - Bobs
    "(You could be the President) (You could be the President) (One nation, oh my god) (You could be the President) I went to my dentist's at 3rd and Market That wisdom tooth had to go I'd never seen my dentist"
  • Markovian Process - Bad Religion
    "You will all say that I am surely crazy Only an unrepentant pessimist Whose thoughts should be detained But facts are sterile, not vulgar nor sublime And they're not religion, they're for everyone And"
  • Elimination Process - Gravediggaz
    "Grym Reaper, you mission is to take control of the black hole perimeter And to eliminate the fake, deaf, dumb and blind niggas You must by any means necessary, annihilate the nig zombie ghetto dwellas Now"
  • Freezing Process - Quicksand
    "Taken to the brink of something. Something, but we can't know what. To wait, to want, it's so bad, and, try something, and, moving to slow, to get where you want to go. Looking for results, you can't begin,"
  • Thought Process - Eligh
    "(Eligh) Process of thought comes heavily to minds That rotate in a fashion like machinery We're finding all the questions and mishaps that pop up on a daily Asking questions of my limelight "Please God,"
  • Thought Process - Open Hand
    "Since the day I left you there, I lost my way, Each time I close my eyes I think of you. It's too late, too Late, too Late for me to say I'm sorry, I'm sorry now, Too late, too late, too late for"
  • Dehumanizing Process - Chimaira
    "Explode Clear the way the new king has arrived To take your place while I've got you on your knees I always had this vision of who I'd become A powerful giant who could rule with ease And who would Bring"
  • Repeat process - 100 Demons
    "This was the time, the only time I thought that it would all work out.Make a believer of myself without a doubt.I made a pact.I swore and swore and swore again.But here I stand.Rage unbridled.Not what"
  • Process of Pain - Holy Moses
    "Chaos - Infecting - it's self - my life Enter - circle - from the ending - path It's your turn in my life The process of pain I kill you tonight Phantom - defiled - myself - to death I - kill you - I -"
  • Process - John Lee Hooker
    "(John Lee Hooker) I don't want no woman, crazy 'bout a process head1 I don't want no woman, crazy 'bout a process head She a process head, it's almost simple head Ain't got no money, only got a hair-do"

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