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Party fun mars23

  • Fun - Sly & The Family Stone
    "Girls: Fun Boys: When I party I party hearty Fun is on my mind Girls: Fun Boys: Put a smile on your face Leave that bummer behind Girls:"
  • Fun - Joe Walsh
    "I'm gonna have my own private party Gonna invite everyone I know We'll all have our own personal celebration I'm gonna send out invitations To all my friends -- your friends -- and their friends too We'll"
  • Fun - Kevin Gilbert
    "Lenny's got horse and Nigel's got hash, I got a lot of dispensable cash Go downtown in my limousine Gonna find some young hookers we can treat real mean There's plenty of drugs n' plenty of beer To"
  • Fun - Ian Hunter
    "(ian hunter/mark clarke/hilly michaels) I got a shower curtain stickin' to my back And the o'd' cologne sure packs a whack I got blood on my razor - my face is in shock 'n' my hair hangin' down like a"
  • Party - Tweenies
    "Orrrr weoh, weoh What a party Orrrr weoh, weoh What a party it?s going to be Orrrr weoh, weoh Cos at my party All my best friends are coming to tea There?ll be lots and lots of laughing The fun will never"
  • Party - Boston
    "(Scholz, Delp) Well you know I don't get off on workin' day after day I wanna have some fun while I'm here I play the game when it's goin' my way And there's nothin' like a party when it's kickin' into"
  • Party - Phideaux
    "It will be our deepest pleasure to invite you to our ball We will have cake and treasure You simply must come along To our party, party, party, stay forever, say you will Come be happy if you want to"
  • Party - Patrice
    "chorus: Oh Lordi, Lordi, who rocks the party party it's babatunde, patrice babatunde all the ladies wind up your body 1st verse: there is fire on the dancefloor 'cause patrice is in the dancehall all the"
  • Big Fun - Inner City
    "We don't really need a crowd to have a party Just a funky beat and you to get it started and oh We'll dance the night away. We're having big fun and the party's just begun yeah We're having big fun big"
  • Big fun - Icehouse
    "Jack threw a party on a Saturday night and everybody was coming along Georgie Porgie, Pudding and Pie cows jumping over the moon the owl and the pussy cat went to see see what was going down all the king's"
  • Life Ain't Nothing But A Party - Party
    "Feel the music and feel the funky groove. Let your mind go when you start to move. Motto is live your life to the full. Just keep positive and someday you'll rule. The funky tribe of five to you, my"
  • House of fun - Madness
    "Good morning miss Can I help you son? Sixteen today And up for fun I'm a big boy now Or so they say So if you'll serve I'll be on my way Box of balloons With the feather-light touch Pack of party-poppers"
  • Fun Time Delivery - Flow
    "Ore-tachi wa nippon juu hashibashi made wakasu Party Hey Ho! Hey Hey Ho! Otodoke desu! Fun Time Delivery! Hey Ho! Hey Hey Ho! ATSU ATSU na BIITO no ue hane mawaru HURESSHU na RIRIKKUSU OK! Yokubari de"
  • Just Having Fun - Bachelors
    "chrous: Just having fun chill with my friend's going on other night on town Said don't know where the night will end just trying to do my thing and have a good time cause we can fun all night along said"
  • Wild Party - Gus And Frank
    "Lets party Lets party Lets party Wild Wild Party (party) Lets party (party) Lets party (party) Lets party Wild Wild Party Hey good looking what ya doin' tonight would you like to have a good time? You"
  • Beach Party - Cootees
    "There's a party and it's at the beach Well the food is good and the chicks are neat Sittin' 'round, feelin' swell I saw a girl and said what the hell I was bored and the night was young I wanna go out"
  • House Party - CeCe Peniston
    "Let the party beep, let the party bump Let the party bump, let the party beep Let the party bump Tonight's the night I'm feelin' right You know there's a party on in my neighborhood We're bumpin' to the"
  • Balkan Party - Michael Bear
    "We feel the balkan sound Sound I wanna jump With the music vibe I have fun, fun Till the break down The night is young, young And we are in the club Beach party on the run We feel the balkan sound The"
  • Party Girl - Grace Jones
    "Party girl, Party girl, Sometimes he has to do, what he hates to do, havin fun with it no ones hurtin you, She loves to do, what he hates to do, lovin it, havin fun with it, Party girl, energy is like"
  • Party Town - Eurythmics
    "Saxophones were playing in a pool of light Corridors of mirrors in a never ending night Jukebox electric shining in your face Arms like a gorilla playing a stumbling bass You were singing under water"

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