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Past forever

  • Past Lives - Level 42
    "An angel came to me last night She saw me in a different light She showed me things I thoughht I could be Are not a million miles away As surely as night follows day It follows, I'm a king not a slave It"
  • Embracing Past - Negative
    "Autumn rain in December Darkness offers company Some part of me Doesn't want to remember How could I forget? I don't wanna talk about Of worse or of some better Why can't we stay Like this forever? While"
  • Past Lives - Animal Planet
    "Animal Planet Miscellaneous Past Lives How would you feel If the foot was on the other shoe? And this time around The beard it would be you To make love and caress In one magical night And learn the very"
  • Days Past - Sworn Enemy
    "The days of my past now are so far gone The glory days when the battles were won The walking down those hallowed halls The laughing, the yelling, the ruling it all As I close my eyes I can plainly see The"
  • Past Shadows - Agathodaimon
    "Now far I am from you, before my fire alone, And read again the hours that so silently have gone, And it seems that eighty years beneath my feet did glide, That I am old as winter, that maybe you have"
  • Solstice Past - Hagalaz' Runedance
    "Crimson summer sky sundown has come trees cloaked in shadows what would I find beyond? As I'm watching, thinking, waiting for the night to fall could I only turn the time could I stop this moment Grey"
  • Forever - Fleetwood Mac
    "I like the way the light falls today Slow, too lazy for anything I see boats that go sailin' past me (But not too fast) You know, I wish this day could keep on goin' and last forever Please don't fool"
  • Forever - Kenny Lattimore
    "Oh, ooh... Yeah, yeah... I would never let you go Ooh... This time it's forever (Verse 1) Girl I want to know what's on your mind 'Cause when I look into your eyes they're saying words you don't"
  • Forever - Kid Rock
    "Haha Oh I'm back The fog has lifted The earth has shifted And raised the gifted You knew I'd be back So pack your bone And hit the road Jack Cause daddy's home With the funky hot riffs Thick like Al"
  • Forever - The Berzerker
    "Always living on the line of what you think is right or wrong, there was a time when even i could not bear to be alone, needing someone or something that is not mine to call my own, to have and hold, severing"
  • Forever - Kottonmouth Kings
    "Just me and you Just me and you That's right Just me and you Just me and you... You and me could go on forever Making songs that we'll sing together Just put your trust in me you're fine Take my"
  • Sleepwalking Past Hope - H.I.M.
    "I hid the keys to unlock love's heart To hold you in my sweetest pain and suffering Everything's unfair in our lust and war Redemption beyond right and wrong In our hearts love keeps sweet-talking to"
  • Sleepwalking Past Hope - HIM
    "I hid the keys to unlock love's heart To hold you in my sweetest pain and suffering Everything's unfair in our lust and war Redemption beyond right and wrong In our hearts love keeps sweet-talking to"
  • Ghosts Once Past - Steel Prophet
    ""The first will visit you when the clock strikes one" "Heed them well, they are your only chance" He knew it was strange, that December eve Was it the drugs? His senses took leave Brought out by the"
  • Past Tense Existence - Sunk Loto
    "Falling from a great height Whats beyond this experience? Counting down the seconds Before you're gone, dead, over Goodbye, Forever. All these hours Just a second then you're gone Gasp your every breathe"
  • A Year In The Past Forever In The Future - Grade
    "This is a time in my life where everything is falling apart, and at the same time it's all coming together. Those summer days that I longed for never really were what I wanted them to be. Just like when"
  • One Minute Past Eternity - Hank Snow
    "When will my arms grow cold when will your kiss grow old When will I want to be free Exactly one minute past eternity When will I make you blue cheat and run around on you Throw away the love you've given"
  • Thinking Of The Past - Trouble
    "Remember the place, when you were young that seemed so real life was so much fun I can see it in my son were you ever young? now these days are gone forever wish I'd make them last now we feel so sad"
  • Somewhere In My Past - Il Divo
    "I met you just tonight but i keep wonderin why it seem's i've always known you all my life I've held you only once but i keep wonderin why it seem's i've held you forever Can it be true Could i be wrong that"
  • Voice From The Past - Burning Point
    "Between valleys, I drown in deepest seas I'm on the edge of forever Lost in the twilight, collision of darkness and light A new day dawning, it's time to fight Enchanting voices won't leave me be Throwing"

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