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Pat benatar schad

  • Melted Pat - Guided By Voices
    "Damn good, Mr. Jam Melted Pat knows where she's at She's copping a buzz On something that was Melted Pat thinks that it's good And maybe she should Cause it's always good She's knocking around She's always"
  • Pitter Pat - Erin McCarley
    "Tugged the moon into the ground Turned this bedroom upside down tonight Took my faith and I breathed it out Then walked right through a cloud of flashing lights Bright lies. Pain takes my heart's place The"
  • Uncle Pat - Ash
    "I sent off this morning Down the road along the river Which I take but once a year My walk will take me by the shore Then inland for a mile or more From the cold sea spray A small wood stands upon"
  • Pat Trip Dispenser - The Fall
    "He moves slow at the petrol stop It's Pat the trip dispenser He came with solvent in his hair The trip dispenser Spine-fuhrer of Hoboken It's Pat the trip dispenser Friend of Syndicate of Sound Pigeon"
  • Pat Campbell Rules - Sublime
    "We took this trip to garden grove smelt like lou dog inside the van (oh yea) This aint no funky ragae party 5 dollars at the door it gets so real some times who wrote my ryhme I got the Microwave got"
  • Jimmy Says - Pat Benatar
    "LIPSTICK LIES Pat Benatar Written by: N. Geraldo, P. Giraldo & M. Grombacher From the album "Live From Earth" You've gotta admit, you paint a pretty picture No one would ever suspect, your so adept at"
  • Heartbreakerpb - Pat Benatar
    "Hell is for Children Pat Benatar They cry in dark, so you can't see their tears. They hide in the light, so you can't see their fears. Forgive and forget, all the while... Love and pain become one and"
  • Little Too Late - Pat Benatar
    "LOOKING FOR A STRANGER Pat Benatar Get Nervous I had it with the same old routine I had it with the same old faces, places Everynight, in my life I started feeling washed up, washed out Hung up, wrung"
  • Rescue Me (From The Motion Picture Soundtrack 'Speed') - Pat Benatar
    "Pat Benatar - Rescue Me Rescue me Take me in your arms Rescue me I want your tender charm 'Cause I'm lonely And I'm blue I need you And your love too Come on and rescue me Come on, baby, and"
  • Tell Me Why - Pat Benatar
    "THE EFFECT YOU HAVE ON ME Pat Benatar Written by: M. Heyral, E. Piaf, C. Severac, S. M. Edgren From the CD "Tribute to Edith Piaf" (1993) There are people who have no trouble In expressing how they feel For"
  • Fire And Ice - Pat Benatar
    "Heartbreaker Pat Benatar Words & Music: G. Gill - C. Wade Your love is like a tidal wave, spinnin' over my head You drown me in your promises, better left unsaid You're the right kind of sinner to release"
  • Invincible - Pat Benatar
    "JIMMY SAYS Pat Benatar Written by: David Buskin & Abra Bigham From the album "Free To Be A Family" (1988) Jimmy says, "Do this.." Jimmy says, "Do this.." I say, "I don't want to!" Jimmy says, "Do this.." Jimmy"
  • Sex As A Weapon - Pat Benatar
    "SHADOWS OF THE NIGHT Pat Benatar Get Nervous We're running with the shadows of the night So baby take my hand, you'll be all right Surrender all your dreams to me tonight They'll come true in the end You"
  • Ooh Ooh Song - Pat Benatar
    "PROMISES IN THE DARK Pat Benatar Precious Time Never again, isn't that what you said? You've been through this before An' you swore this time you'd think with your head No one, would ever have you again And"
  • The Effect You Have On Me - Pat Benatar
    "TREAT ME RIGHT Pat Benatar Crimes of Passion You want me to leave, you want me to stay You ask me to come back, you turn and walk away You wanna be lovers, and you wanna be friends I'm losing my patience,"
  • Treat Me Right - Pat Benatar
    "(Pat Benatar and D. Lubahn) You want me to leave You want me to stay You ask me to come back You turn and walk away You wanna be lovers And you wanna be friends I'm losing my patience You're nearing the"
  • Looking For A Stranger - Pat Benatar
    "LOVE IS A BATTLEFIELD Pat Benatar Live From Earth Written by: M. Chapman/H. Knight We are young Heartache to heartache we stand No promises, no demands Love is a battlefield We are strong, no on can tell"
  • 7 Rooms Of Gloom - Benatar Pat
    "Benatar Pat Seven The Hard Way 7 Rooms Of Gloom (Eddie Holland, Lamont Dozier, Brian Holland) (Originally performed by the Four Tops) I see a house, a house of stone A lonely house, 'cos now you're gone Seven"
  • A Crazy World Like This - Benatar Pat
    "Benatar Pat Tropico A Crazy World Like This Baby I forgot somethin', that's why I came home It's somethin' I really need, I know you thought I was gone No it's not my gloves, honey, it's not that cold"
  • Sometimes The Good Guys Finish First - Pat Benatar
    "S-U-C-C-E-S-S That's the way we spell success Will we get it, the answers yes S-U-C-C-E-S-S Small town boy, so clean he squeaks Dressed and polished for the big time dreams Got a letter from his ma, and"

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