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  • Rake It Up (ft. Nicki Minaj) - Yo Gotti
    "I tell all my hoes: rake it up Break it down bag it up Fuck it up /2x Back it up /2x rake it up /2x Back it up /2x Fuck it up /2x Back it up /2x I made love to stripper first I had to trip her 20 thousand"
  • First Off (ft. Travis Scott) - Future
    "back on the Forbes shit crazy I make more than dwyne wade, baby alt job I am a street .. and I stay faded never worked in a gym but I weighed it first off you get thr ammo then you cock it first off we"
  • 10 Freaky Girls (ft. 21 Savage) - Metro Boomin
    "in peace in peace may you rest may you rest never ever shoot below the neck never ever shoot below the neck you a rookie you a rookie I am a vet I am a vet that’s why I got a glock you got a tec you got"
  • Babyface Savage (feat. Tory Lanez) - Bhad Bhabie
    "it’s that /3x BHAD BHABIE coming out hard like 88’ make a bitch levitate baby face savage bitch I don’t play Patty Cake charms in the carrot cake carts in the patek face cop a new coupe no top that;s"
  • Uniformy - Visaci Zamek
    "Cas: 3:52 Vypukla pred lety valka, mezi dvema tabory nebyly zadny uniforny, ani zadny prapory, vojevudcum bylo jedno, co mel vojak na sobe, zadny velky paradeni nevedlo se v ty dobe. Armady si daly schuzku"
  • La Modelo (Ft. Cardi B) - Ozuna
    "yo quiero hacerte tantas coss sin enamorate quiero que te sientas como asi vamos aparte asi como tu quierar que te haga el amor y pa mi medelame babe en ropa interior for me to think that you are the"
  • Bang - G-Eazy, Tyga
    "i’m a balla, baby he ain’t got no game I’m a big dog, baby rock big chains and I need a super freak like rick James pop that ass for me baby make that shit bang bang bang bang make that shit bang bang"
  • Life Is Good (ft. Drake) - Future
    "workin’ on the weekend like usual way off in the deep and like usual niggas swear they passed us they doin’ too much haven’t done my taxes I am too turn up Virgil got that Patek on my wrist going nuts niggas"
  • Baby Pluto - Lil Uzi Vert
    "i turned to an addict i bought me a patek I bought her a baby one I bought me a Maybach it came with two doors yeah, that; the Mercedes one for sure! I stay whit the baddest I am countin’ the cabbage while"
  • Modern Day - Migos
    "Let’s take a modern day stroll This is the modern day hoe Last time I checked we were running the globe I’m bout to go figure four Two knocks two time, it’s a brick at the door Somebody blowing up lil"
  • Touch And Go - Emerson, Lake & Powell
    "Man in the street, no time to sleep No time for nothing no Patek Phillippe Pedal to the metal Blow by Blow You're runnin' with the devil it's touch and go They're leaving you nothing nowhere to go Just"
  • Project Dreams - Marshmello x Roddy Ricch
    "nigga, I was down bad, now i;m on a jet for real got all this ice on me baby, told my patek to chill sipping on this codeine my baddest bitch is on x pill I want a couple million without a record deal got"
  • Press - Cardi B
    "bitches be press bitches be press bitches be press they know how I’m coming with bitch in the flesh who the fuck she gon check she be talking that shit talking out of her neck put blood on her dress bitches"
  • Ibiza - Tyga
    "Popped the molly, i am flexin’, woo, woo Come and meet me, i am ready, woo, woo I just walked off the jetty, jetty VVS on bougetti I got clout and i leveragem My bitch got fce adventage Ass shaped like"
  • Mistaken identity - Snow
    "Mistaken IdentityWhen it really really wasnt meYoure trying to convict meBut you know me not guiltyMistaken IdentityWhen it really really wasnt meYoure trying to convict meBut you know me not guiltyThe"
  • Stir Fry - Migos
    "dance with my dogs in tghe nighttime trap nigga with the cickens like Popeye’s Money changing colors like tie-dye I’m just tryna get it I ain’t tryna die she got a big ol’ onion booty make the world cry in"
  • Narcos - Migos
    "trapping like a narco got dope like Pablo cut throat like Pablo chop trees with the Darco on the Nawf, got Diego Saying Hasla luego we be in repping kilos snub nose with potatoes straight out the jungle this"
  • Na fali - Szopeen
    "Patek Filipa moja dzłoń będzie swiecić Diamenty w naszyjniku pociągają te kobiety moja woń to jak sekrety ona nie lubi paić do kiedy nie było więzi miedzy nami możesz pożaluć, ja nie czyje rany na bani i"
  • Tabledance (feat. SXTN) - SCHWESTA EWA
    "Was fur plattekritik, Schwesta? Ich mach Batzen am Kiez fur ne Patek Philippe Vom Stundenhotel zur W-Suite Im Benzer lauft „F*** tha Police“ Sound, auf den die Kanaks schworen Ich mach', dass deine"
  • Bratan (ft. Tovaritch) - Malik Montana
    "Que de l’argent dans la poche C’est la vie folle On rule dans de grosses voiture comme la Ferrari On a tout ca qu’il te faut ma chetie on a la cocaine Gucci, Louis, Fendi, pizdec, suka, bleee Znają"

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