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Patric Nuo

  • Tolyn Nuo Tav - Foje
    "A bgau tolyn nuo tavęs tam kad biau ariau A bgau nuo melo kur tavo veide maiau Kuprin u mano pei dievas viduje Nebuvo vaigds nei vienos visame danguje inojau kad didelis miestas kakur prieaky Bet nejauiau"
  • Nuo Mano Lango - Kernagis Vytautas
    "Nuo mano lango lik tavo duru tukstantis varstu Per visa nakti po visa miesta seseliu zingsniai Svaistunas klevas zvanganti auksa pavejui zarsto Is lapu saujos rudenio saules nebesurinksi Nuo mano delno"
  • Ampukaa Komissaarit, Nuo Hullut Koirat! - Ultra Bra
    "Piikkilangat siirretn rajoille Afrikan ja Aasian Pois, pois tielt ylikansallisen poman ei ole ruoho en vihret missn kun aidatkin ovat iksi kadonneet Kehut olevasi aidosti eurooppalainen omasta mielestsi"
  • Beautiful - Patric Nuo
    "Like a thunderstorm on a summerday she came out of nowhere I can say she's a supernova shini'n through the night a never sleepin' satellite she's a damn good reason for the sun to rise when you see"
  • Too late - Patrick Nuo
    "Girl your cover's blown I?m telling you, we?re past that by now Patrick Accusing me is so wrong You'd better listen and stop now Nuo After I'm done, You'll need some time Two will be one Too That's"
  • What about us? - Patrick Nuo
    "Songtext Patrick Nuo - What about us? ignore me (Verse 1) If there was me still runnin' through your veins Would you close your heart - would you put it in chains Would you let me in - would you push"
  • I Believe - Patrick Nuo
    "It's too late to say I'm sorry For all the sadness in you eyes (oh oh) Today you say is the end of our story And there's no way to get you for another try ('nother try) 'cause forever you and me is the"
  • Reanimate - Patrick Nuo
    "I see nothing in your eyes anymore when you're staring at me so I'm sitting here watching your sleep 'cause then it seems like it is to be We can't go on like that it doesn't make sense and I got a feeling that"
  • She's Like The Wind - Patrick Nuo
    "She's like the wind, through my dream She rides the night, next to me She leads me through moonlight Only to burn me with the sun She's taking my heart But she doesn't know what she's done I feel her"
  • Take Me To The Moon - Patrick Nuo
    "I'm gonna tell a story, To my love. If you don't hear this message, You will get it from above. I'm running endless streets To find you unknown girl. Somewhere you're meant for me And I promise you my"
  • The Air That I Breathe - Patrick Nuo
    "I made a promise to myself Never to forget you And every little word you said that night I didn't mean to make you cry I didn't mean to hurt you Hope you listen from the other side On my mind She never"
  • This Ain't Over - Patrick Nuo
    "Uhh...this ain't over Hey little girl this is the story And I'm sorry for all the things I've done Now that we know so much about us It could be the end or a second chance Save me, this ain't over And"
  • Undone - Patrick Nuo
    "Another day, another night Another word, another fight That I'm sorry for Another try, another way Another line, now you say You can't stand it no more It's easy to hurt and hard to heal I wish you would"
  • Unknown Girl - Patrick Nuo
    "Unknown girl In your unknown world So many different places I didn't mean a thing to me Empty situations but nothing I regret They can call me dreamer they can call me everything But I'm just a believer"
  • Too Late (To Save It With A Lovesong) - Patrick Nuo
    "Girl your cover's blown I'm telling you, we're past that by now Accusing me is so wrong You'd better listen and stop now After I'm done, You'll need some time Two will be one That's right You get it"
  • Beautiful - Patrick Nuo
    "Like a thunderstorm on a summer day She came out of nowhere and I can say Shes a supernova shinin through the night A never sleeping satellite Shes a damn good reason for the sun to rise When you see"
  • Watchin' Over You - Patrick Nuo

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