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Patti Smith - A Hard Rain

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Patti Smith - A Hard Rain

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Patti Smith - A Hard Rain
  • Jim Stafford Cow Patti
    "From the bad lands came the killer He lived by the knife and the gun He'd cut you just for standing And shoot ya if ya tried to run He was big as a tree and did as he pleased And everything he did was"
  • Alphaville Oh Patti
    "Alphaville Prostitute Oh Patti Patti can't take it, she gotta give it back The world is a big place and she's frightened And if you kiss her, she gotta kiss you back She couldn't stand a kiss for free-- --on"
  • De La Soul Patti Dooke
    "(Why do we have to cross over?) (Why are niggas always crossing over, huh?) (I mean, what's the matter?) (They can accept our music as long as they can't see our faces?) (One, Two, One Two; You got it) Wootah! GURU: Runnin'"
  • LL Cool J Mr. Smith
    "Uh Mr. Smith, Mr Smith, Mr Smith Uh Mr Smith, it's the bomb y'knowhutI'msayin? Mr Smith Mr Smith, word up kid, yeah Mr Smith, check it out I'm goin to the top leavin smoke in my trail Bitch ass gangstas"
  • Jimmy Somerville Hard Rain
    "Turn your head look around you, Can't you see things are falling apart? Mother, time to stop them preparing your children for war. Ooh, when hard rain falls Ooh, when hard rain falls Ooh, when hard rain"
  • Bronski Beat Hard Rain
    "Hundreds & Thousands (Somerville/Steinbachek/Bronski) Turn your head look around you, Can't you see things are falling apart? Mother, time to stop them preparing your children for war. Ooh, when hard"
  • Lykke Li hard rain
    "if you like the feeling of a hard rain falling I have a seafull, I can give you an ocean if you like the feeling of a hard rain falling I have a seafull, I can give you an ocean if you like the feeling"
  • Shout Out Louds Hard Rain
    "The words came like a hard rain. And your smile changed like a hurricane. Your breath smells like cardamom. And the words came just like a hard rain. I recall you said you missed me. I was afraid I acted"
  • Aikawa Nanase Like A Hard Rain
    "Anata no yuube no ibasho kikitakunai wa iiwake Migatte da ne machi wo samayou crazy dude Yuutsu to kodoku ni okasare nemurenai yoru ga tsuzuita Mou shiodoki manneri no kankei wa Itsukara deai wo natsukashimu"
  • Elegant Machinery Another Hard Rain
    "You should know the way I feel it's not easy to conceal things I've said and things I've done exeptions from the rules Although I'm trying to reject I still wonder what to accept when she's standing there,"
  • Ariana Grande Lady Marmalade (feat. Patti LaBelle)
    "Hey Sister, Go Sister, Soul Sister, Sister Flow Hey Sister, Go Sister, Soul Sister, Sister Flow He met Marmalade down in Old New Orleans Struttin' her stuff on the street She said "Hello, Hey Joe, you"
  • Graham Parker Hard Side Of The Rain
    "Twisted shards of metal Silhouetted against the sky The dust may never settle But those clouds keep rolling by Ignorance and folly are the order of the day But nothing lasts forever It might seem that"
  • Prefab Sprout Paris Smith
    "Little Paris Smith Lovely name for a girl is Paris Smith Baby Paris Smith Don't repeat my mistakes Paris Smith Paris : Any music worth its salt is good for dancing Paris : But I tried to be the Fred Astaire"
  • Stan Ridgway Mr. Smith
    "Can I get a light from you, Mr. Smith? And do you know where the party is? I've been walking a blue streak all night long And I'm tired of looking for a place to piss Can you tell me about yourself, Mr."
  • Nina Simone Mr. Smith
    "don't you realize, Mr. Smith? don't you realize what thirty dollars buy today? just some stockings, and that's it. I came from Havanah my mother was wild as you are she often said to me my child, don't"
  • Shaggy Finger Smith
    "Now this is for amusement purposes only, ha Be carful of your neighbourhood pick-pocket Me brednn whe them call name slick Who this Well who this come catch it the original finger smith Yur neighbourhood"
  • Hard Rain You'd Start A Fight
    "Black cat, well I ain't superstitious Oh lord, tell me heavens above Under a bad sign, well it ain't nobody's business Tell me who do you love? You don't give me no attention This time, well I've had"
  • Duff Mckagan Rain
    "Ain't no fun, having no one I'm so gone ain't never coming back I cramp my style, I can't find my mind A piece of me just fell off the tracks Got stuck one night, on the run, it came to me like a loaded"
  • Patty Griffin Rain
    "It's hard to listen to a hard hard heartBeating close to minePounding up against the stone and steelWalls that I won't climbSometimes a hurt is so deep deep deepYou think that you're gonna drownSometimes"
  • Heather Headley Rain
    "Remember how you used to see me That day we met the butterflies Let me know I wasn't dreaming Pretending not to feel me While you walking down my street Playing hard to get I know you thought I wouldn't"

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