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Patty Ryan

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Patty Ryan
  • Patty Pani Patty
    "(Patrycja Patty Dłutkiewicz powraca z nowym singlem. Artystka zapowiedziała, że przerywa milczenie i nie zamierza się już nikomu podporządkowywać. Piosenka "Pani Patty" będzie opowiadać o polskim showbiznesie."
  • Patty Pani Patty
    "Znawcy muzyki robią muzyczne badania Patty nie jest artystką godną zaufania W radiu grają wciąż to samo Grzywka i Sosnowski Wolę w Radiu Maryja słuchać o Matce Boskiej Nie musze lizać tyłków aby czasem"
  • Stereo Total Patty Hearst
    "Patty Hearst Princess and terrorist Patty Hearst Lover and killer Patty Hearst College girl and guerilla Patty Hearst Romantic terrorist Patty please free me! 'Cause they have the CIA the CIA and the"
  • Candypants Patty Melts
    "The nicest boy in town says Patty hello And she turns and walks away She has some better thing to do But when another boy comes strolling along And he's bitter and forlorn Like an April snow she's through In"
  • Les Savy Fav Patty Lee
    ""Patty Lee, turn the lights on, please, There's something I don't understand. Patty Lee, turn the lights on, please, This party's gotten out of hand." Those were the last words her suitor spoke before"
  • Alphaville Oh, Patty
    "Patty can't take it she got to give it back the world is a big place and she's frightened and if you kiss her she got to kiss you back she couldn't stand a kiss for free on her own and while she's playing"
  • Lor Patty Boo
    "In a small, dark city lived Patty Boo She'd got her own ghosts, they always told the truth Her daddy was a driver, mummy worked with law Her bros were good at math and she was below All she'd got were"
  • Dennis DeYoung Southbound Ryan
    "I've been all around the world In nearly every city London, Paris, Amsterdam and Tokyo I've stood inside the Berlin Wall I've seen the Eiffel Tower One rainy night in Montreal I shouted Rock 'N' Roll I"
  • Jerry Jeff Walker Nolan Ryan
    "Well, our story starts in Texas, where he's tempered by the heat That skinny Alvin boy believes his fastball can't be heat So he brings it and he brings it and it passes every test They're talkin' he's"
  • Self Meg Ryan
    "I'm beginning to believe That I can never form my own opinions Secretly, I've decided to believe That I'm Polynesian originally I want the air set to 70 degrees I want pineapples and sugar as the major"
  • Enya Roma Ryan
    "Deep in my dreams, I saw you close by my side. And the words you said to me, made me reel down deep inside. My hand in your hand, so warm and so lovingly. Leaving all my dreams behind, wonder who my"
  • Blue Parking - Lee Ryan
    "Waiting watching the clock Breathing like I'm gonna stop Knowing this doors gonna knock And there you'll be And I pick you up In my car Take you away Somewhere we'll sit parked in my car Minutes turn"
  • MACKLEMORE & RYAN LEWIS Spoons (feat. Ryan Bedard)
    "And she's like, "Can you undo my bra strap?" I try to play it cool, in my head I'm like, "Aw, yeah!" Then she's like "I'm tired" and I'm like "Aw, man" I was 'bout to crush the Gucci like a tall can Cause"
  • EPMD Knick Knack Patty Wack
    "Yo, and special guests on my show is the K To the S to the O-L-O And me, the capital D, the O to C The a.k.a., the P the M the D And me, the E to the D to the O to the U to the B to the L to the"
  • Smoke Or Fire The Patty Hearst Syndrome
    "If life is such a drag and they can do it better let them take you miles from home tonight. If life is such a drag and they can do it better let them take you miles from home. You say that you care for"
  • Karma To Burn Patty Hearst's Closet Mantra
    "Another winter has past and gone All his desires still remained Having God on the run Another winter's on it's way They like to suck the dead to life Smell the rot inside Hearts, hands, eyes Eyes,"
  • The Roots Never (ft. Patty Crash)
    "Street dreams, close your eyes Say goodbye to my memory Street dreams, this is the moment The moment that feels like forever This is the end to where I began And it feels like forever They say time flies Down"
  • Blue Why Me ? (Lee Ryan)
    "Why me, Lord? What have I ever turn to deserve even one Of the blessing I've known Why me lord What did I ever do Lord, what did I ever do to deserve loving You And the kindness You've shown Lord"
  • Pitbull Fireball (feat. John Ryan)
    "Mr. Worldwide to infinity You know the roof on fire We gon' boogie oogie oggi, jiggle, wiggle and dance Like the roof on fire We gon' drink drinks and take shots until we fall out Like the roof on fire Now"
  • Alesso Scars (feat. Ryan Tedder)
    "I think scars are beautiful I think black is white I'm stuck between the hell I'm in and where we live You say this could kill you Your words collect a night We are the beautiful mystify I can't fly So"

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