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Paul Maccartney hope of deliverance

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Paul Maccartney hope of deliverance

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Paul Maccartney hope of deliverance
  • Paul McCartney Hope Of Deliverance 
    "I Will Always Be Hoping, Hoping. You Will Always Be Holding, Holding My Heart In Your Hand. I Will Understand. I Will Understand Someday, One Day. You Will Understand Always, Always From Now Until Then. When"
  • Paul McCartney Hope Of Deliverance
    "I will always be hoping, hoping. You will always be holding, holding My heart in your hand. I will understand I will understand someday, one day. You will understand always, always From now until then. When"
  • The Mission Deliverance
    "Believe in magic believe in lore legend and myth And the hand that guides in the cunning if hope in the weaving of dreams And the lady of the lake takes my hand and leads me To the holy isle and the fairy"
  • Sylvan Deliverance
    "Many times you remember freedom Happy days without fear and torment Seven years on this ship of demons, human beasts, men indeed - that's hard to believe Catching and imprisoning you Abusing and degrading"
  • The Agony Scene Deliverance
    "The end of days is upon us. Come Armageddon, there's no hope for redemption. We are the souls you cannot save. We've carried this burden for so long, and lost every to carry on. They're dying to save"
  • Scream Maker Deliverance
    "Don’t treat me like I should care And listen to the track they play It’s time to break the chains and fly Away from you and all your lies Still I don’t know how Still I don’t know when But I will be"
  • Corrosion Of Conformity Deliverance
    "Is there no one to deliver you from your ignorance? Maybe you'll look and see thel be no deliverance. Turn to vulture parasites who pray on lost souls Suck the blood of hapless fools who give them control!"
  • And One Deliverance
    "He is lying at the corner and waiting for helping hands he is lying at the corner and waiting for the deliverance for the deliverance he had nothing to hope and to say and the neon lights goes on another"
  • Entwine Deliverance
    "Shedding blood and tears to deliver the pain of broken years, hollow cold despair The time is running out as the beautiful sun is going down, darkened solitude will show the way No more drops of loss,"
  • Orange Blue Kind Of Deliverance
    "I guess he's better today And for a moment I even saw him smile But then his face turned severe "Sometimes things go", he said And turned his back on me 'Cause one day he faced the truth in her eyes"
  • Atrocity Deliverance
    "Frozen minded out from the ashes see my face in the dust Magic structures,human madness apocalyptic trance The battle rages from day to day endless night begins Darkened landscape,left behind saturated"
  • Vital Remains Rush Of Deliverance
    "Nocturnal drapery His twilight has now gone As the bloodred shadow will fall This hellish well will be cast upon...Forced upon all Drain the veins of his lifeblood...Crush the hope of his believers Leave"
  • Harmful Deliverance
    "At least you know how to be impressed by yourself? you're everything but it's all right So show me the way? I count all the days? this lie will sting your eyes Nonsense prevails Modesty fails I will"
  • Opeth Deliverance
    "Floating on mist crept up the caverns of my brain receving no warning from nothing to a life code walk with me, you'll never leave wait to see your spirit free tell me how your heart's in need as"
  • Bubba Sparxxx Deliverance
    "I've been travelin for some time (echo) With my fishin pole and my bottle of shine (echo) On these long dark dusty roads (echo) Lookin there's nowhere to go I guess I gotta hide away, far away Cause I"
  • You Am I Deliverance
    "VERSE 1: Yeah I ain't consistent, some collar crime I won't call you regular, no, I'll wait till I'm blind Yeah until I'm blind I think of you off and on, you sure you can't hear Each message I send ya,"
  • Gojira Deliverance
    "Your words are so cold to me Indisposed, don't hear your orders Destroy the greatness of soul Normalize what's in your hands Take a look from the future Get up from your dream and see Deliverance soon"
  • Earth Crisis Deliverance
    "From birth an existence of agony begins that ends with execution. Intetionally infected with diseases to then try to find cures for humans. Fractured skulls, broken bones, scalded flesh and blinded eyes."
  • Damnation Deliverance
    "Closed before ages on the other side of the defined Where black planets circulate without a goal Where the births of creatures lie Fettered with sorcery they never die When the stars reach the proper place In"
  • Neal Morse Deliverance
    "I see a man with hair as white as wool Whose tongue's a sharp-edged tool With feet like burning brass "Come", he says, "I'll be your guide of sorts Into the outer courts I have made a way For"

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