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Paul Simon Killer Wants To Go To College II

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Paul Simon Killer Wants To Go To College II

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Paul Simon Killer Wants To Go To College II
  • Paul Simon Killer Wants To Go To College II
    "(Paul Simon) SAL I know you're trying to protect me Searching for another truth With your language and your poetry From my ignorance and youth Hey I did not come to argue My life never made much sense I"
  • Lil Mama College
    "Now that I think about it I was always takin away from my father Or he was always takin away from me It's probably why we so close now Ya kno We been starvin so long in these crazy ghetto streets And"
  • Lifehouse Simon
    "Catch your breath, Hit the wall, Scream out loud, As you start to crawl Back in your cage The only place Where they will Leave you alone. 'Cause the weak will Seek the weaker til they've broken them. Could"
  • Joan Armatrading Simon
    "He's from Ohio Lives with his mother He loves the woman Who loves his brother What can he do now As she walks across the floor Here comes his brother Walking sideways through the door Was the same at"
  • Chayanne Simon Sez
    "I went to party The people were screaming Oh yeah! The people were dancing Everybody laughing I couldn't believe, I was so surprised Everybody singing right before my eyes Simon Says, let's play it one"
  • Wild Orchid Simon Sez
  • Gabriel Mann Killer
    "What Did I Do to Deserve Such a FateI Didn't Really Want to GetInvolved in This ThingSomeone Handed Me This Gun and II Gave It EverythingYeah, I Gave It EverythingI Came Into This LifeLooked All AroundI"
  • The Promise Drive Friends Don't Let Friends Go To College
    "My Dad always told me, "Make money and the girls will come running faster. Go to college." I wonder why. So I can wear a shirt and tie for the rest of my life? I don't want to be just like them. The"
  • Pat Green College
    "We were just young kids with a six pack That a bad fake ID bought. Sittin' on the living room couch hopin that we didn't get caught And when we did, my dad had some good avice for me He said Son, there's"
  • Zolof The Rock & Roll Destroyer Simon
    "Simon was an engineer Scientific stratosphere He lost his mind long ago And no one knew Accumulating cult-like literature and such Writing he wrote all his friends of what he learned of cults Peter was"
  • Relient K College Kids
    "someone please save us, us college kids! what my parents told me is what i did they said go to school and be a college kid but in the end i question why i did i'm poor, i'm starving, i'm flat broke, i've"
  • Asher Roth I Love College
    "(intro) I'm nice right now I, I feel good If you have a drink Would you please put it in the air (chorus) That party last night was awfully crazy I wish we taped it I danced my ass off and had this one"
  • Death SS Rabies is a killer II
    "Mad dogs and englishmen go out in the midday sun To keep away from the canine freind Till you know that the day is done Man's best friend is what they say Keep away from him or you're dead Foaming in the"
  • Pink Martini Simon
    "Time and time again the words are messy and hard to read (you should take your time) i'll give it a rest but i've got plenty of pages left the cold unfeeling pupils are staring back at me because they've"
  • Phantom Planet Simon
    "Alex: (frustrated) Time and time again, the words are messy and hard to read... PC: You Should take your time. Alex: (reluctant) I'll give it a rest, but I've got plenty of pages left. Their cold unfeeling"
  • Bobby Brown College Girl
    "Lady please tell me How you really feel Deep inside your heart I hope that it's for real I feel lonely do you wish that I was there? There right by your side showing you I care College Girl Wont you"
  • Laleh Simon Says
    "I once thought I really knew I once thought I really knew myself hey well and things might really look all good but you just need to cross the line of you I told myself Simon says, sit down well Simon"
  • Cowboy Junkies Simon Keeper
    "Jesus was a carpenter he died nailed to a wooden cross. Irony oh irony upon me it is never lost. Gather 'round now people, I'm here to tell a tale About a man who walks among you, a man you each know"
  • Blink-182 Going Away To College
    "Please take me by the hand It's so cold out tonight, I'll put blankets on the bed I won't turn out the light, just don't forget to think about me, and I won't forget you "I'll write you once a week," she"
  • Feeling Left Out Going Away To College
    "Please take me by the hand It's so cold out tonight I'll put blankets on the bed I won't turn out the light Just don't forget to think about me And I won't forget you I'll write you once a week she said Why"

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