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Paul Simon Oh Marion')

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Paul Simon Oh Marion')

  • Oh, Marion - Paul Simon
    "(Paul Simon) The boy's got brains He just don't use 'em that's all The boy's got brains He just refuse to use 'em and that's all He said "The more I got to thinkin The less I tend to laugh" The boy's"
  • Simon - Suede
    "Open your eyes and live again And I'll open my heart and love again I'll open my mind deep inside yes I know its blue We all believed in Amsterdam Paris and Spain and Vietnam No one believed you when"
  • Simon - Joan Armatrading
    "He's from Ohio Lives with his mother He loves the woman Who loves his brother What can he do now As she walks across the floor Here comes his brother Walking sideways through the door Was the same at"
  • Marion Vom Waschsalong - Ringsgwandl
    "In einem Alstadtwaschsalong hello, da traf ich sie, ihr Kchenschurz, er war gefhrlich kurz, ja die Dame zeigte Knie, Hollaridijodlodlodlddidi, hollarodijijaihidirabidiabiduuu, sie holte eine Zigarette"
  • Marion Vom Waschsalong - Georg Ringsgwandl
    "(Text und Musik: Ringsgwandl) In einem Altstadtwaschsalong hello, da traf ich sie, ihr Kuechenschurz, er war gefaehrlich kurz, ja die Dame zeigte Knie, Hollaridijodlodlodlddidi, hollarodijijaihidirueabidiabiduuu, sie"
  • Simon Sez - Chayanne
    "I went to party The people were screaming Oh yeah! The people were dancing Everybody laughing I couldn't believe, I was so surprised Everybody singing right before my eyes Simon Says, let's play it one"
  • Simple Simon - INXS
    "Simon found love, in love he thinks he found himself Only has a heart for her and her alone He walks down crowded streets and doesn't feel alone Oh, never alone Walks in space with his feet firmly on the"
  • Simon Sez - Wild Orchid
  • Simon Says - Chayanne
    "I went to partyThe people were screamingOh yeah!The people were dancingEverybody laughingI couldn't believe, I was so surprisedEverybody singing right before my eyesSimon Says, let's play it one more timeSimon"
  • Simon Keeper - Cowboy Junkies
    "Jesus was a carpenter he died nailed to a wooden cross. Irony oh irony upon me it is never lost. Gather 'round now people, I'm here to tell a tale About a man who walks among you, a man you each know"
  • Paula - Pulp
    "Hey hey Paula, I never thought we'd last this long. Your voice annoys me and your hair's all wrong, so wrong. Oh and Paula, I don't like any of your friends. Yes, and horoscopes just send me fast asleep. Oh"
  • Paul (skit) - Eminem
    "H Em it's Paul uhm, listen, I just got a call from the label. And you're probably not gonna be surprised but uhm, Micheal Jackson is extremely upset about the Just Lose It video, and uhm, I mean he's pissed"
  • St. Paul - The Rembrandts
    "St. Paul in the winter-Kids are crying for their dinner Quick smoke and a drink, then it's time for bed He said, "Why do you always seem so down? Is something lost that can't be found?" You wait, hesitate,"
  • Simple Simon, Simple Heart - Hank Thompson
    "Simple simon simple heart you met a girlie at the fair Miss your timin' simple heart when you thought that she could care Simple simon you're not smart she gave her love to someone new Simple simon simple"
  • Simon - Zolof The Rock & Roll Destroyer
    "Simon was an engineer Scientific stratosphere He lost his mind long ago And no one knew Accumulating cult-like literature and such Writing he wrote all his friends of what he learned of cults Peter was"
  • Simon The Bullet Freak - Uriah Heep
    "(Hensley) Greater than to face it, give me your money Make my life sunny for a day Road that leads to nowhere, please stop your crying I ain't fit for dying this way Go steal another with your eye Go"
  • Simon - Lifehouse
    "Catch your breath, Hit the wall, Scream out loud, As you start to crawl Back in your cage The only place Where they will Leave you alone. 'Cause the weak will Seek the weaker til they've broken them. Could"
  • Simon - Phantom Planet
    "Alex: (frustrated) Time and time again, the words are messy and hard to read... PC: You Should take your time. Alex: (reluctant) I'll give it a rest, but I've got plenty of pages left. Their cold unfeeling"
  • Simon - Pink Martini
    "Time and time again the words are messy and hard to read (you should take your time) i'll give it a rest but i've got plenty of pages left the cold unfeeling pupils are staring back at me because they've"
  • Paul and Virginia - Over The Rhine
    "Spill-tainted pages of poetic prophecy Tickle my interest and taunt at my fantasy Gentle new lover, favorite friend With hidden desire that bothers my conscience again Like Paul and Virginia! Sit close"

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