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Paul Simon Youre Kind

  • You're Kind - Paul Simon
    "(Paul Simon) You're kind You're so kind You rescued me when I was blind And you put me on your pillow When I was on the wall You're so kind So kind So kind And you're good You're so good You introduced"
  • Simon Says - Laleh
    "I once thought I really knew I once thought I really knew myself hey well and things might really look all good but you just need to cross the line of you I told myself Simon says, sit down well Simon"
  • Youre Only Human - Billy Joel
    "I've been watching you waltz all night Diane Nobody's found a way behind your defenses They never notice the zap gun in your hand Until you're pointing it and stunning their senses All night long, all"
  • Kind - Tony Lucca
    "You could look me in the eye And see the invitation Ive addressed to you And gladly I would share with you The beauty of my vivid point of view To see a stranger with a smile Man its been awhile but"
  • Some Kind Of Wonderful (Feat. Paul Rodgers) - Buddy Guy
    "I don't need a whole lots of money I don't need a big fine car I got everything that a man could ever want I got more than I could ask for Yeah , yeah And I don't have to run around I don't have to stay"
  • Simon - Suede
    "Open your eyes and live again And I'll open my heart and love again I'll open my mind deep inside yes I know its blue We all believed in Amsterdam Paris and Spain and Vietnam No one believed you when"
  • Simon - Zolof The Rock & Roll Destroyer
    "Simon was an engineer Scientific stratosphere He lost his mind long ago And no one knew Accumulating cult-like literature and such Writing he wrote all his friends of what he learned of cults Peter was"
  • Simon - Joan Armatrading
    "He's from Ohio Lives with his mother He loves the woman Who loves his brother What can he do now As she walks across the floor Here comes his brother Walking sideways through the door Was the same at"
  • Cowboy Joe (Simon Says) - Volker Rosin
    "Ich war vor lange zeit mal in America Junge das war eine tolle zeit Im welden Westen war es einfach wunderbar Cowboy Joe hat mir was gezeigt Refrain: schwing dich jetzt auf ein Pferd wirf das Lasso"
  • Simon - Lifehouse
    "Catch your breath, Hit the wall, Scream out loud, As you start to crawl Back in your cage The only place Where they will Leave you alone. 'Cause the weak will Seek the weaker til they've broken them. Could"
  • Simon - Phantom Planet
    "Alex: (frustrated) Time and time again, the words are messy and hard to read... PC: You Should take your time. Alex: (reluctant) I'll give it a rest, but I've got plenty of pages left. Their cold unfeeling"
  • Simon - Pink Martini
    "Time and time again the words are messy and hard to read (you should take your time) i'll give it a rest but i've got plenty of pages left the cold unfeeling pupils are staring back at me because they've"
  • Youre Not In Love - A1
    "{Ben:} Sun is shining, the rain comes in And I don't know what to do, no I don't know where I'm going or where I've been Cuz my mind is hooked on you Words escape me and tears come down And day slowly"
  • I Love Apostle Paul - ApologetiX
    "I saw him standin' there writin' letters to me I knew he once had been a proud Pharisee His faith was kind of strong In God's favorite Son And I could tell he didn't belong in prison with me, yeah me Yeah,"
  • Paul - Die Arzte
    "Paul, Paul, Paul, Paul, Paul ist toll! Paule heit er, ist Bademeister im Schwimmbad an der Ecke Paule heit er, ist Bademeister Und er bringt kleine Mdchen zur Strecke Wenn im Sommer die Sonne scheint Dann"
  • Paul - Bobby Bare
    "Well he rode through the woods on a big blue ox He had fists as hard as choppin' blocks Five hundred pounds and nine feet tall that's Paul Talk about working when he swung his ax you could hear it ring"
  • Ballad of Paul K - McFly
    "Hes drinking Coca Rola Feels like is getting older Now and noticing how he's finding Grey hairs left in the shower Tattoos fade by the hour And he cant understand these feelings Why life is getting him"
  • Paul - Smoking Popes
    "With all the simple times behind me I can fail without regret If I have to try then I will never Be able to forget Bottoms down And out of reasons to hang around And when the sun is over Hong Kong I can"
  • Paul - Xzibit
    "Operator: Check unheard messages: press 1,1. First message: Paul: Humph X its Paul. Uh, listen, the manager of the 'Crazy Horse' just called me and I didn't even know where the fuck you are. Iguess your"
  • Paul - Endeavor
    "No respect for life with an underqualified input into an issue that does not even apply to you. What gives you the right to judge from safe suburbia, unable to comprehend a dead end situation. This"

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