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Pcp Graffiti

  • Graffiti - Stadio
    "Graffiti graffiati sui muri hanno gi riempito la citt messaggi lanciati nei mari di disperata quotidianit poeti metropolitani davanti alle fermate del tram sulle panchine ai giardini nei"
  • Graffiti - Los Inmigrantes
    "Si hay infierno para mi y hay infierno para vos que nada nos separe por favor Todo el tiempo que perd no lo voy a repetir no quiero ser igual a lo que fui No miro mas televisión No hay nada para ver Salgo"
  • Graffiti - Maximo Park
    "Well that's enough I can't take anymore,I'm right out of vision I'm right out of hope,You set me up to just knock me down,What's on your conscience nothing happens in my townI'll do graffiti if you sing"
  • Graffiti - Pięć Dwa Dębiec
    "Kto gra w bity,a kto graffity,kto obala mity,i kto je tworzyw domu po kryjomu lub na dworzew srebrze i kolorzejest tylko jeden terengdzie znajdziesz drugie SPCRW razem wiecej uwazaj dopadna ciechcesz to"
  • Graffiti - Chris Brown
    "Ive lost my temperature Whereve all my sunny days gone Is there any place to stay warm Its not easy when your gone Tell me how Im spose to go on Right now I dont be strong With the rain comes more pain You"
  • Graffiti Boy - Kelli Ali
    "hey there you shake my heart up like a spray can and when they ask me, I say no man I ain't affected at all 'cos baby, I gotta play it coola you know I ain't nobody's fool na you know I ain't a fool at"
  • Haunted Graffiti - Ariel Pink
    "You know that never's coming back And this is the end Again, the weather's turning black Like never before This ain't no game that you can cheat off, no She's playing you You've been running on haunted"
  • Graffiti Limbo - Michelle Shocked
    "Lay down your burdens Lay down your cares The Holy Virgin, she's gonna greet you up there With a big can of spray paint, yeah And a big blank wall And I can guaran-damn-tee you There ain't no cops around"
  • Graffiti Bridge - Deana Carter
    "We've been over this a thousand times Spinnin' our wheels instead of saying goodbye Down by the water where we first kissed Goin' under graffiti bridge It's still brighter than a neon sign I remember"
  • Graffiti Women - Suede
    "Graffiti women draw pictures on the wall Graffiti slogans and situations fall Just made up people who wander through the rain Graffiti people got nothing got no name And you sleep but they'll find you And"
  • Graffiti Bridge - Prince
    "Everybody wants 2 find Graffiti Bridge Something 2 believe in, a reason 2 believe that there's a heaven above Everybody wants 2 find Graffiti Bridge Everybody's looking 4 Everybody's looking 4 Eeverybody's"
  • Teenage Graffiti - The Pink Spiders
    "Teenage graffiti Shut your mouth Shut off the TV Ain't got no money, honey I don't mind Teenage graffiti Slam the door when you're defeated We're all a victim if you give us time We're all of victim"
  • Natsuzora Graffiti - Ikimono Gakari
    "Mabushii taiyou no kirameki no naka de Tobikiri atsui mama de koi wo shitai yo Taimu mashin no hari wo kowashite Eien no natsu wo te ni iretanda Oyogenai nante shiranakatta yo Bukiyou na futari no natsuzora"
  • Slow Graffiti - Belle & Sebastian
    "There's a portrait In a back room, Which i keep for days upon, which i relent And gaze for hours on the muscle skin and bone of some Imaginary friend. So how about it? Show me please how i will"
  • Slow Graffiti - Belle And Sebastian
    "There's a portrait In a back room, Which I keep for days upon, which I relent And gaze for hours on the muscle skin and bone of some Imaginary friend. So how about it? Show me please how I will look in"
  • Zimowe graffiti - Lady Pank
    "Kolory w mojej głowie Gdy wstaje nowy dzień Ulice w moim mieście Pomalować chcę Nie dzwonię do nikogo Nie czeka chyba nikt Opowiem kiedyś Tobie Co zdarzyło się Wszystkie ściany kolorowe Wszystkie domy,"
  • P - PCP
    "Chociaż dzielą nas kilometry w setkach Łączymy się przy wspólnych projektach Północ-centrum-południe sekta Ta nuta ukojenie jak chorym lek da Więc weź na full i spijaj nektar Bo wypasiony rap na syfilizm"
  • Bleeding Heart Graffiti - The Cult
    "I wipe the blood from my lip With a ragged scarf now I get the feeling You don't care anymore Shaken up and shattered I pick myself from the floor Those sweat stained dreams All tattered and torn Oh"
  • Graffiti The World - Rehab
    "You know they say hell hath no fury like a woman scorned So vengeful, and mother Earth has been done wrong And I think she sick, yo, she's pukin' up lava Her nerves tremble along fault lines ready to drop An"
  • Graffiti My Soul - Girls Aloud
    "Spike heels and skin tight jeans I've got a fistful of love that's coming your way baby Spike heels and skin tight jeans I've got a fistful of love that's coming your way baby Spike heels and skin tight"

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