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Peace for only

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Peace for only

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Peace for only
  • Waterdeep Peace
    "I can't always nail it down like I'd like to say I can And I don't always have it here like I'd like to think I do And it's been very long, my dear since I've held it close to me I have wanted for so"
  • Lucky Dube Peace, Perfect Peace
    "We cry for peace, perfect peace Lord, we cry for love in this neighbourhood I tell you no water can put out this fire Only the lord can save us We cry for peace in South Africa Let me tell you we cry"
  • Fugs Kill For Peace
    "Kill, kill, kill for peace Kill, kill, kill for peace Near or middle or very far east Far or near or very middle east Kill, kill, kill for peace Kill, kill, kill for peace If you don't like the people or"
  • Perry Como Prayer for peace
    "Come and join me in a prayer, In a humble prayer for peace. One voice may be weak, But together we'll be heard Let us gather 'round and pray, For a life of peace and love, In a world that's free from want,"
  • Gil Scott-Heron Work For Peace
    "Back when Eisenhower was the President, Golf courses was where most of his time was spent. So I never really listened to what the President said, Because in general I believed that the General was politically"
  • Our Lady Peace Imagine (Peace Songs)
    "Imagine there's no heaven It's easy if you try No hell below us Above us only sky Imagine all the people living for today Imagine there's no countries It isn't hard to do Nothing to kill or die for And"
  • The Only Ones No Peace For The Wicked
    "Why do I go through these deep emotional traumas Why can't I be like I always wanted to be, carefree Why can't I be happy like everybody else? There's no peace for the wicked They say no peace for the"
  • Bad Religion Atheist Peace
    "Maybe it's too late for intellectual debate But a residue of confusion remains All changin' with the times And you better make up your minds Are the average citizens sources of pain? Yea (Tell me what"
  • Culcha Candela More Peace
    "War! So much injustice and so many lies now people get together for love and unity is our only way Everybody sing more peace Inna die world and all around every nation all human sing more peace People"
  • Slayer Bitter Peace
    "(Music & Lyrics: Hanneman) Initiate blood purge Coalition in massacre Mechanized high tech Whole sale death in effect Mutually assured Destruction will occur Genocide revised Same pain through diverse"
  • South Park Peace Pipe
    "Whas really goin on? My people we onna rise If we jus open our eyes Killin each otha for a color Right now as i speak Can u see wha makes us weak? Understand tha cowardz act fools But tha bravest of"
  • South Park Mexican Peace Pipe
    "(feat. Lil' Russ) What's really going on? My people we gonna rise If we just open our eyes Can you see who makes us weak? Killing each other for a color Right now as I speak Understand the cowards act"
  • Sonata Arctica Peace maker
    "You've got the wings of a fallen angel You offer peace if they praise your name You live your life taking everything you can get Look down, time to fly! Out on the streets you gamble with your own life"
  • Witness All Peace
    "You're the suffocating, big brother of entertainment Engaging with others claiming to be intimidating Intoxicating the collective crowd with your amazing command of complicated cadence and structure, making"
  • Murmurs Beautiful Peace
    "Fly away, where a new world waits for you. Always look back though... Not to cry, and not to regret. Just to help whose left behind. Help us all to heal and understand Because, we don't know why you"
  • Camper Van Beethoven Peace & Love
    "Restless, and three days without sleep, his mind wrapped in a barely perceptible haze, he continues east, shaking, the sputtering convulsions and near death throes of his endearing 1962 Chevrolet. The"
  • R.Kelly Peace
    "(Peace) it's what I prayer for (Peace) oh my (Peace) (Peace) all around the world (Peace) it's what I prayer for (Peace) oh my (Peace) (Peace) hurry Come on in this house children The war has started Light"
  • Depeche Mode Peace
    "Peace will come to me Peace will come to me I'm leaving bitterness behind This time I'm cleaning up my mind There is no space for the regrets I will remember to forget Just look at me I am walking of"
  • Weezer Peace
    "More and more i can't say no so afraid of letting go if there's something i can grab you can bet i'll pay the tab counting all the flowers waste the precious hours i need to find some peace all these problems"
  • Prince Peace
    "Artist - somebody didn't hear me (What'd he say?) Artist - formerly known as Prince You gotta get your peace on Peace, whoa oh Peace That's what we're here for And not to war When the war upon"

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