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Pearl Jam Bugs

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Pearl Jam Bugs

  • Bugs - Pearl Jam
    "all these... i got bugs i got bugs in my room bugs in my bed bugs in my ears their eggs in my head bugs in my pockets bugs in my shoes bugs in the way i feel about you bugs on my window trying to get in they"
  • Black (Pearl Jam Cover) - Aaron Lewis
    "Hey of empty canvas Untouched sheets of clay Were laid spread out before me As her body once did All, all five horizons Revolved As the earth to the sun Now, the air I tasted And breathed has taken a"
  • Black (Pearl Jam Cover) - Aaron Lewis Of Staind
    "Hey, ooh Shades of empty canvas, untouched sheets of clay Were laid spread out before me, as her body once did All five horizons revolved around her soul As the earth to the sun Now the air I tasted and"
  • Space Jam (feat. Floral Bugs) - Mati Ważny
    "chorał, tobie jak Michael … mi wiarą nie z tych co widza tu tylko 5 hajsu branie dla kogo mogą głupi za GUCCI ZABIĆ Syna sprzedałbyś za kicksy fresh – super, stary Mati ma moc Kasa po dziadziu no bo Mati"
  • Bugs - Hepburn
    "Can't tie me down, won't shut me up, you will not win The purpose of this song's to say my life begins I want to fly (I want to fly) Reach out, be healed (reach out, be healed) Don't want to die (don't"
  • Bugs - Adrenalin O.d.
    "Armies march in darkness Training to attack For years of senseless crushing They're gonna fight back Coming out of the woodwork Infesting every pore They don't just want revenge They want to rule the world Bugs,"
  • Bugs - Bobbie Gentry
    "Got a pollywog in your water Tadpole in the moonshine vat An' granddaddy-long-leg climbing on the screen You better watch, you're gonna squash him flat Boll weevils in your cotton And dirt-dauber busy"
  • Pearl - Fame Factory
    "Tell me I came here to listen to what you are saying and I won't run away I don't know all of lifes misterys, but I know enough to tell you That some were just not ment to be together I won't let you"
  • Pearl - Shazna
    "Pearl White Memories "Itsumademo dokomademo sukidakara" White Memories Sou itta kimi no kotoba de FUtto mezameta White Memories Yume de mita kimi wo ima dakishimete White Memories Yuki no furu GRAY na"
  • Pearl - Babes In Toyland
    "Little Pearl she was this girl Thoughts and notions in a whirl This girl Pearl she was pretty quick Found a stick filled it thick with Black sugar shit Ole black glasses spoonful molasses Drinking wine"
  • Pearl - The Mamas & The Papas
    "First star I see tonight I wish I may, I wish I might Have the wish I wish tonight A banker's daughter or a runaway girl A little lady or a honky-tonk pearl Has to find someplace in this world Where she"
  • Pearl - Paula Cole
    "Humility on Bleecker Street Exposed my faults until I'm left defeated It's been three years into this relationship This is longer than I ever could commit But I feel I'm near But I feel my fear I'm standing"
  • Pearl - Portishead
    "I want you now as thenDOn't tell meyou want to staytoo much timeNow has passedtoo too soon a thing to doI was only thinking i would do rightNow and then i need a little stingI was only trying not to second"
  • Pearl - Extol
    "Hear these words My soft voice speaks only truth I will reveal myself to you I'll see you through You are beautiful My love Walk with me All you'll ever need I am So come stay with me My dear Dwell in"
  • Czemu Bugs? - FLORAL BUGS
    "- eee, ty ziomek, słyszałeś ten nowy numer Bugsa? - zrzynka Eminema jak nic - no, totalnie - ale ty, Czemu Bugs? witam wciąż ulubiony mc twojej dziewczyny pytają się skąd ksywka czemu Bugs?, czemu Bugs? w"
  • Jam - The Human League
    "Starting over To feel the way I do A sudden stranger To everything I knew All the years together Now the days we are apart New experiences New sensation for the heart But you know that you will go back Where"
  • Jam - Human League
    "To feel the way I do A sudden stranger To everything I knew All the years together Now the days we are apart New experiences New sensation for the heart But you know that you will go back Where you used"
  • Jam - Arashi
    "Muchitsujo to chitsujo surinukeru sonoayausa to shitataka saano kado wo magareba kisu mo dekiruiesu or no? sore igai?oitsumeta hazu ga oitsumerareterudakishimetai"ima" wa tomodachi de ite to iu tame nikonna"
  • Jam - Michael Jackson
    "Nation To Nation All The World Must Come Together Face The Problems That We See Then Maybe Somehow We Can Work It Out I Asked My Neighbor For A Favor She Said Later What Has Come Of All The People Have"
  • Jam - Ankhara
    "Ankhara Miscellaneous Jams Mares de amargo desorden En mis venas siento fluir Visiones de almas inquietas Designios de un gris porvenir Reto al tahur de mi suerte Reto al que me hace sufrir Mi"

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