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Pearl Jam Comatose

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Pearl Jam Comatose

  • Comatose - Pearl Jam
    "Consider me an object. Put me in a vacuum. Free of all conditions. Free of air and friction. Yeh, I'll be hanging upside down. And there I will swing, for all eternity. Feel it rising,... Yeh next stop"
  • Black (Pearl Jam Cover) - Aaron Lewis
    "Hey of empty canvas Untouched sheets of clay Were laid spread out before me As her body once did All, all five horizons Revolved As the earth to the sun Now, the air I tasted And breathed has taken a"
  • Black (Pearl Jam Cover) - Aaron Lewis Of Staind
    "Hey, ooh Shades of empty canvas, untouched sheets of clay Were laid spread out before me, as her body once did All five horizons revolved around her soul As the earth to the sun Now the air I tasted and"
  • Comatose - jxdn
    "I don't care enough to miss you After all the shit we've been through My heart's comatose, comatose You were my best friend, now you're dead to me Said you'd become my worst memory You played the victim"
  • Comatose - Depeche Mode
    "Comatose, almost You've got me dreaming Slipping in And Sliding out Of conscious feeling Take a light Start the flame Play the game I am lost In your eyes Hypnotised Here I believe Dreams never deceive Comatose,"
  • Comatose - Rez Band
    "Flyin down the highway fast lane throw away Thought she had an inn there she's a stowaway Comatose emotion overdose She's comatose dead on 'er feet victim of sin Comatose emotional od trapped in machinery Comatose"
  • Comatose - Lisahall
    ""Open your eyes, welcome to the constellation. I never felt that I could dream this way. Step inside... come and shatter my illusion. I never felt that I... Chorus: No words spoken again, everybody's comatose"
  • Comatose - Crimson Thorn
    "Embodied into this world Satan's curse upon your head The age of discernment seals Your fates final end Living in the unconscious realm Not hearing CHRIST knock Too dead to reality Talking but not walking"
  • Comatose - Hollow Front
    "I’m feeling tired Weighed down by a hopeless world Everywhere I turn I watch the whole thing burn What have I lost And what all did it cost? All these feelings Buried deep in my thoughts "
  • Comatose - Chimaira
    "I am theconstant chill I am the versatile one I am the God you loved I am the addiction I am inside I am the constant chill That moves up and down your spine I am the versatile one That moves in and out"
  • Comatose - Downhere
    "Ready to turn back I've still got far to go I'm done with anesthetic My destination mind fights my identity I lost my love for every mile from here to there Chorus Hey everyone come on back 'cause you're"
  • Comatose - Ayreon
    "''(Anneke van Giersbergen:)'' No need No need to feel the pain No need to feel betrayed No need to feel inane No need to feel afraid ''(Jrn Lande:)'' Wake me up before I die, hold me close As I gaze upon"
  • Comatose - GrimSkunk
    "I'm comatose I'm passed out cold I lost the flame that lit my soul There's nothing in my eyes All the feelings gone Wake me soon I'll fade away before too long My heart explodes My mind breaks down My"
  • Comatose - Skillet
    "I hate feeling like this I'm so tired of trying to fight this I'm asleep and all I dream of Is waking to you Tell me that you will listen Your touch is what I'm missing And the more I hide I realize"
  • Comatose - Enchant
    "A face with no emotion Lost in the television's glow He's slipping into darkness Not far from comatose With a bottle in his left hand A cigarette in his right He's drowning out the echo Of voices in the"
  • Comatose - Eagle-Eye Cherry
    "The doors are closed and the walls are white Someone calls but I don't want to talk tonight Stay away you all want to.......stay away I'm going to be all right......all right Chorus: Within the arms of"
  • Comatose - Front Line Assembly
    "Here today Gone tomorrow What's the flavor Can I borrow? Beg or steal What's the deal? Beats for the money He's not real Who stole by the hand Who stole by the hand Like grains of sand We're"
  • Comatose - Eagle Eye Cherry
    "The doors are closed and walls are whiteSomeone calls but I don't want to talk tonightStay away you all want to stay awayI'm going to be all right, all rightWithin the arms of slumber, going to leave it"
  • Pearl - Fame Factory
    "Tell me I came here to listen to what you are saying and I won't run away I don't know all of lifes misterys, but I know enough to tell you That some were just not ment to be together I won't let you"
  • Pearl - Shazna
    "Pearl White Memories "Itsumademo dokomademo sukidakara" White Memories Sou itta kimi no kotoba de FUtto mezameta White Memories Yume de mita kimi wo ima dakishimete White Memories Yuki no furu GRAY na"

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