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Peeping gril

  • Gril - Jimmy Jansson
    "i did just to know, there where somthing better being all alone, being my myself i did just to know, just then till then better she is maming start to relaise now i really i'm, thinking this some better love"
  • Ordinary Gril - Lionel Richie
    "How will I know if someone loves me How will I know if there is no one else Dying to have someone who loves me But I want them to love me for myself Looked for love in all the wrong places I searched the"
  • Peeping Tommy - Agent Sparks
    "What started out as a simple attraction Has given way to a new kind He called me out Said I demand perfection More blue in the bluest sky Hello tom How'd you get so low down Did you bury your sanity?"
  • Peeping Tom - Sex Appeal
    "Its late at night Im on my way through the park Its the only way home I hear a noise in the dark Someone is watching me (Baby Im a spy and you wont see me) Maybe its my fantasy (I will follow you"
  • Peeping Tom - Placebo
    "I'm careful not to fall I have to climb your wall 'Cause you're the one Who makes me feel much taller than you are I'm just a peeping tom On my own for far too long Problems with the booze Nothing left"
  • Peeping Tom - L'Arc~En~Ciel
    "Ashita haretanara kokoro tsuredashiteKazaranaide rarurara te o tsunagouAttemonai noni nandatte shitteruDamatta mama demo mezame no jikan moNemurenu yoru no koto mo omitooshi nanteUnzari suru yo natsu no"
  • Peeping Tomi - Tori Amos
    "Looking pastbranchespastfresh mown grassdirt licking my elbowsI watch his hand moveupupupher dressDon't run awayfrom me nowDon't run awayfrom me nowShe's down on thegroundshe gives the boysmileI think"
  • Five Seconds - Peeping Tom
    "Strolling through the slaughterhouse of love Rags and ruins and stars above I'm as naked as I can be in this life This labyrinth is only one straight line Back and forth, up and down your spine Emptiness"
  • Mojo - Peeping Tom
    "Those haunting rhymes are keeping the time But they'll never get through to me It's my party, but I'm waiting for someone to start it It's my party, there's no one but me in the corner Gotta get my mojo"
  • Don't Even Trip - Peeping Tom
    "I think you're old enough to know better But I'm old enough to remember (Don't even trip) I won't use that stupid word forever (Cross your heart and hope to die) Don't even trip Don't get too big for"
  • Getaway - Peeping Tom
    "Gotta get away I gotta get away... 16 seconds to make it C'mon Mike Escapin' the situation, I'm outta the trap zone The ringer turned off on my cellular phone The intern mystery detector Hold up, the"
  • Your Neighborhood Spaceman - Peeping Tom
    "I'm your neighborhood spaceman You don't know who I am or where I've been Circling like a satellite The sign post in the sky Look at me! I'm really just a tambourine The world is shaking me So listen! Cos"
  • Kill The DJ - Peeping Tom
    "Your happiness is my business I practice it like a violin I see your face when I hear that song It's in my head playing on and on Play me, play me It's much too quiet to drink at home It's much too kinky"
  • Caipirinha - Peeping Tom
    "Everyday is a dream, it's obscene I wish I was there Far Away Having fun in the sun, my feet in the sand But here I am Freezing cold, shoveling snow But why should you care? I wish I was there I wish"
  • Celebrity Death Match - Peeping Tom
    "Waking up without you It's all in my head I roll over to touch you See a horse's head How did I arouse you with Keanu's face? How well did I endow you with Dirk Diggler's pace? How do you entice me with"
  • Sucker - Peeping Tom
    "You suck When I fall asleep you take a peek indoors I will take what's mine, you will take what's yours You play with loaded dice and a gun in a jar But now I'm going to even the score There's one born"
  • We're Not Alone (Remix) - Peeping Tom
    "(A lover) This feeling has a thousand limbs, all the hers and his Tell me do you like it? (I like it) Too big to fit in this skin, this skin I'm in Because I'm a lover Breathe out, breathe in! I won't"
  • How u feelin - Peeping Tom
    "Won't you come in and let's get started. This angel's fallen, so heed my calling. Don't you stop rolling, the tension's growing. So jump high reverend, walk into heaven. We're driving Lamborghini's and"
  • We're not alone - Peeping Tom
    "(A lover) (A lover) This feeling has a thousand limbs, of a first and hymns tell me do you like it? (I like it) Too big to fit in this skin, this skin i'm in, because i'm a lover Bring my freedom! I won't"
  • Girl - O-Town
    "She's a special girl With his own money, job & credit cards A sexy girl You better be careful or he'll pull your card In this world You won't find any like him Standin' round And I want a girl like her And"

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