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Pennywise th Avenue Nightmare

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Pennywise th Avenue Nightmare

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Pennywise th Avenue Nightmare
  • Pennywise 6th Avenue Nightmare
    "This is no way to live a life The urban planning genocide We have no hope or civic pride They don't care if we live or die It's not fair when you start with nothing Your life feels done just before it"
  • Scorpions Nightmare Avenue
    "(Matthias Jabs, Klaus Meine, Mark Hudson) Last night I went to kill Some time at the famous grill Where the tall eats the small There were girls all over me That's my insanity Don't call me Ringo, call"
  • Pennywise Pennywise
    "clear your mind hide your fear don't look around don't turn around pennywise is here evil lurks in his eyes the clown they call pennywise he's a monster he's not human he's more than just a figment"
  • Rhubarb Pennywise
    "Call me Pennywise and see What it means to me The things that set you free Don't mean as much to me Call me anything you please Things you may believe For all your perfect plans I'm not a lesser man So"
  • Cat Stevens 18th Avenue (kansas City Nightmare)
    "Well I rode a while, for a mile or so Down the road to the 18th Avenue And the people I saw were the people I know And they all came down to take a view Oh the path was dark and borderless Down the road"
  • Trabireiter Th
    "Ich wand're ja so gerne Den Rennsteig durch das Land Den Beutel auf dem Rcken Die Klampfe in der Hand Ich bin ein lust'ger Wandersmann So vllig unbeschwert Mein Lied ertnt durch Busch und Tann Das jeder"
  • Olivia Ruiz Th
    "Maman est dpressive Papa manque de confiance Et moi je suis lascive Devant toutes nos errances Et si on essayait un peu De voir notre petit monde d'en haut Au lieu de laisser choir nos idaux Mamie semble"
  • Scorpions Nightmare Avenune
    "Last night I went to kill Some time at the famous grill Where the tall eats the small There were girls all over me That's my insanity Don't call me Ringo, call me Paul I'm in heaven, I'm in hell Don't"
  • Varathron Warrior's Nightmare
    "I'm Aurelius The Personal Advisor Tleilaxu, The Warrior King of Allysia. Tleilaxu Is A Man of Unquenchible Desires He Lives For Adrenaline And Blood of War, He Is Cunning As Well As Skilled In The Martial"
  • Forsaken The Poet's Nightmare
    "When from my fellows to the grove I stray'd, In solitude and dusk to meditate On things forbidden, and to pierce the veil Of seeming good and seeming beauteousness That covers o'er the tragedy of Truth. Hither"
  • Pennywise Pennywise - Land Down Under.Mp3
    "Travelling in a fried-out combie On a hippie trail, head full of zombie I met a strange lady, she made me nervous Took me in and gave me breakfast And she said, "Do you come from a land down under? Where"
  • AqME La Th
    "Dans un dcor aux couleurs vives A la dco si nave Autour d'elle tout l'oppresse L'enfer est un nid douillet A l'air irrespirable Sa volont lui permet D'oublier son quotidien La vie passe comme tombe la"
  • Insania Nightmare
    "Lightning strikes the night, a thunder is rising from the sky above - you feel the sweat drop down you cant sleep, its like every night Its a nightmare - your nightmare tonight Its a nightmare Its a nightmare"
  • Crooked X Nightmare
    "Uh! Sometimes When I wake at night My pillow's covered with sweat Am I awake? am I asleep? I haven't figured that out yet. Afraid to breath, afraid to move Can't get no rest, pull the covers up"
  • Gillan Nightmare
    "I've got to travel tonight Get on the first available flight There's someone hot on my tail Who's blowing up a mess of my gale I'm all tied up With bad news that's heading my way I just can't breathe There"
  • Nightmares Naggaroth Nightmare
    "(verse1) last night i had me a nightmare i dreamed texas was burnin down, burnin down and all their people had grown up to love, leavin town (chorus) so cried oh oh mosis, bring a flood in the red red"
  • Artension Nightmare
    "In your dreams, does everything seem... Black and white?...Dark as night? Does morning seem far away? Cold and damp?... Racing back to where your world is safe Nightmare, always the same for me Falling,"
  • McAuley Schenker Group Nightmare
    "Nightmare lying here in the dark Scared like my dreams made their mark I wonder Dreamer always alone Lost in a part of myself I can't find anymore I wonder if it's gonna end tonight I can't sleep alone"
  • Pat Green Nightmare
    "Last night I had me a nightmare. Dreamed that Texas was burning down. And all those people, I'd grown up to love were leavin' town. So I cried oh-whoa Moses, bring a flood from the red, Red sea. Bring"
  • Venom Nightmare
    "By the shores of the ageing sea Fools scream out destiny They speak of vengeance and your gods into the fire - out of the flame The beast awakes - thousands are slayen The mystic reads - forgotten tales All"

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