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People change

  • People Change - Rockapella
    "Didn't hear a tone, are you, hello I never hear a tone, I guess you know I can't remember what I called to say I thought you might be home on Saturday I really can't believe it's been a year It took a"
  • People Change - Sunz Of Man
    "(feat. MC Eiht & Madam D) "I don't, I don't, I don't mind" I don't, I don't, I don't, I don', I don't mind [60 Second Assassin] I don't fuck with bitches, hos or scavs I don't fuck with drugs, puff"
  • Some People Change - Kenny Chesney
    "His old man was a rebel yeller, bad boy to the bone, and say cant trust a color feller, he judge em by the tone of their skin. He was raised to think like his dad narrow mind full of hate on the road to"
  • Some People Change - Montgomery Gentry
    "His old man was a rebel yeller Bad boy to the bone He'd say, "Can't trust that other feller" He'd judge 'em by the tone of their skin He was raised to think like his Dad Narrow mind, full of hate On the"
  • Some People Change - Chesney Kenny
    "Chesney Kenny Miscellaneous Some People Change His old man was a rebel yellow. That boy to the bone, can*t trust a colored fellow. He*d judge *em by the tone of their skin. He was raised to think like"
  • Some People Change - George Canyon
    "His old man was a rebel yeller bad boy to the bone he say, can't trust a coloured feller' he'd judge em' by the tone of their skin And he was raised to think like his dad their mind full of hate On the"
  • People Never Change - Fate
    "You can't go out the real human nature You can't fight against the primary instincts Don't pretend the opposite ! You're not different So easy to destroy, too tiring to build Making the good is too"
  • Change - Sparks
    "The rain is falling down I feel like a dog that's been kicked out into the street I know that dogs can't drive cars But that's about the only difference between us now But wait, there's a rainbow over"
  • Change - Sarah Connor
    "I just wanna give you something you can talk about Although it's kind of controversial, betcha think about You're looking fine, it's kind of strange Sometimes you really dream of a change All the talk"
  • Change - Sean Kingston
    "Change, Change, Change,Change, Change, Change,Chorus:Oh i wish i had the power, the power to change the worldBut im just one man trying to do it on my ownOh i wish i had the power, the power to change"
  • Change - John Waite
    "People talking And they're saying that you're leaving So unhappy With the way that you've been living Oh oh oh We always wish for money We always wish for fame We think we have the answers Some"
  • Change - Daniel Merriweather
    "i saw a dried up withered old rich man turning on a garden hose, i see a young man picking up a gun i guess thats where the money goes (yeah), am i just as good as a bad man sleeping when the rest are"
  • Change - Justifide
    "Wake up my friends Don't you see what is happenin'? To all of the people that are suffering Well do you see it now? (Chorus) And if we don't change We're all going down If we don't do anything God help"
  • Change - Waking Ashland
    "Do what you want Just as long as you don't get caught You'll always know But that's not how you were taught See I don't know if you should come back to your home It's not what she would have wanted You're"
  • Change - Skip Marley
    "Change, ayy As people fight, blindly they strike System failing so they not taking no time Well a one bright day, money just can't buy All in a premeditated paradise Let love abide and always be our guide It"
  • Change - Kate Ceberano
    "There's confusion It's covering up the state of our lives An illusion has been created but most of it's lies Why do people tell us what they want us to hear All this propaganda just stirs up mistrust"
  • Change - Tune
    "Look around, my love You're like everyone You've lost your way back home In crowded corridors Empty hearts Broken thoughts People clones In a perfect world And nothing's ever gonna change If you wait"
  • Change - Monoxide Child
    "On my last day, when they call out my name you can trust me, it all gonna' change. It seems strange when I put it this way, but I was always good at writin' what I really wanna' say, I can't face the face"
  • Change - Spark
    "Have you ever sat and watched the world go by Have you ever wondered what makes time fly Did you ever wish you could re-live what you've done Did you ever hear but chose to run (chorus) Why do we live"
  • Change - American Minor
    "Oh mama Yeah Don't hang your head Virginia You're just wasting your time We all see stormy weather Somewhere on down the line Hear people talking crazy Like there's no turning back We see the preachers"

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