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Peper rout

  • Style (ft. Frosti Rege, Dedis, Kacper Hta, Kaczor BRS, Michrus, Zbuku, Ero, Mor W.A: Wigor, Łyskacz, Peper, BRZ, Nizioł, KPSN, Śliwa, Siuwax, Ostry Bezimienni, Hukos, Jongmen) - Kafar Dix37 x Rest Dix37
    "Utwór "Style” pochodzi z płyty "BSNT” reprezentantów ekipy Dixon37 Kafara i Resta. Premiera albumu planowana jest na 31 maja 2019 roku."
  • O jeden melanż za daleko - Empiria (WIGOR/PEPER)
    "Toniesz w problemach Zostawia cię dupa Inni w tym czasie do celu po trupach Mio być szczęście Wszystko wspaniale Siaga na bani Serce skamieniałe Lufa za lufą pęka za barem Dzisiaj na pewno nie będzie z"
  • Geography ii - Front 242
    "There was a soldier War material Under the rain Soul killing, complain And life to sustain Pain - no pain There will be ructions More rebellions Looting, rout He's afraid of such a waste There was a soldier"
  • Oh! Brother - The Fall
    "(Mecass, the mass, decline, domain, relan, drazan, my heart's blocked, rout) Oh! little brother We are in a mess Don't look at me that way Don't put me to the test When I first saw you People said: "He"
  • Prescription For The Blues - Skeeter Davis
    "All day long I worry all night I'm blue I feel so awfully lonesome I don't know what to do And so I ask you doctor to see if you can find Something in your sachet to pacify my mind Oh doctor doctor write"
  • Haematic - Fair Sex
    "Terror. Shriver. Stop those trivial phrases Terror. Shriver. Stop anxiety's phrases Terror. Shriver. Stop your trivial fear of dark Deny the nights They terrorize all humans' manners Deny the nights They"
  • Jogging - Yelle
    "Step, Peur, Jo- Ging, Soif, Peur, Foot- Ing, Ang- Oisse, Rout- Ine Cellulite dans ma jupe en jean Amour je sors mon tapis de sol pour me faire des fesses en bton Vritable taux a garcons J'hallucine sur"
  • Gypsy - Fleetwood Mac
    "So i'm back to the velvet underground back to the floor that i love to a room with some lace and peper flowers back to the gypsy...that i the gypsy...that i was... and it all comes down to you"
  • Si le bon vent - Charles Trenet
    "Si le bon vent souffle par ici, Il emporte nos soucis Et l'espoir chante en nos c?urs, l'aventure. Si le bon vent s'en va par l, Il emporte notre joie. Dam' nature pleur' ses beaux jours d'amour. Chance"
  • Enlightenment - Midnattsol
    "After a night so long The time has come Eclipse of my past returns A rout in the wood Releases my fright Haunted like a bird But your dimples Remind me Of the small flashes of light Do treasure all seasons And"
  • Wet Nightmare - The Cramps
    "tomorrow will be glommy with a chance of morning frogs but this just happened to me while i was sawin' logs i seen a striptease torture and blackbirds flyin' backwards and a pagan rout in a hellhole in"
  • You Will Be My Ain True Love - Alison Krauss
    "You'll walk unscathed through musket fire, No ploughman's blade will cut thee down, No cutless wound will mark thy face And you will be my ain true love, And you will be my ain true love And as you walk"
  • Jubilation T. Cornpone - Ray Charles
    "When we fought the Yankees and annihilation was near, Who was there to lead the charge, that took us safe to the rear? Why it was Jubilation T. Cornpone. Old "Toot your own horn pone", Jubilation T. Cornpone,"
  • Sinistereo - Bono&The Edge (Spider-Man Turn Off the Dark)
    "Now come thoughts that you shall not banish Secret fears, visions ne'er to vanish Crawling shapes now come writhing out T'cast their shadows over this human rout You set yourself on fire You set yourself"
  • Mijne Jezus Is Nen Jood - Willem Vermandere
    "Mijne Jezus is ne jood en mijnen auto Japannees, mijnen hoed is nen tiroler en mijn vest is Canadees, 'k eet spagetti uit Itali en uit de Wolga kaviaar, mijne koffie uit Brazili, mijn kalebasse uit Zanzibar. Daarom"
  • B.S.N.T. - Morwa
    "Dobrze jest znać kogoś na kim można polegaćPewnych zasad gry po prostu trzeba przestrzegaćKtoś ci kiedyś pomógł, wypadało by odpłacićWięc nie udawaj kogoś większego, lepszegoBo u chłopaków szybko możesz"
  • Perfectly Still - Gin Blossoms
    "It's our call It sways, it stalls I need a little extra time alone Well maybe take the long way home Just enough to get it wrong Nothing like a bad decision Says who you are Fools rush in For the grist"
  • It's Foolish But It's Fun - Nana Mouskouri
    "1- I love to climb an apple tree Though apples green are bad for me And I' ll be sick as I can be It' s foolish but it' s fun 2- When thunderstorms put folks to rout And no one dares to venture out That'"
  • The Conqueror Worm - Lou Reed
    "Lo! 't is a gala night A mystic throng bedecked Sit in a theater to see A play of hopes and fears While the orchestra breathes fitfully The music of the spheres Mimes, mutter and mumble low Mere puppets"
  • - Wolna Grupa Bukowina
    "Z monoklem w oku W podróż do wód Ze śpiewem o (?) Po nitkach dróg W salach lustrzanych To świt, blady świt, wielki bal Białym latawcem w górę, do gwiazd Chmurką z dmuchawca, do ptasich gniazd Może jutro,"

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