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Pesho - Free (feat. KC Nwokoye)

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Pesho - Free (feat. KC Nwokoye)

  • Free (feat. KC Nwokoye) - Pesho
    "Set me free /2x And let me fly Give me wings /2x I want to fly Freedom /2x Like an evil strange As I`m screaming names Yeah I want, I want to fly Fly away Do it, do it Do it what you wish Always make"
  • Higher (ft. KC Nwokoye) - Pesho
    "Standing next to me All I see is you As I breath you in Memories reappears You’re all I have But tonight is still dead If I have one wish I would levitate Join in high That’s What about wild world Hurry"
  • Kc - Matt Pond PA
    "i remember you do you remember me theres no way to the heart better than awkwardly in canada on new years eve you said youd never seen someone bleed like i bleed perhaps i was on the shaking hands the"
  • kc - dzakob
    "mam do napisania prace kontrolną ale pisze do niej na Messenger mam wrażenie ze z tej mojej szkoły nic nie będzie ja wracam do lóżka, a ty wracasz na uczelnie no i nieby coś marudzę o tym ze jest spoko i"
  • Here we go (feat. Mr Hide) - Pesho
    "Here we go Here we go now Here we go Here we go Here we go now Here we go Here we go We got time Time is on our side We got friends Dance on our side We gonna take it We gonna take it all We gonna take"
  • I'm Free (feat. Aligee) - Ell
    "Stay alive Holding on to survive After all I’m feeling alive I’m the only one tonight Music takes me high Keeps on leading me to the light Baby, baby please tell me why You made a step into my world I"
  • Free (feat. Emeli Sandé) - Rudimental
    "I don’t do yoga, never tried Pilates Not many people want me at their parties Tryna find my place, some place, oh I, oh I, oh I I drink a little more than recommended This world ain’t exactly what my heart"
  • Free (feat. Andreea D) - Dj Sava
    "Dj Sava: I could do a whole lot of things But I wanna hold you right now Cause nobody feels me better so I wanna hold you right now Put your finger in the air just like I told you right now Back to the"
  • Nothins Free Feat Oobie - Lil Jon
    "(Oobie) There's something, I want to tell ya' 'Cause I know, that a brother got needs tonight I ain't trippin' on ya' pimpin' just that shit's tight 'Cause you gotta pay tonight tonight tonight (Chorus) I"
  • Badewanne (feat. Gringo) - Kc rebell
    "Premiera 6 czerwca 2019 roku."
  • Free Loaders - Silkk The Shocker
    "SILKK THE SHOCKER LYRICS "Free Loaders" (feat. Master P) (Chorus:) Niggaz just don't know, that I'm taxin all these hoes And these hoes won't ride wit me... But these hoes can't ride fo free (2x) (Silkk) Well"
  • Free Mumia - KRS-One
    "(feat. Channel Live) Knowledge, where the people at? Free Mumia! Channel Live! (KRS-One, come and represent) (The wisdom) Hah hah hah hah hah hahaha! Free Mumia! Everywhere I look there's another house"
  • Love Is Free (feat. Lady Chann) - Sinplus
  • Young, Wild & Free (feat. Bruno Mars) - Snoop Dogg
    "So what we get drunk? So we don't sleep? So what we smoke weed? We’re just having fun We don’t care who sees So what we go out? That’s how its supposed to be Living young and wild and free So what I keep"
  • Free the Madness (feat. Machine Gun Kelly) - Steve Aoki
    "Free your mind Come on Come on If the leather fades and the children age And the love we share separates In a perfect world do we know we're done? But I don't wanna grow up, not for anyone! I wanna be"
  • Get Free feat. Amber (of Dirty Projectors) - Major Lazer
    "Heading downstream till the levee gives in What can i do to get the money We ain’t go the money, we ain’t gettin out Heading downstream till the levee gives in And my dreams are wearin’ thin All I need’s"
  • I Feel Free - Nicki Minaj
    "(feat. Ron Browz, Red Cafe, & Ricki Blaze) I feel free. I'm rollin with my niggas and we jus bought the bar. I feel free. Shawty lookin' at me 'cause she know I'm a star. I feel free. I'm in the club"
  • Free Me - Free
    "Morning comes And the evening follows Life without you Knows no tomorrow You leave me weary And you leave me tired But you fill my soul With strange desire But I love you babe Yes I love all of you Ah!"
  • Love For Free - Rell
    "(feat. Jay-Z) (Jay-Z) Uh huh uh, ji ji Roc-a-Fella y'all Jigga, Rell, nine-eight edition This is Roc-a-Fella for life, this is Roc-a-Fella for life This is Roc-a-Fella for life, this is Roc-a-Fella"
  • Free Game (feat. A-Lexxus,Lil' Italy,Erica Foxx) - Mercedes
    "(Mercedes) Since you've been gone I've been talkin on the telephone She says you're the one that makes her hot Been rollin long together but this is where it stops Ain't happy but I got the job So much"

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