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Pete Bellis our voice

  • Our Voice - Smilin Liar
    "Hey we are here. We are one and many. Hey we are here no we can not lie. (die) So what did you expect to find. Our thoughts you cant deny. So scared of what we do. So scared to see the truth. While your"
  • Pete & Manny - Bruce Hornsby
    "Pete took up Latin dancing Sherry loved his style We loved to laugh as they glided past But he kicked the blues for awhile Manny wanted to be artsy Always dressed in black Our spirits rose as he struck"
  • Raise our voice - Initial Roxanne
    ""Raise our voice" 1. I woke up in the morning, found myself today. Just started new way. Before the doors close. I'd never try to run away. It's not hard for me to know. There's"
  • Sweet Unique Pete - Kool Keith
    "(feat. Black Silver) Yeah! Kool Keith Black Sil (yeah yeah) and company! As we party.. two-zero-zero-zero Step in coat check, vocal supreme sound perfect You wack man, haven't you heard this? Matador"
  • Our Voice / Nasz głos - Moriah Woods & Anita Lipnicka
    "my body my choice my freedom my skin not yours my futures my bounds Don’t you think we desreve to be free of the pressure and to know we have a choice Moje prawa Mój raj Mój dom Ten kraj Ile raz umrzeć"
  • A Voice Of Our Own - The (International) Noise Conspiracy
    "There's no way we're gonna be satisfied with being stuck between A friendly fascist state and fundamentalist dreams We might be down with broken hearts busted at the seems But we are pretty and unafraid"
  • Pete - But Alive
    "Pete Townshend ist heute alt und will lngst schon nicht mehr sterben. Und alle um mich herum wollen nur in Wrde lter werden. Ich sagte es gestern, sag' es morgen: Macht euch um mich doch keine Sorgen Und"
  • Pete - Mary Chapin Carpenter
    "You're making lists today of all the things you haven't done yet You're driving everyone crazy, are you having any fun yet Mother says you oughta get married Shrink says here's a little blue pill Too young"
  • Pete - Fireside
    "The damage done The lie is sung How long have you wanted to beat me up Well I appreciate if you dont act like me And I believe in you about this case If you travelled this far to spit me in the face, I"
  • Another Voice - Agnostic Front
    "You could never silence this voice We've been opressed still we destroy Everything thrown in our face We found the truth and we still believe Another voice, back again with a vengeance Sworn to brotherhood"
  • One Voice - Jane
    "Lord, have mercy on me Cos I'm crying out And I'm trying to be Just a touch Less sinful than I am I'm reaching for you Wont you take my hand ? CHORUS There's only one choice, one voice That speaks to"
  • Pretty Voice - Cloud Cult
    "A scene begins With our next melody Sung by a bashful bird Humming a violet sky There are no words But there is understanding It's been so long Since I've heard your pretty voice Raise up the lights And"
  • Voice Alone - Big D And The Kids Table
    "The painful lesson once learned Transforming our home as a Garden of Eden That in reality it always was Like your quest for communication Like your quest for communication I have a direct line of"
  • One Voice - O.C. Supertones
    "1999 and the stakes is high. Our options have come down to either we do or we die. We need You now more than ever. Pull out all of the strife in the church, get us together. Is time running out? I can't"
  • Season Of Love (With Pete Orta) - Jaci Velasquez
    "Where a prayer could be enough Our hands open up and give a little more Crowded hearts make room Kindness falls like the snow Tenderness like a row of dominoes Chorus Season of love A chance to shine in"
  • Shut 'Em Down 2002 ft. Pete Rock - Busta Rhymes
    "(Busta Rhymes) Yeah.. back by popular demand, it's about to get Godly Yeah.. hold it now! AOWWW! C'mon, c'mon (c'mon).. yeah Huh.. c'mon, c'mon (c'mon).. yeah Huh! Bear witness on the way we stay cuttin"
  • This Scene Is Dead (Pete Predictable Remix) - We Are Scientists
    "This scene is dead, but I'm still restless An' our show until last call, I guess I shouldn't even be here, much less Drinking myself into excess I'm not going home till I'm done Well come on, we can't"
  • Raise Your Voice - Bad Religion
    "Fa fa fafa fa fa fafa raise your voice Fa fa fafa fa fa fafa raise your voice Fa fa fafa fa fa fafa raise your voice Fa fa fafa fa fa fafa raise your voice Don't be played like someone else's board game Don't"
  • The Unheard Voice - Story Of The Year
    "these color dreams that we have will put everything in the back seat drive past you so good night these dollar signs will be the death of all our dreams you cant take all of my heart but you can take"
  • Voice Of America - Jackson Browne
    "(from the b-side of the single "in the shape of a heart"; peformed by jackson browne) Little steven's version appears on his album of the same name. Can you hear me? wake up! Where's the voice"

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