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Pete Masitti - Best Surprise

  • Surprise - Billy Joel
    "Don't get excitedDon't say a wordNobody noticedNothing was heardIt was committed discreetlyIt was handled so neatlyAnd it shouldn't surprise you at allYou knowBreak all the recordsBurn the cassettesI'd"
  • Midnight Surprise - Lightspeed Champion
    "Shoot me into sleep, your beauty is so close to me And even better still, warm nights and the chill Creeping down my bones, reminds me I'm alone My sweet midnight surprise, staple down my eyes Stars I"
  • By Surprise - Peter, Paul & Mary
    "I'd like to take you by surprise at the grocery store Grab you by the hand and step on the electric door Leave the shopping cart right where it is I betcha somebody's got the same list I wanna take us"
  • Besame Mucho (with Pete Best, Emi Audition) - Beatles
    "Beatles Miscellaneous Besame Mucho (with Pete Best, Emi Audition) ======================================================= Beatles - Besame Mucho (with Pete Best, EMI Audition) ======================================================= (Velazquez/Skylar) Lead"
  • Love Me Do (with Pete Best, Emi Audition) - Beatles
    "Beatles Miscellaneous Love Me Do (with Pete Best, Emi Audition) ===================================================== Beatles - Love Me Do (with Pete Best, EMI Audition) ===================================================== (John"
  • Pete - But Alive
    "Pete Townshend ist heute alt und will lngst schon nicht mehr sterben. Und alle um mich herum wollen nur in Wrde lter werden. Ich sagte es gestern, sag' es morgen: Macht euch um mich doch keine Sorgen Und"
  • Pete - Mary Chapin Carpenter
    "You're making lists today of all the things you haven't done yet You're driving everyone crazy, are you having any fun yet Mother says you oughta get married Shrink says here's a little blue pill Too young"
  • Pete - Fireside
    "The damage done The lie is sung How long have you wanted to beat me up Well I appreciate if you dont act like me And I believe in you about this case If you travelled this far to spit me in the face, I"
  • Surprise - James
    "So you thought we were over Surprise, surprise We're not going anywhere So fell on your sword again Tell me what the views like Deep down in your carpet You were straight, you were straight now you're"
  • Surprise - Jars Of Clay
    "Shoot a dream in your arm and sleep away, It's not the stuff that kills you that keeps your life at bay. Every crash pulls you in reach, Of a watershed of signal flares that cover your beach, These are"
  • Surprise! - Bonnie Pink
    "chisai kono watashi nakimushi datta kara tsui anata ni akogareta tsuyoku natta ima yowai anata o nagusametai itsu mo watashi nari ni anata o nando mo komaraseta n deshou? anata o nando mo shitsumo saseta"
  • Surprise - Semisonic
    "I feel the day is arriving soon When I can't stay around anymore They'll look in all the familiar rooms Until they feel the breeze through the door Then they can say it's the company that I keep So they"
  • Surprise - Filter
    "Dark Sun rise from the night on the run I’ve gone blind from the sight of the sun A heart full of truth ‘cause I paid my dues A head full of noise and something to lose But she Talks me down from the"
  • Surprise - Lene
    "Surprise I'm still here Aren't you glad did you miss me Surprise I'm still here But I can't stay for the evening But here just press play It's my new song Now why you weeping no no no no Now don't,"
  • Surprise - Sesame Street
    "Big Bird: I have a little song. It isn't very long. (missing lines) (Scene changes to show Bob, wearing an old-fashioned boy's costume with straw hat.) Bob (speaking): Jack and Jill went up the hill"
  • Surprise, Surprise - Bruce Springsteen
    "Well surprise, surprise, surprise Yeah surprise, surprise, surprise Well surprise, surprise, come on open your eyes And let your love shine down Well surprise, surprise, surprise Yeah surprise, surprise,"
  • Surprise - Stereophonics
    "There's just time for another,Could down me another one,When I'm leaving with the others,Going home sweet home,Surprise someone,Put my key into the front door,Keeping quiet but I'm drunk,When I'm creeping"
  • Surprise - Flow
    "Sou ne daitai onaji mainichi Kurikaeshiteku tawamure Sore nari ni tanoshinderu Kayoi nareteru michi no tochuu de Nantonaku sora miage Kidukeba tameiki tsuiteru Totsuzen kiita tomo no kotoba ga subete no"
  • Surprise - Sugababes
    "Last summer we met I'll never forget Hanging out every day Guess that era has gone You got what you want Hope she works out OK I bet you think I'm torn That you're the one I miss I'm over now you're gone But"
  • Surprise! - Gunnar Madsen
    "Ho ho ho ho! Svetlana, come here; I have story to tell you. You know, it was Neil Armstrong jumping up and down on the moon Oh we laughed back in Moscow when we saw that. Remember the fifties, those fat"

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