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Phanton agony

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Phanton agony

  • Agony - Testament
    "Trapped in a nightmare Prisoners of warfare Days gone become years Of suffering... Fight on but what's to gain ? Misfortune leads to pain... Fearless they won't die Caged in they ask why Cry out but"
  • Agony - eels
    "Not gonna be alright No, I'm not gonna be alright nothin' is alright now not gonna see the sun come up when i'm goin' down 'cause everyday i'm here all i feel is sheer agony Friends tellin' me that maybe"
  • Agony - Black Heaven
    "I feel the pain of loneliness at the base of consciousness I wanna taste your golden flesh There's nothing that I want to say oh love me now, love me today you lead my hand between your legs Oh agony,"
  • Agony - Alastis
    "Come to my dream, my beautiful life Nobody knows, nobody can stop Come to my dream, my sweet agony I feel like God, I feel so free Join us on the rubbish of life Like us you'll love the despair Join us"
  • Agony Agony - Mr. Vegas
    "Woman dem want a man fi run a marathon dem want a man fi do it all night long Hey di gal dem want di agony agony agony dem nuh want nuhbody weh drink and get drunky like whispy agony agony agony,"
  • Agony - Random Ruins Of Reality
    "I've tried to forget... you but you're carved in my heart I still feel your touch your warm breast, your sweet skin... your kiss you're still a part of me you are the reason I thrill you follow me in my"
  • Agony - The Muffs
    "You were a fool to go under the table And now you know you were unable To pretend you're all alone And now look what it's done to you And when you find that you're getting attention And you think that"
  • Agony - Daz Dillinger
    "(feat. Latoya Williams) Ooooh... Hi, my name is Latoya Williams and this is a story about; my man You see ladies, I had this man about, two or three years ago And boy did I love my man But somethin"
  • Agony - Unbelievable Truth
    ""Could I break through the wall you put me in, Can I, be sure, You even keep me here, blood on my fingers, seems to testify to my imprisonment, but I have my doubts. I fade the sound "
  • Agony - Ezio
    "Agony's got a perfect mouth She wears the finest clothes Always black with a wide brimmed hat That shades her eyes and her nose And the strongest winds can't move her And her hair, it never flows Agony's"
  • Agony - The GazettE
    "You said to me so. For what do you hope to me ? Is it the hopeless last scene ? Answer..., I don't want to die. DA DON VIDIVI DA DON AGAIN VIDIVI DA DON The scream of insomnia. Is the next my turn ? What"
  • Agony - Kotoko
    "Itsuka mita yume Todokanai tsubuyaki dake Yoru no hikari ni tsutsumarete samayoi yuku Yagate mihiraku sono hitomi Unmei nara Semete Sou, ima dake... Kanawanai to utsumuki Yorukaze ni tada unadare Namida"
  • Sweet Agony - Dolly Parton
  • Dear Agony - Breaking Benjamin
    "I have nothing left to give I have found the perfect end You were made to make it hurt Disappear into the dirt Carry me to heaven's arms Light the way and let me go Take the time to take my breath I will"
  • Cherished Agony - Android Lust
    "Cherished agony Have you not swallowed the last drops of pride That have dripped on your tongue Have you not inhaled the stench That rises as you walk In your sweet dreams This childlike monster caresses"
  • Eternal Agony - Jungle Rot
    "Death, Farther the pain Pools of Gore, Lumps of Brain Bleeding - From the neck Blood - Hate and anger Say - Your last farewell Rip at your chest, Pull out your tongue Tear off your limbs, Rip a bloody"
  • My Agony - Crowbar
    "Look at me now Stare into my eyes Deep into my soul The pain I feel It's stronger than life It's taken control My mind is gone I'm dying inside I'm falling apart In agony I see no way out The pain's in"
  • Agony Bay - Bankrupt
    "What could I say? Nothings OK No need to ask When you know the answer Anchors aweigh Its Agony Bay Look in their eyes Despair is like cancer And we wait for better days Better days that never come Truly"
  • Agony Fires - Watain
    "Beyond gods pestilent grace Obscured by light his spawner dwells Hidden but soon to be found Beyond shrouds of fading life All fires leave reeking ashes Not only glow that shines And the dawns you've"
  • Purgatorial Agony - Limbonic Art
    "Experimental malediction. Destructive minds. Seeking places no living can find. Awaiting darkness, transcending, venture into the night. I hide within places unknown, There was nothing else to do. With"

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