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Phil Ochs Pleasures Of The Harbor

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Phil Ochs Pleasures Of The Harbor

  • Phil Ochs - Phil Ochs
    "Here comes phil ochs shovel on his shoulder Trailing a hoe along the ho chi minh trail But the trail is on bleeker street And phil's on his uppers It's the mid-nineteen seventies And it ain't looking so"
  • Pleasures Of The Harbor - Phil Ochs
    "E - A B7 And the ship sets the sail G#m They've lived the tale C#m F#m To carry to the shore A6 E Straining at the oars G#7 C#m Or staring"
  • Phil - Phil Ochs
    "I opened the paper, there was your picture Gone, gone, gone by your own hand I couldn't believe it, the paper was shakin' Gone, gone, gone by your own hand I know I'm gonna spend the rest of my lifetime"
  • Sheriff Ochs - Kind Of Like Spitting
    "I just finished a book with its cover torn and its pages worn. The story starts on the day you were born in the city. Where movie houses stood Raised on Elvis and Hollywood. The bad guys bad and the good"
  • Phil - Buck 65
    "Twenty some years is a long walk even if it's not in a straight line You see a lot of things in the distance, y'know what they say about great minds You and I think about the same things, dream the same"
  • Pleasures - Abramelin
    "Stalking - your home seems so secure Waiting - until the time is right I see the light in your daughters room I want to taste her fear and I want to rip her flesh The time has come for me to enter your"
  • Harbor - Vienna Teng
    "We're here where the daylight begins The fog on the streetlight slowly thins Water on water's the way The safety of shoreline fading away Sail your sea Meet your storm All I want is to be your harbor The"
  • Harbor - Matt Nathanson
    "My idols are cracking and breaking apart piece by pieceI brush their dust off my pedestal and through the cloud I'vekicked up I can just make out your faceIn a world of plastic people, I know You're realI'm"
  • Phil & John - Yoko Ono
    "(p) - "just a minute now... can anybody remembr one thing I tell them? you're gona be stuck with your baby. ok, here we go!" (j) - "what we're gonna do, play jazz with jetho tull? ." (p) - "no, elton john"
  • Simple Pleasures - Camel
    "When she left the room her perfume filled the air. Thirty years gone it's still there. How I love to breathe the air she left behind. This trick of fortune fills my mind. Simple pleasures, silver treasures. Take"
  • New Pleasures - Pansy Division
    "My best friend Tired of hearing me moan Said you gotta learn To have more fun on your own A long string of guys They just come and go Time for self-reliance Exploring on my own chorus 1: I need new ideas,"
  • Poisoned Pleasures - Pretty Maids
    "I see you on the street and while your eyes are bleeding I see you shake his hand while buying dreams for cash You need that trip You'd die for it You're of the ground now You feel that rush That instant"
  • Neurotic Pleasures - Electric Frankenstein
    "Back down! From trying to tell me how to live but never ever tell me what to do Get off! You put your hands in my existence and im really getting sick of you Sit down! Im just a little hard to handle till"
  • Celestial Pleasures - Diabolic
    "Evil eyes she looks so unreal With leather and spikes She makes us feel Like a beast to be unleashed To be so hot she must be a dream Killer bodies where are they from Dripping with sweat ready to cum Glowing"
  • Guilty Pleasures - Catch 22
    "Could've been different if i sang the song i sung so long ago and now i'm feeling like i'm stuck in slow motion again but all i've got is time running around in circles just to find peace of mind and"
  • Bloddy pleasures - Blutengel
    "Let me touch your skinLet me see your eyes You will taste this sweet painYou will like to suffer for me See the light in my eyesFeel the razorblades on your skin See your sparking bloodLet me drink your"
  • Other Pleasures - Various
    "So, ya wanna be a hero kid? Well, whoop-de-do! I have been around the block before With blockheads just like you Each and ev'ryone a disappointment Pain for which there ain't no ointment So much fo excuses Though"
  • Safe Harbor - Jack Blanchard & Misty Morgan
    "My ship of life sailed stormy seas Tossed and turned with every breeze But I found safe harbor in your love Let the winds of time turn bitter cold On sails are torn and growin' old I found safe harbor"
  • Peaceful Harbor - Ray Boltz
    "I've been sailing these seas for most of all these years Riding the crest of a wave, made of tears I've been drifting on a troubled sea traveling aimlessly till I put my anchor down on Peaceful Harbor Well"
  • Pearl harbor - Sailor
    "Touched down in Hawaii, we fell from the sky A B-17 full of lonesome GI's Inspected by generals with gold on their chests Then a girl she put garlands of lfowers Round my neck Aloha... Aloha... to Pearl"

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