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Phill colins against and odd

  • Odd - Adhesive
    "This is odd, am I a part of it. But again, you're full of lies. Say this is odd, am I a part of it. Ask myself am I too weak for you. What if you stayed what if you're world is falling. Can't get it back,"
  • Odd - Julia Nunes
    "My foot's asleep and so is my brain If I'm in pain then I don't feel it, my face should reveal it I am grinning as they're cutting me in half and all I can do is laugh I am cold unfeeling and odd and"
  • Odd Squad - Kurupt
    "Yeah good looking out Dame for dropping that heat on my album thug Yeah (*3X*) Odd Squad (*2X*) You don't wanna Once your eyes open the mysteries fall Wall to world wars, in a far world You're in"
  • Odd Couple - Ghostface Killah
    "(feat. Cappadonna) Yo yo word up! Look who's back in the joint It's The Odd Couple in the spot Ghostface and C-Don, for real! It's like that y'all Niggas'll crack y'all, attack y'all W.T.C. kid,"
  • Odd Couple - Digital Underground
    "(Humpty Hump) Good googily goo Look what the cat dragged in The mack's back in, we snap-crack in We got the jokes for you Uh, look who the Hump bumped into The old one-two, rhyme sayer, the paper"
  • Odd Look - Kavinsky
    "You are the snake, get around me And it came with rain Never seen what raining So I just could lead the way There’s nowhere to ride around me No one around, it’s amazing Elevating as it seems to you But"
  • Against - Sepultura
    "The more I see, the more I hate The more I learn, the more I fake The less I try, the less I get The less I'm in, I'm never out Don't do that / I knew it Don't do that / I knew it, knew it You don't"
  • In The Air Tonight (Phill Collins Cover) - Lostprophets
    "I can feel it coming in the air tonight, Oh Lord' I've been waiting for this moment, All my life, Oh Lord' Can you feel it coming in the air tonight, Oh Lor', Oh Lord'. Well, If you told me you were drowning I"
  • Milo's odd socks - Tweenies
    "Milo's lost a sock He?s searched high and low Odd socks here Odd socks there Odd socks everywhere Spotty spotty socks Pink and purple spots Red spots and yellow spots Do they match Milo?s socks? No they"
  • The Odd Couple - The Adicts
    "OOH OOH She came from France, wah wah oo. She taught me how to dance, wah wah oo. She started with the Tango and then it was the Pogo. OOH she wore all black, Me in a white suit, and bowler hat. We didn't"
  • Odd Little Things - Johan Becker
    "She don't like romantic movies, or sad songs on the radio She don't like quiet nights alone She's got a different kind of humor, always giving an Elvis smile And I don't get it no matter how I try But"
  • Odd Man Out - Mitchel Musso
    "I could be the guy with all the clever lines. Beneath my breath is standing just outside. You started pulling me in but next to him. I'm falling further behind. You don't even know him but I see that three's"
  • Odd one out - Tweenies
    "Listen to our little song It doesn?t matter if you don?t belong So don?t worry if you have to shout Looks like I?m the odd one out Everyday whatever you play Someone?s not going to fit So if it?s you then"
  • Odd Couple And The Others - Pizzicato Five
    "(Konishi/Kamomiya) Translators: Andrei Cunha okashina koibito hohoende iru kedo tabun ima kimi wa boku ni uso tsuiteru kanashii hanashi itsumo ai shiau furi hisashiburi ni shigoto no nai nichiyo"
  • That Odd Couple - Loretta Lynn
    "(Betty Amos) We're that odd couple on our street Neighbors stare and wonder We're a man and wife in love With each other. Today a friend of mine came by Said let's do the town I can't fix you up With"
  • Left Feeling Odd - Treble Charger
    "There he lies all alone Awkwardly he's Hiding, not all is known Clever chance to see Is it wrong to stare? Is it fine to please him? Is he not aware it's in spite of me? With practice it comes my way I"
  • Even The Odd - Trash Can Sinatras
    "Even the odd one out is in with a shout Weather the term and Weather the storm The clumsy climb and The elegant fall Even the odd one out is in with a shout That may be the story That may be the lie With"
  • Odd Job Man - Chapin Harry
    "Chapin Harry Miscellaneous Odd Job Man Chorus: I give part time help I'm the odd job man I can't do what I want So I do what I can And I'll tell you now So that you will understand You get just"
  • Odd Job Man - Harry Chapin
    "Chorus: I give part time help I'm the odd job man I can't do what I want So I do what I can And I'll tell you now So that you will understand You get just what you pay for from the odd job man One day"
  • Odd Man Out - Pro-Pain
    "Stuck in a rut of a depression Putting every emotion to the test Infatuation, obsession It's making you feel like you're the best Well, I for one, another person Who never connected with a crowd My isolation"

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