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Phillip Phillips-Wanted Is Love');

  • Gone, Gone, Gone - Phillip Phillips
    "When life leaves you high and dry I'll be at your door tonight If you need help, if you need help I'll shut down the city lights, I'll lie, cheat, I'll beg and bribe To make you well, to make you well When"
  • Wanted - Vanessa Carlton
    "I have wandered, far and wide for something real, some thing to die for but I have found you, and you do not see All that is me, all that is true I am more than you will see, I am more than you will need, I"
  • Wanted - Pepper
    "If you let me have a taste, I'll probably keep this world from falling down I'm pulling on my E-brake, and when I turned around you were gone You made me fall in love again, I know it's no ones fault but"
  • Love On Sale - Phillip Boa
    "Once I told you a story about Paul Who was in love with a container Now he's even older,life left him lonely Looking for a new way to survive An evil owner of a private club Offered him a job Our heroe"
  • Home - Phillip Phillips
    "Hold on, to me as we go As we roll down this unfamiliar road And although this wave is stringing us along Just know you’re not alone Cause I’m going to make this place your home Settle down, it'll all"
  • Love Is - Waikiki
    "Love is lost In a tale tossed. Swept aside By fear and pride. Turned away By yesterday. But one thing's right, They never hide. So if you're feeling that it's just too much Then take a breath and"
  • Love Is... - Bo Burnham
    "ooh ... what is this thing? Just a reminder Bo, your EP is available now on iTunes. Go and buy it, it is really good. Ooh, hi, I didn't even see you there. I was just looking my notes over and ... ok You"
  • Love is Love - Prodigal Sunn
    "(Intro: Prodigal Sunn) A portrait of love Yeah, I'm feeling good tonight, baby I'm feeling good tonight We looking good tonight, we feeling good tonight Yo, bartender, what up, baby? Let me get three bottles"
  • Is This What You Wanted - The Last Shadow Puppets
    "You were the promise at dawn, I was the morning after. You were Jesus Christ my Lord, I was the money lender. You were the sensitive woman, I was the very reverend Freud. You were the manual orgasm, I"
  • Is This What You Wanted - Leonard Cohen
    "You were the promise at dawn, I was the morning after. You were Jesus Christ my Lord, I was the money lender. You were the sensitive woman, I was the very reverend Freud. You were the manual orgasm,"
  • Wanted - Compton's Most Wanted
    "Just like a prisoner, because I'm brown with some black skin A fugitive, running cause I just won't give in. and its hard when it's black on black. Gotta blast another brother trying to scheme on my stack. For"
  • Never Wanted Your Love - She & Him
    "I can't help it, I can't win I don't wanna let you in And then you do it again Take it off but take it slow I don't wanna let you know And then you do it again I'm not talking to you anymore Making my"
  • I Wanted Your Love - Luther Vandross
    "I WANTED YOUR LOVE Luther Vandross and Marcus Miller (album:BUSY BODY - 1983) Yeah, your love... All of the band was on time for rehearsal And played everything just right Then came the news telling"
  • I wanted your love - Vandross Luther
    "Yeah, your love...All of the band was on time for rehearsalAnd played everything just rightThen came the news telling me not to worryThe show is selling out tonightWell, the lights went on and suddenly"
  • Stick Around feat. Graham Phillips - Ariana Grande
    "There you come with your big, brown eyes and I'm so sure you got me mesmerized. So sure I'm just about to fall for you But you don't even try and catch me, so I. I pick myself up, I pick myself up. Boy,"
  • Love is a temple - Love is a temple
    "Well I love your little smile, every time makes me wild Im just a believer, I believe in you and me here were walking hand in hand in a bernadotte land words sure come easy, carried by the breeze in"
  • I just wanted your love - Jude Harrison
    "You got time If time is what you needed Youre not mine Id rather not believe youre fine Rather think youre up all night Youre alright You knew me when you met me Lets not fight Im just a little feisty Maybe,"
  • I just wanted your love - Alexz Johnson
    "You got timeIf time is what you neededYou're not mineI rather not believe you're fineRather think you're up all nightYou're alrightYou knew me when you met meLet's not fightI'm just a little feistyMaybe,"
  • Love Is Easy - Badfinger
    "All I needed was your smile Sayin' it alright, I don't mind All I wanted was my chance Baby, I could learn to dance Well, love is easy, love is strange Different people, different games People, people,"
  • Is This Love - Alison Moyet
    "In a fleeting moment of a restless day, driven to distraction, I was captured by the game. I have often wondered why I ever wanted to leave these scattered hours behind me and speed myself to you. I choose"

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