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Phoenix - Entertainment

  • Entertainment - Phoenix
    "Headline from this day on Why you keep pretending that you wanna let go? Do. Do you wanna let go? Loud volume turn to low low low low low low What you want and what you do to me I’ll take the trouble"
  • Phoenix - Phoenix
    "Iata, vine din nou cel hranit cu numai roua de la Livan, intr-acest an, al noualea. Preajma bland inmiresmand, rugu-i fumegand. Nascutul din ou si hranit cu numai roua, in rosu nimb, intr-acest timp,"
  • Entertainment - Retard-O-Bot
    "sometimes i run all over the place punch myself in the head sometimes i run around the stage kick myself in the face sometimes ill trip on the cord and fall down sometimes ill just sit here and beat myself"
  • Entertainment - The Kinks
    "There's been another assassination T.V. cameras moving in. To shoot the bloodstains on the pavement And get them on the News at Ten. Will he live or will he die, before we go on the air? Yes, the"
  • Entertainment - Voices
    "(M. Spohn, R. Peinelt, A. Torkler) (from the album "InFormation", 1995) we live in a world where information comes on 24 hours a day and no-one' got a chance to escape, no-one can look away for every theme"
  • Entertainment - Rise Against
    "All we are is entertainmentCaught up in our own derangementTell us what to say and what to doAll we are are pretty facesPicture perfect bottled ragePackaged synthesized versions of youWe've all made petty"
  • Phoenix - Nixons
    "I have seen the rising of the Son Thought it should be something more Visions dancing through an empty room Legends fall to the floor I have cried these tears of emptiness Seen your face inside the sun Knowledge"
  • Phoenix - Sorry Boys
    "I thought when you would come Everything would be better I hoped all old sins would've vanished But nothing has changed No one's to blame Phoenix in flames I beg you to stay You brought me up In your"
  • Phoenix - L'
    "Wenn sich alles was man glaubt, in das Gegenteil verkehrt. Und die Nacht unbeugsam giert, auch den letzten Traum verzehrt. Wenn man das Buch des eignen Lebens nicht mehr lesen kann kommt das Ziel des eignen"
  • Phoenix - Cibelle
    "Help me, I'm falling down Help me, I'm falling down the stair Of my thoughts, my heart Help, I'm slipping down Help me I'm slipping down, I feel my skin dry Miles away they could be rebirth They could"
  • Phoenix - Vanden Plas
    "All the kings horses are coming down To leave the empire And something was sent to protect us now Reborn by the fire AND WHEN THE ASHES ARE FALLING ON A DECEMBER MORNING Let the sunlight rise again WHEN"
  • Phoenix - Stratovarius
    "I am facing the truth I got to change the way I live Cant go on this way The price is too high to pay After the rain I feel the sun See how I run to my destiny Life is a game I got to learn how to play I"
  • Phoenix - The Cult
    "Yeah Oh, dig this Like the heat from a thousand suns that burns on Rising ever higher A phoenix from a pyre My eternal desire I'm on fire I'm on fire I'm on fire I'm on fire Like a kiss from the lips of"
  • Phoenix - Moonlight Awakening
    "to practice flight in your grasp i feel withdrawn from your hands the only difference isn't clear i shout my name but you won't hear and it seems like tomorrow has been and gone there's just no inbetween"
  • Phoenix - Breaking Pangaea
    "On the sun It is raining Waterfalls Flow with fire You can hear Phoenix cry out Please forgive me my love On the sun Years are countless And the days Burn forever Still she waits With the message Please"
  • Phoenix - Zero Procent
    "So much happiness we had But life for me was too bad Later I noticed all of those lies Which made me sad but I think it's enough! Chorus Like phoenix reborning of ashes I'm rising up and trying to live Cause"
  • Phoenix - Breaking Point
    "It was gone in a moment It went in a blaze I felt so helpless, being so far away A skeleton frame, holding my memories God only knows just what's ahead of me Everything's been taken away from me, now I"
  • Phoenix - Azad
    "Mein Rap is' Soul und meine Seele brennt, Das Feuer meine Feder lenkt, Meine Leute, die ich liebe und hier represente, Ich schreibe Zeilen mit dem Blut des Lebens, Will das Gute sehen, ich kenn' es"
  • Phoenix - Aimee Mann
    "Got out of Phoenix, just in time A box of kleenex, for the ride The tumbleweeds said, their goodbyes To javelinas and DUIs I don't want to abandon you but baby I've had my fill You love me like a dollar"
  • Phoenix - Talib Kweli
    "That's right bitches.. It's the beautiful mixtape Look this shit is beautiful, it's one of the best mixtapes You'll ever hear in your life One of the baddes muthafuckin' Funkiest muthafuckin' mixtapes,"

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