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Phoenix vs. Kavinsky - Night Mania

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Phoenix vs. Kavinsky - Night Mania
  • Paul McCartney Beautiful Night
    "Someone's gone out fishing Someone's high and dry. Someone's on a mission to the lonely Lorelei. Some folk's got a vision of a castle in the sky And I'm left stranded, wondering why. You and me together Nothing"
  • ARO Shared Something With The Night
    "All the tjhings i see wasn't good to say to you Shared Something With The Night The way how the stars collapse over the moon Livin' for you in my heart when i look at you i fall apart You are so heavey"
  • Avicii vs Nicky Romero I Could Be The One
    "Do you think about me when you’re all alone? The things we used to do we used to be I could be the one to make you feel that way I could be the one to set you free Do you think about me when the crowd"
  • Wayne Fontana & The Mindbenders It's Just A Little Bit Too Late
    "What good does it do To worry 'bout the past I know I can't undo, The wrong I've done But please, baby, please I'm beggin' on my knees Please take me back And give me one more chance No, no, no No, no,"
  • DJ Decks Never Too Late / Nigdy nie jest za późno (Ft. O.S.T.R. & Ras Kass)
    "never too late never too late rap till i die there was never too late never too late life’s a jurney we’re are ythe Stanes heaven, Lord dedicates it’s never too late never too late never too late rap till"
  • Die Antwoord Orinoco Ninja Flow
    "Yo This zef We 'bout to take it to the next fuckin' level Die Antwoord vs. Enya Orinoco Ninja Flow Sail away motherfucker remix Are you ready for this Are you ready for this, girl Check it I think about"
  • Kesha Little Bit Of Love
    "Babe, i kno wthat it’s late I now that i am drunk I heaven’t had a night like this in months"
  • Elliott Taylor & Skylar Grey Claws
    "I am looking for a stranger In the night I am feeling Like some danger In this one time I can bring you bad girl Into the light You feeling like you sleeping I just hold you tight"
  • Joji & Diplo Daylight
    "Wide awake, getting half past zero It’s getting heated So i leave the windows open (leave the windows open) Preoccupied with a late night b-roll Right now Lying alone is heaven (is heaven) And i;ve been"
  • Aurora Daydreamer
    "White, silicon eyes, watching storms, sitting quiet Reading books in the heat of city lights Bored, everyone's bored When I'm restless, put me under the night life stars And I will feel grounded I know"
  • Elliphant Uterus
    "But it’s colide A universe of life inside Rivers, mountains come alive Random thunders in my eyes Poison flowers bloom at night Follow me fro the open sky Before i learn just how to cry The day you;ve"
  • Bloo Crane Dancing
    "I like talking to myslef And dance like no one is watching Overthinking every move i make And do things that i am lovin’ I ilike driving my car with friends And having no destination One thing that keeps"
  • Komodo Run To You (ft. Isak Heim)
    "She says her love for me could never die But that'd change if she ever found out about you and I Oh - but her love is cold It wouldn't hurt her if she didn't know, 'cause... When it gets too much I need"
  • Smallpools Over & Over
    "It was a company event, With a margarita tent I said "how's your week?" She said "man I'm spent" And I could use a crazy night And I would love to see Chennai We could commandeer a little plane and fly Or"
  • Nick Cordero Live Your Life
    "This hurts like hell but it feels right Far’s i can tell you’ve made your mind I’ll wish you well But won’t be on the other side Biding my time Live your life You’ve got your plans I’ve got mine Who understand"
  • I See Stars Murder Mitten
    "You won't see me die here You always say I need to get as far away as I can While I've got time to play with and any risk, I'll take it Or fade away in this suburban wasteland And watch all your plans"
  • Nicole Kulesza & Piotr Tłustochowicz Let me in
    "What a guy What a night Wanna spend it in his arms If he let me Even for a last time What a girl What a day Wanna spend it all with her If she let me Could it be for a lifetime Put me beneath your skin,"
  • Kid Cudi Pursuit of Happiness (Steve Aoki Remix)
    "Crush a bit, little bit, roll it up, take a hit Feelin' lit, feelin' right, 2 AM, summer night I don't care, hand on the wheel Drivin' drunk, I'm doin' my thing Rollin' the midwest side and out Livin'"
  • Dua Lipa Levitating (ft. Madonna, Missy Elliott)
    "If you wanna run away with me I know a galaxy And I could take you for a ride I had a premonition that we fell into a rhythm Where the music don't stop for life Glitter in the sky, glitter in my eyes Shining"
  • Bee Gees Above And Beyond
    "Woman in a million to me I never loved so much Is it any wonder I'm alive No one ever knows what makes a Virtue or a vice Let it be the spell I'm under (These naked eyes) Let it be the rain and thunder"

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