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Pigeon John

  • Do The Pigeon - Pigeon John
    "Go Pigeon go Pigeon Go Pigeon go Pigeon say it (2x) Chorus: All these dudes telling lies for the fame and wealth I'd rather kick back and just be myself Enjoy the good times and enjoy the hell "And"
  • Pigeon - Gowan
    "Once upon a time in another jungle Everyone jumped when they heard your name Everything was done just to try and please you Cause everywhere you looked it was all your game But look around and see your"
  • Pigeon - Jean Leloup
    "Un vieux pigeon de trente ans dplum Fumait un jour son ptard en pensant sa guitare (retraite) D'un coup d'aile il se dcide aller parler au roi C'est un vieil cureuil blanc gras comme un cochon de lait Le"
  • Pigeon - Jump Little Children
    "The brackish roots of red and pine Anchored in my curving spine Bend to the winds of web's desire And I lay down at your side Above the bride of reds in clay A swollen angel looks ok In the red wing blackbirds"
  • Pigeon - Cannibal Ox
    "Metallic wing pigeon. . . Cannibal Ox. . . Birds of the same feather flock together Congested on a majestic street corner That's a short time goal for most of 'em Cuz most of 'em Would rather expand their"
  • Pigeon - Jump
    "The brackish roots of river pine Anchored in my curving spine Bend to the whims of wind's design And I lay down at your side Above the brine of reds in clay A swollen angel oaks bouquet In the red-winged"
  • Pigeon - Stone Gossard
    "There goes my love, there goes her heart And that's not the last of it, or the worst part There go my eves, down my downspout There goes my car, and my house Cause Im out of here Cause Im out Im not through"
  • Skyline Pigeon - Elton John
    "Turn me loose from your hands Let me fly to distant lands Over green fields, trees and mountains Flowers and forest fountains Home along the lanes of the skyway For this dark and lonely room Projects"
  • Pigeon Farm - Marcy Playground
    "If you could see in my eyes I'd show you a darling Surprise There is a place There is a fortune It has everything and I want to share it with my friends So please don't be so afraid Cause there's nobody"
  • Pigeon farm - 2 Play
    "If you could see in my eyesI'd show you a darlingSurpriseThere is a placeThere is a fortuneIt has everything andI want to share it with my friendsSo please don't be so afraidCause there's nobody insaneHere"
  • Carrier pigeon - Kingston Trio
    "Carrier pigeon, carrier dove, fly to my darlin' and take her my love. Take her a message. Tell her I'm blue. Tell her I'm lonely but faithful and true. Carrier pigeon, carrier dove, fly to my darlin' and"
  • Carrier Pigeon - The Kingston Trio
    "Jules Fox/Sam Friedman Carrier pigeon, carrier dove, fly to my darlin' and take her my love. Take her a message. Tell her I'm blue. Tell her I'm lonely but faithful and true. Carrier pigeon, carrier"
  • Pigeon Stew - Mungo Jerry
    "We can't work it on a Monday, we can't work ev'ry day Your Mama don't mind, your Papa don't mind, that's true but we can't pay the rent, and we're livin' on pigeon stew We got so much aggravation, rent"
  • Stool Pigeon - Kid Creole And The Coconuts
    "There's a gentleman that's going round Turning the joint upside down Stool Pigeon - ha-cha-cha-cha He's an old ex-con that's been away Now he's back, no one's safe Stool Pigeon - ha-cha-cha-cha If you"
  • Pigeon Penelope - Imani Coppola
    "Pigeon Penelope A trip today, about seventeen times. I was walking down the street, saying "Keep in line, keep in line" I wandered for about 17 feet. Found my destination, it was right across the street. The"
  • Pigeon Toe - Fu Manchu
    "2 wheels a rollin' Locates the deal Suddenly awoken Scrapin the wheel Lost out and over Short length of ride Everyone is certain Everything is all right Wrong place and the right time Ride high and low Left"
  • Pigeon Run - Harry Chapin
    "Frozen in each town and village, In the central square, Never in a dark museum, But in the open air, A monument to model glory, Wars that we have won....Surely, All of us had heard the stories, How his"
  • Single Pigeon - Wings
    "Single pigeon through the railing Did she throw you out Sunday morning fight about saturday night Single seagull gliding over Regent's park canal Do you need a pal for a minute or two, you do? Me too,"
  • Single Pigeon - Paul McCartney
    "Single Pigeon Through The Railing Did She Throw You Out Sunday Morning Fight About Saturday Night Single Seagull Gliding Over Regent's Park Canal Do You Need A Pal For A Minute Or Two You Do? Me Too,"
  • Pigeon vole - Charles Trenet
    "Amoureux d'une cousine Qui pouvait avoir vingt ans, Je vivais, on le devine, Haletant. {Ah ! Le temps, le printemps, inquitant, excitant} On se couchait sur la plage. C'tait pas encor l't. On avait l'air"

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