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Pinebox Serenade- Forgiveness

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Pinebox Serenade- Forgiveness

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Pinebox Serenade- Forgiveness
  • Beat Happening Pinebox Derby
    "To hunt a witch, follow this plan Cut a switch and dress the back of your hand When your palms begin to itch That's the scent that attracts a witch She may come at you You will never catch her The pine-box"
  • Goldfinger Forgiveness
    "So you've decided to blame him again for all your choices. Seem like the softer way out. You think you just might make life easyer to swallow will it. You made a fine career out of guilt. Maybe he just"
  • Loraine McFarland Forgiveness
    "Verse 1 Days have gone by Thoughts have faded Nothing seems right anymore Been pretending For all this time I don't know who I am Chorus Forgiveness is so pure Forgiveness was lost for sure Forgiveness"
  • Alice Peacock Forgiveness
    "Can music change the world? Yeah, I think it can Can love conquer all? Well, I know it can Can we tear down this wall Between you and me? Not without forgiveness Forgiveness is hard, it's unnatural Doesn't"
  • Engineers Forgiveness
    "Are these writers trying to teach me What if I decide to listen Learn about a newer meaning Reconcile with my indifference Do I deserve Forgiveness I need your Forgiveness Don't want for more You got"
  • John Mellencamp Forgiveness
    "(John Mellencamp) When I think of all the wrong I've done I can't believe it's me that I'm talking about I bet the same goes for you There is plenty of goodness in this world I hope some day to find"
  • Leona Lewis Forgiveness
    "mmmmm i don't want to spend another day pointing fingers while im placing blame i'm no angel, imperfect myself coz baby i get lonely here now and i don't want to put it all on you i admit i did some painful"
  • Blackhawk Forgiveness
    "I broke the promise and never thought twice, Sewing seeds of heartache without paying the price Never looked back to see all the damage I'd done, Just looking out for number one. There isn't much that"
  • Bob Carlisle Forgiveness
    "I say I will, but then I won't say I do, but then I don't. It happens every day, I hate the sinner, love the sin. It's a sorry state I'm in. I've got to get away. Every time I throw that stone the fate"
  • Macy Gray Forgiveness
    "We need the honey like the bees gimme sound need to be touched by you but you're not around Forgiveness please save some for me wash me down till I'm new till I'm pleasing you till I am nothing but true please"
  • Editors Forgiveness
    "Forgiveness makes fools of all of us __ to face a hostile place A moment of peace ain't coming The constant cold cracking your bones The stench of life worth living The line in the sand ain't drawn for"
  • Perry Blake Forgiveness
    "I was just looking for that sense of fun I was just looking for that sense of fun That you had, that you had in your eyes I was just waiting for a friend of mine I was just waiting for a friend of mine That"
  • Collective Soul Forgiveness
    "In my silence I would love to forgetBut restitution hasn't come quite yetAnd with what I crave, I keep pushing forthI stretch my heart to hear some moreIt used to be all I' d wanted to learnWas wisdom"
  • Yeasayer Forgiveness
    "Let me run I've come to beg for forgiveness So forgive me And I'll take all that I'm given All that I'm given And I dream to live by your reason I am a reason But I read all of my speeches All of my speeches My"
  • Vaughan Penn Forgiveness
    "We were on top of the world Looking down at it through silver glasses When every oyster had a pearl And I remember you and me were so happy Those were the best times of my life It's hard to believe that"
  • Mason Jennings Forgiveness
    "Sitting on a bench in an old time stationWaiting for a train to forgivenessI've brought no baggage, i've come here aloneLooking for a way to forgivenessAll these broken pieces of arrows in my sideI thought"
  • Susan Werner Forgiveness
    "How do you love those Who never will love you Who are happy to shove you Out in front of the train How do you not hate those Who would leave you lie bleeding While they hold their prayer meeting How do"
  • Kenny Lattimore Forgiveness
    "(Chorus) Can we find forgiveness In the throws of our misunderstanding or do we fall apart Can we find forgiveness Or do we go on like this Trying to cover up a broken heart (Verse1) MmhI made a mistake"
  • Luka Bloom Forgiveness
    "Walking, wounded children lined the roads about the town Aging little faces full of need Who never should have suffered from this hunger There's a better world to go to, I believed Before our journey"
  • Patty Griffin Forgiveness
    "We are swimming with the snakesAt the bottom of the wellSo silent and peaceful in the darkness where we fellBut we are not snakes and what's moreWe never will beAnd if we stay swimming here forever we"

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