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Pining Moon

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Pining Moon

  • Pining - Rebekah
    "My eyes are fixed to find The flaw in how you do Something, anything, would be reason enough To pull away from you No, no, no Look what you made me do No, no, no Got me wanting you No, no, no Got me pining I'm"
  • Carolina Moon - Jimmy Dean
    "Carolina moon keep shining shining on the one who waits for me Carolina moon is pining pining for the place I long to be How I'm hoping tonight you'll go go to the right window Scatter your light say"
  • Carolina Moon - Jim Reeves
    "Carolina moon, keep shining, Shining on the one who waits for me. Carolina moon, I'm pining, Pining for the place I long to be. How I'm hoping tonight you'll go, Go to the right window, Scatter your light,"
  • Carolina Moon - Dean Martin
    "Tell her that I'm blue and lonely Dreamy Carolina moon Carolina moon keeps shining Shining on the one who waits for me Carolina moon I'm pining Pining for the place I long to be How I'm hoping tonight"
  • Carolina Moon - Perry Como
    "The moon was shining bright in Carolina the night we said goodbye so tenderly and now that I'm away from Carolina won't somebody tell the moon for me: Oh, Carolina Moon keep shining shining on the one"
  • Grapefruit Moon - Nanci Griffith
    "Grapefruit moon One star shining Shining down on me I heard that tune and now I'm pining Honey, can't you see Every time I hear that melody Something breaks inside And the grapefruit moon One star shining Can't"
  • Grapefruit Moon - Tom Waits
    "Grapefruit moon, one star shining, shining down on me. Heard that tune, and now I'm pining, honey, can't you see? Cause every time I hear that melody, well, something breaks inside, And the grapefruit"
  • Chasing The Moon - Catch 22
    "I love you. I miss you. Forgive me my ineptilude. And I will change my attitude. I'm whinning and pining for sweet embraces never known. A harvest from a seed unsown. Time is on my side and I understand"
  • Child of the moon - The Rolling Stones
    "The wind blows rain into my face The sun glows at the end of the highway Child of the moon rub your rainy eyes Child of the moon Give me a wide-awake, crecent-shaped smile She shivers by the light she"
  • Moon - BTS (방탄소년단)
    "… just a moon ,,,, and all i see is you … … all for you … just a moon and all I see is you .. in the crescend moon night .. in the full moon night .. all for you"
  • Moon - KMFDM
    "If you want to contact me Just look up into the moon 'Cus once the flourescent's wide on my temple Golden flesh and blood In periodic cycles Inclination, lunar embodiment I believe In moon power Moonstruck"
  • Moon - Nino Ferrer
    "Il y a quelque chose Qui ne tourne pas rose Dans le monde d'aujourd'hui. Je sens tout qui change Et la terre bouge Et je cherche la sortie. Comment? Qu'est-ce que vous dites? Moon est l, aussitt le diable"
  • Moon - Rainbirds
    "here you are sporting those tiny pearls of pleasure on your ears and in your hair sometimes they`d flow from your eyes like tears i used to pick the up and hoard them as a measure of how alive you where"
  • Moon - Kaiser Chiefs
    "The tide belongs to the moon And I belong to you Up all night you rule the tide in the morning Out of sight but full outside in the sunshine Earth is going sailing in the sea of Tranquility Gravity is"
  • Moon - Emily King
    "Oooohhhhh When you're alone And you need the right direction Who will you call? As the stars glow bright The night brings cold And suddenly you're longing For someone to hold Just look to the moon And"
  • Moon - Sia
    "I watch you spin from afar I drink you in and breathe you out I'm camouflaged by the timeline I'm camouflaged when the sun shines Two ships passing in the night Two lips pressing ground the tides I believe"
  • Moon - Beth Orton
    "No one … feel like on my skin I want to know how Moon likes whit it No one … feel like on my skin I want to know how the Moon gives live with in And the same Moon rises as for me as you There’s really"
  • Moon - Dada
    "(oohh) The night before the moon died you realized The flowers that you picked Ya kept locked away Were never to be seen by naked lovers' eyes The night before the moon died you realized The night before"
  • Moon - Stir
    "Do you feel a little nervous now? Has someone come along and played you for a fool? If that's what they told you back home, don't worry Everything's real cool So what's your countdown, man? Have you been"
  • Moon - Sheena Easton
    "Sheena Easton Moon You know my heart so well Now only time will tell The secret language of our souls How you appeared to me caressing my broken wing You weren't afraid when I was cold So now I shed a"

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