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Pink - Eventually

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Pink - Eventually

  • Eventually - Pink (P!nk)
    "I'm an opportunity and I knock so softly Sometimes I get loud when I wish everybody'd just get off me So many players you'd think I was a ball game Its every man for themselves, there are no team mates This"
  • Eventually - Pink (P!nk)
    "I am an opportunity and I knock so softly Sometimes I get loud when I wish everybody'd just get off me So many playas you'd think I was a ball game Its every man for themself, there are no team mates"
  • Eventually - Blues Traveler
    "I'm not the kind that hurries Sometimes I wish I could In fact I tried I almost died Like it would be any good But like the best molasses I like to stay up late And sweeter is the slower torture While"
  • Eventually - The Naked Brothers Band
    "And the sun will find us all eventually, eventually And the sun will find us all eventually, eventually And the sun will find us all eventually, eventually And the sun will find us all.... Grab your suitcase,"
  • Eventually - Carole King
    "Was a time I remember Hope flashed and went dim When assassins just happened To do the right people in And love was the slogan Coincidentally And they told us they'd work it out Eventually In the swing"
  • Eventually - Cyndi Lauper
    "I met a man And talked about you He seemed like a man from Osaka I knew And he listened while I told him how you hurt me And he consoled me when he told me he'd been hurt too And he said we are inter-dependent"
  • Eventually - Brenda Lee
    "Eventually your penalty will be to hurt as I do Eventually my memory ah my memory will haunt the dreams of you This look I'm wearing it's called a frown But it was a smile till you turned it upside down I'd"
  • Eventually - M2M
    "Open your eyes Undo the seem It's not like before It's not just a dream A hint of a smile As your hand touches mine No longer alone I feel them entwine Ah ah ah... Eventually I'm holding your hand You"
  • Eventually - Shades
    "Verse 1: Sometimes this world can be cold When you're on your own it's a struggle everyday Just to be a woman with dignity So we've got to find a way so all the world can see That we deserve equality And"
  • Eventually - Tame Impala
    "If only there could be another way to do this Cause it feels like murder to put your heart through this I know I always said that I could never hurt you Well this is the very, very last time I'm ever going"
  • Eventually - Pedestrian
    "a room is dimly lit, a table by the door a crash hangs in the air, bits of love lie on the floor it's happening again, always more of what we need the clutter of routine, life's a dumpster full of seeds don't"
  • Eventually - Zox
    "The evening smolders into night Turn up the music and i'll drive into the city lights The wind is on your face I'm blowing kisses down from outer space Baby won't you be Part of my fantasy Cause i can't"
  • Eventually, Anyway - Edna's Goldfish
    "I saw you sitting there Looking on top of the world He was holding you like you were his You didn't see me but, I was there last night His arms around you holding you tight Now I know that you aren't"
  • Everything Eventually - Appleton
    "I wake up in the morning Pull the blinds and see the sunshine And I wonder if this Monday Will wipe the rain of yesterday Lets go fishing down the river Lets go fly a kite on primrose hills Take advantage"
  • Pink - Aerosmith
    "Pink it's my new obsession Pink it's not even a question, Pink on the lips of your lover, cause Pink is the love you discover Pink as the bing on your cherry Pink cause you are so very Pink it's the color"
  • Pink - Ariana Grande
    "Yeah Pink - 'cause you are so very Pink - it's the color of passion Ah, 'cause today it just goes with the fashion Pink - it was love at first sight Yeah, Pink - when I turn out the light And Pink gets"
  • Pink! Pink! Pink! - Chieko Kawabe
    "PIASU mata ERABINAOSHI kondo wa PINKU DA IYA KIRA KIRA to yureru tabi ni anata hikikomu no Jewel Box naranderu katahou dake no PIASU tachi mitasarenai watashi mitai kondo koso KIMEru! Come Be My Boy hikesugidatte"
  • Pink - Emily Haines
    "Don't say this: "Leave me with your brown boots behind the door and come to bed. Everybody lies, I never said I'd be happy." Don't say it, don't injure your mouth trying to show me Where you've been I've"
  • Pink - Boris
    "I knew that, but I chose it You knew that, but you chose it You chose it after ignoring why, with no time to look back No eyes to meet, but a smile you made What color would I use to paint all over To"
  • Pink - Xspace
    "by Benjamin Ackerman conversations on the phone, but I don't wanna talk anymore you think you know me, but know I'm not so sure these magic spells have broken free, now all that's left is you and me i"

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