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Pink Floyd - The Scarecrow

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Pink Floyd - The Scarecrow

  • Scarecrow - Pink Floyd
    "The black and green scarecrow as everyone knows Stood with a bird on his hat and straw everywhere He didn't care He stood in a field where barley grows His head did no thinking His arms didn't move except"
  • Pink As Floyd - Red Hot Chili Peppers
    "Say what you need to say Make it clear Make it great Cause it’s not too late And there’s no mistake When you shine Shake it for me anyway Now we crash the gate To investigate your fate Pleasure to meet"
  • The Scarecrow - Pink Floyd
    "The black and green scarecrow as everyone knows Stood with a bird on his hat and straw everywhere. He didn't care. He stood in a field where barley grows. His head did no thinking His arms didn't move"
  • See Emily Play (pink Floyd) - All About Eve
    "All About Eve Miscellaneous See Emily Play (pink Floyd) Emily tries but misundestands She's only inclined to borrow somebodys dream 'till tomorrow There is no other day Let's try it another way You'll"
  • Welcome To The Machine (Pink Floyd Cover) - Finger Eleven
    "Welcome my son, Welcome to the machine. Where have you been ? It's alright, We know where you've been. You've been in the pipeline, Filling in time. Provided with toys and 'Scouting for Boys'. You bought"
  • Scarecrow - Between The Trees
    "Oh scarecrow it ain't so bad just try and fit in this hollow man cause you've traveled so far from where it all began maybe I wasn't made for this world x2 all the space in between the soul and the seams maybe"
  • Scarecrow - Siouxsie and The Banshees
    "He trembles in the bitter wind Until it's time for us to speak Whilst others here are sleeping sound I'll slip away by floorboard creak Upon the hill he'll hear my secrets Shock the colours to bleach"
  • Scarecrow - Ministry
    "Staring in the face of condemnation Laughter fills the sky instead of rain Live my life alone in resignation Arms outstretched for those who cannot say Scarecrow Crucified and left in isolation Pictures"
  • Scarecrow - James
    "Which scarecrow has the power of voice It will stab you in the thigh And when she wails, it twists your insides Wise scarecrow Which scarecrow Which scarecrow A pitch for which she has been searching Holds"
  • Scarecrow - Saga
    "Hey, you look like you're lost Maybe you don't realize where you are Now I'll tell you to stop Just turn around and forget you made A start But you hesitate Get ready get set The longer you wait The bigger"
  • Scarecrow - Eddi Reader
    "oh scarecrow wherever you go youre only bringing sorrow oh scarecrow wherever you go youre only bringing sorrow sorrow for the ones you left behind {ah-ah} sorrow for the ones who go sorrow for the ones"
  • Scarecrow - Elton John
    "You're too low to see me smiling When I'm flying in the air But you're too high to frighten me Pretend you didn't see me Pretend you didn't need me Pretend you didn't see me Pretend you didn't need me To"
  • Scarecrow - Melissa Etheridge
    "Showers of your crimson blood Seep into a nation calling up a flood Of narrow minds who legislate Thinly veiled intolerance Bigotry and hate But they tortured and burned you They beat you and they"
  • Scarecrow - Lion's Share
    "I stand before you, the one you Search for Called out my name within your Dream Standing before you, i'm the Saviour, i'm the key You're locked inside and can't Get out I'm here to help you There is nothing"
  • Scarecrow - Montgomery Gentry
    "94 degrees as far as the eye can see corn is blowin' in the wind seven days a week out here in this heat a gentle rain my only friend sometimes when the sun goes down the moon is full and the stars"
  • Scarecrow - Nomy
    "Scarecrow Every single day has been a fucking conclution trying really hard to find the perfect solution But every damn night that I had you in my head Its all the same once when I wish I was dead So bring"
  • Scarecrow - Alex & Sierra
    "I'm standin' still without you In the emptiest of fields Wish that I could say what's on my mind The straw that fills your heart so you never have to feel You say that you just need a little time Days"
  • Scarecrow - Cemetary
    "Passion stains the godless taste The human eye now raped and dazed Our marks of shame soon worn away The spider's trapped in a web of clay Naked in the desert of delight Banish the throughts into the"
  • Scarecrow - Nora
    "Look outside as the world is dying. Look inside half of you are dead. Look outside you want a reason. Hell on earth with the angels dead. Living life under the shadows of illusion. Protected by others"
  • Scarecrow - Rehab

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