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Pink Floyd Lucifer Sam

  • Lucifer Sam - Pink Floyd
    "Lucifer Sam, siam cat. Always sitting by your side Always by your side. That cat's something I can't explain. Ginger, ginger, Jennifer Gentle you're a witch. You're the left side He's the right side. Oh,"
  • Pink As Floyd - Red Hot Chili Peppers
    "Say what you need to say Make it clear Make it great Cause it’s not too late And there’s no mistake When you shine Shake it for me anyway Now we crash the gate To investigate your fate Pleasure to meet"
  • See Emily Play (pink Floyd) - All About Eve
    "All About Eve Miscellaneous See Emily Play (pink Floyd) Emily tries but misundestands She's only inclined to borrow somebodys dream 'till tomorrow There is no other day Let's try it another way You'll"
  • Floyd County - Dwight Yoakam
    "It's a sad day in Floyd County, Mr. Jones Yeah, the grief is strong for the man that's gone And at the grave his woman cries and she moans 'Cause it's a sad day in Floyd County, Mr. Jones The six children"
  • Welcome To The Machine (Pink Floyd Cover) - Finger Eleven
    "Welcome my son, Welcome to the machine. Where have you been ? It's alright, We know where you've been. You've been in the pipeline, Filling in time. Provided with toys and 'Scouting for Boys'. You bought"
  • pink - hoe
    "Jej oczy są różowe, tak samo jak niebo jej kurtka tak samo różowa jak to niebo ona pisze sms, mówi do mnie słodko że ma ochotę no i wpadnie bo chce jego roluje blanty na stole nie patrze na ludzi wpadna"
  • Pretty Boy Floyd - Woody Guthrie
    "If you'll gather 'round me, children, A story I will tell 'Bout Pretty Boy Floyd, an outlaw, Oklahoma knew him well. It was in the town of Shawnee, A Saturday afternoon, His wife beside him in his wagon As"
  • Pretty Boy Floyd - Pete Seeger
    "Gather round me children A story I will tell About pretty boy Floyd, the outlaw Oklahoma knew him well Twas in the town of Shawnee On a Saturday afternoon With his wife beside him in a wagon It was into"
  • I Shot Lucifer - Bionic Jive
    "This is me, Black and most hated in all fifty, from genocide to swastikas and right wing comittees, This is me, the witness to governmental conspiracies, overcrowded cells breed addicts to feed my street This"
  • Lucifer - E Nomine
    "Lucifer Mortuus Diabolus. Nec Deus Nec Arch Angelus. Satan. Der Frst der Finsternis. Lucifer Mortuus Diabolus. Nec Deus Nec Arch Angelus. Ich bin der Abgrund, das Chaos. Mein Name ist Lucifer. Ich bin"
  • Lucifer - Blue System
    "In room 66 - the devil is playing against me At the end of the world - there's a place called the hell On flight number 9 - there's smoke without fire Oh, we promised ourself - you lost underground And"
  • Lucifer - Diane Cluck
    "Lucifer told me that i should go easy that i should lay back and let slack water take me i said leave me lucy your stories are juicy for some dried out mind but that mind is not mine i used to be uprooted but"
  • Lucifer - Jay-Z
    "Lucifer, dawn of de morning! I'm gonna, chase you out of Earth Lucifer Lucifer, dawn of de morning... (I'm from the murder capital, where we murder for capital) Lucifer Lucifer, dawn of de morning! I'm"
  • Lucifer - Power Symphony
    "(D'Orlando / Cecconi) Isn't it tempting? The matter and the flesh Isn't it charming? Can't you see who I am? I am your angel I am your angel Of the dark I am matter and flesh Time before the time Life"
  • Lucifer - Elend
    "''Nominem tuum despicamur, denegamus nostram originem. Spiritus domini atque verba deceptoris preces perdiderunt.'' At once, he views The dismal scenery waste and wild, A dungeon horrible, on all sides"
  • Lucifer - OBK
    "Bien lo sabe Dios vuelvo a ser bufón que se juega la vida y no lo ve Dónde esta el error en dónde corazón que ardiente esta mi reino y no lo s *y no me quieres ni ver y no lo puedo entender si alguna"
  • Lucifer - Bob Seger
    "Cruisin on the grey snakes till my dyin day Checkin all the hen houses out along the way Wastin time and drikin wine Life is short and I ain't lyin Livin all I Can thru every day (CHORUS) You can call"
  • Lucifer - Edward
    "The Brightest light in the sky You're the brightest light in my life You're the magic I see all around You're my last breath help in the dead man down Lucifer Light I see you're beautifull Make me sing I"
  • Lucifer - Ola Magnell
    "Det klmtar till i drmmen Och det klappar p min port Jag far upp, mina dimmor r kompakta Jag hr ekot av mitt vrl Mitt hjrta bultar hrt och fort Men min klocka tickar alldeles fr sakta Och det tiltar vilt"
  • Lucifer - Mercyful Fate
    "Our father who art in Hell Hallowed be thy name Thy kingdom is come Thy will is done On earth as it is in Hell We take this night our rightful due And trespass not on the path of He Lead us unto temptation And"

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