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Piotrek Lipka No One Knows

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Piotrek Lipka No One Knows

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Piotrek Lipka No One Knows
  • Piotrek Lipka No One Knows
    "Here the clock tik Sundy Hard to work all day Bloody rainy Monday She paints the summer day And all I want is … Road without a band Waiting till the morning Till the very end No one knows Where it goes In"
  • As Piotrek
    "Gdy byłem jeszcze mały Gdy miałem 8 lat Do szkoły więc chodziłem A mama do mnie tak Piotrek do szkoły prosto idź Piotrek nie wolno dzieci bić Piotrek uszanuj książkę swą Piotrek tam małe dzieci są Gdy"
  • Asa No One Knows
    "Just the other day, the other day I was talking to the weather man about today, oh, oh, oh And all, all he could say Was no one knows tomorrow See I can read the weather, child I can say maybe the rain"
  • Dean Friedman No One Knows
    "by Dean Friedman She grew up across the hall, with a bear lying on her bed and Elton John up on the wall. She followed him everywhere from Nursery school to Harvard Square. They were born a year apart."
  • Dion & The Belmonts No One Knows
    "No one knows what I go through And the tears I cried for you And when I smile, it's just a pose My heart is breaking but no one knows Friends won't learn the truth from me I don't want their sympathy You"
  • Dion And The Belmonts No One Knows
    "No one knows what I go through And the tears I cried for you And when I smile, it's just a pose My heart is breaking but no one knows Friends won't learn the truth from me I don't want their sympathy You"
  • Queens Of The Stone Age No One Knows
    "We get some rules to follow That and this These and those No one knows We get these pills to swallow How they stick In your THROAT Taste like gold Oh, what you do to me No one knows And I realize you're"
  • Dexter Freebish No One Knows
    "It's been one of those days when the sky falls down And the world around me comes crumbling down I'm picking up the pieces of the life that you left behind I've got a million of her lies swimming in my"
  • Lennon No One Knows
    "Verse: Run my hands over you under the table No one really knows what we're capable of No one really has to know Under a streetlight, under the darkness You're holding my heart, you're holding my"
  • Green Day No One Knows
    "Why should my fun have to end? For me it's only the beginning I see my friends begin to age A short countdown to what end Call me irresponsible Call me habitual But when you think of me Do you fill your"
  • Black Bomb A No One Knows
    "No one,No No one,No No one can tell me why, why People confound pleasure with rape If the walls of these cellars Could speak, could tell us the truth now Now, I want truth Always the same scenes, You"
  • Dresden Dolls No one knows
    "We get some rules to followThat and thisThese and thoseNo one knowsWe get these pills to swallowHow they stickIn your throatTastes like goldOh, what you do to meNo one knowsAnd I realize you're mineIndeed"
  • Screaming Trees No One Knows
    "Don't turn away, you haven't yet awakened Why don't you stay, remember what you said Ten thousand miles and everyone's mistaken Look where you've been Where every woman's wasted All the while you've been"
  • Action No One Knows
    "Lie alone in an empty bedroom You were young so long ago Lost the purple heart they gave you Why did it mean so much before? Crawled from the remains of war Soon the world will care no more They've never"
  • Seweryn Krajewski Zielona lipka
    "Chciałbym nie wracać jeszcze z Piszu, nim się czerwienią spłoni las. Zanim na straty nas odpiszą, radbym zobaczyć dawnych nas. Chciałbym też ujrzeć mgły na Praniu, kiedy jak płótno czysty świt. Ładnego"
  • Aaliyah No one knows how
    "No One Knows How To Love Me Quite Like You Do No One Knows How To Love Me Quite Like You DoLiyah you're the only one for me,[3x]the one for me, the one for me No one knows how to love me quite like you"
  • Dallas Green Where No One Knows
    "And you can try to fight this all you want But I wont be there when you're all alone And this new season brings with it signs of hope You can't leave me, waiting by the phone And I know there is some"
  • Building 429 No One Else Knows
    "My world is closing in On the inside But I'm not showing it When all I am is crying out I hold it in and fake a smile Still I'm broken I'm broken Only one can understand And only one can hold the hand Of"
  • Alexisonfire Where No One Knows
    "Side-stepped land mines And working-class attitudes. Let's go. This is a love song. Deal with it. Deal with it. Deal with... it. (And I will) I will (Beat my fist against my chest) My chest, against my"
  • Susan Ashton No one knows my heart
    "Standing at my window, hidden by the night Harboring the private wounds, safe and out of sight There's an agony in living, but there's a comfort in the truth That no one knows my heart better than you."

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