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Pitrkowska 31

  • 31 Times - Jonas Brothers
    "I got your message from the phone I knock on the door so loud, That you, could hear so loud, As you, stop now Think harder then read the start, That made this change so fast Finish what is done Get"
  • Section 31 - Christy Moore
    "Who are they to decide what we should hear? Who are they to decide what we should see? What do they think we can't comprehend here? What do they fear that our reaction might be, might be? Section 31 on"
  • Apartment 31 - Goon Moon
    "Formulate how far you'll take her Sky is fading too Tantalizing, fainting at the Life of your eschew In apartment 31 The last one on the floor Who'd have known and who'd have guessed We'd been this way"
  • 31/32 - Jerry Cantrell
    "You were voted most likely to have your name go up in lights Only took a few years to see that through Now you're most likely to end up dead alone in a hotel room 31/32 Roust the boy, smack the wife Might"
  • 31 Bumrush - Artifact
    "My off the hook look, leaves my competitors shook No matter what groups you book, I still jam like Sam Cooke Took a whole click out and had the sound man flippin' Kickin' wicked freestyle to shit on niggaz"
  • Parkdrive 31 - Liquido
    "Parkdrive 31 and we've been waiting for so long, So you got me on my knees, I'm calling you my Baby please, When we're demanding our relationship ahead. Everybody knows one love must die - the other"
  • 31 Bumrush - Artifacts
    "My off the hook look, leaves my competitors shook No matter what groups you book, I still jam like Sam Cooke Took a whole click out, and had the soundman flippin kickin wicked freestyle to shit on niggaz"
  • Linea 31 - Veronica Marchi
    "Una borsa colore marrone infilata fra un piede ed un altro Con i soliti 5 minuti di cronico ed ovvio ritardo Barcollando infantili fra un misto di gioia e di freddo imbarazzo Ammassati si sfiorano deboli"
  • 31 Today - Aimee Mann
    "Thirty-one today What a thing to say Drinking Guinness in the afternoon Taking shelter in the black cocoon I thought my life would be different somehow I thought my life would be better by now I thought"
  • 31 Flavors - Sacred Reich
    "Vanilla is smooth chocolate is kickin' strawberry is sweet all deserve a hearty lickin' have em all three scoops piled high variety is the spice of life Well you can have soft serve and hard sugar cones root"
  • 31 Floors - Higher
    "Step back We all need a little bit of space And really can you trust that and leave it up to me and any other way Oh, we felt a tale and now we'll watch the sunrise If it's right this control is golden"
  • 31 De Febrero - Magnolia Y Los No Me Olvides
    "Tengo varias melodias que escribi Ninguna habla sobre ti Y no.. no le cambiare la letra por que tu no estas Y no.. no me causas tanto dolor ni tristeza Sabes cuantas cartas te escribi Pero tu direccion"
  • 10-31-99 - ForDireLifeSake
    "So it's all been lost, and still you bite your tongue. In time we will hide our thoughts behind open roads and skylines. The silent eyes that break inside. Love hides eyes this drive, while we waste"
  • Ghosts On 31 - Fightstar
    "We have never seen so far as this Distance fails my feet as our minds think If you could look in our eyes through the walls Igniting the fires will be hard to ignore If you don't act now, you'll never"
  • My Love - 5/31/'00 - Counting Crows
    "My love lives out at the end of the road takes what you give her and goes Says things that everyone knows She's only willing to kiss me again Lights me on fire sprays me with water and she lights"
  • Atlantic City - 5/31/'00 - Counting Crows
    "(Original by Bruce Springsteen) Well they blew up the chicken man in Philly last night now they blew up his house too Down on the boardwalk they're gettin' ready for a fight gonna see what them racket"
  • Section 31 (Overblow Your Nest) - The Polyphonic Spree
    "Complicated heart of mine With wings of love, nowhere to fly Peculiar pattern is setting in The sun is coming back again One day soon, you make a mess The world comes down and overblows your nest And"
  • When The Sun Burns Red (5:31) - Kreator
    "-------------------------------------- Savage heat is searing Global warming has begun Mother Earth is reeling No protection from the sun Forest fires are raging While the rivers turn to ice Foolish man"
  • Smackdown 10/31/02 (The First Rap) - John Cena
    "Alright stop, collaborate and listen Ice is back with a brand new proposition your position is that of a failure I'm gonna nail you, to Jamie Noble's trailer and then I dare you, to run around and cause"
  • Psalm Responsoryjny - 31 niedziela zwykła Rok C - Paweł Piotrowski - for church organ
    "Refren: Będę Cię wielbił, Boże mój i Królu. Będę Cię wielbił, Boże mój i Królu, * i sławił Twoje imię przez wszystkie wieki. Każdego dnia będę błogosławił Ciebie * i na wieki wysławiał Twoje imię. Refren. Pan"

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