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  • Blue Eyed Hexe - Pixies
    "I went to make the vivisection Saw the star carved on the chest Got lost, attacking heaven Caused through the gaze of the Blue Eyed Hexe Blue Eyed Hexe Blue Eyed Hexe Hexe Hexe Blue Eyed Hexe I tried"
  • Blue Eyed Soul - Wilco
    "You've got a blue eyed soul And if you don't let it show It'll leave you, you won't even know Without your blue eyed soul Can you keep it simple? Can you let the snare crack? Can you let it move without"
  • Blue Eyed Devil - Soul Coughing
    "blue eyed devil blue eyed devil born to be a god among salesman working the skinny tie slugging down fruit juice extra tall, extra wide blue eyed devil blue eyed devil 33 degrees six hundred and sixty"
  • Blue Eyed Lady - Status Quo
    "(Lancaster/Parfitt) Little blue eyed lady, how come you're all alone? I've been asking, no-one seems to know To whom do you belong little blue eyed lady? The band are really moving, everyone is grooving"
  • Hexe - Moonlight
    "Czasem przychodzi ktoś I mówi długo - ja słucham Czasem przychodzi ktoś I mówi głośno - ja słucham I karmi mnie stosem słów Ja palę się Ona jest we mnie Ja palę się Przenika przez ciało Hexe..."
  • Blue Eyed Boy - Kosheen
    "At the turn of the century It was you and me Making history baby Always thought it was meant to be We were humanely emotionally connected I could have put it down to experience I wish I put you down easy"
  • Blue Eyed Elaine - Ernest Tubb
    "Side by side we'll roll along sweetheart you and I And to you I'll sing this song as the years go passing by I'm maybe good or I'm maybe bad but you never frown I couldn't find a sweeter pal if I'd search"
  • Blue Eyed Baby - Leona Naess
    "Blue Eyed Baby Now that it's over Now that it's gone Now that I'm sober With every love song I hear you in my sleep I hear you in my wake The phones ringing Someone's singing I'm being self-decieving,"
  • Blue Eyed Girl - Ida Jenshus
    "A blue eyed girl loved wild eyed boys Who would tie her to a tree She stepped on flowers, cut her hair With no one there to make her see That sometimes it's all right to be wrong That sometimes it's okay"
  • Blue Eyed Pop - The Sugarcubes
    "Einar This blue eyed pop It's just fabulous to go twisting, Bjrk Twisting. Einar Boogieing, in beat with Bjrk Beat with Einar the thousand pound Einar & Bjrk Snare sound. Einar After boogieing We"
  • Blue Eyed Suicide - Across Five Aprils
    "I built up the walls one break at a time. We broke down the walls one brick at a time. But infatuation cuts quick and you sharpen the knife. A smile can only get you so far, blue eyed suicide. I was willing"
  • Blue Eyed Saviour - Cowboy Junkies
    "Where'd you go my blue eyed saviour Where'd you go my darling one Lying on that field of honour Not sure what you're waiting on And she won't let him through the door Her mind is ticking through those"
  • Blue eyed brunette - Nickasaur
    "Ref.:Oh hello. Whats your name? Where you wanna go? Dont be ashamed. Open up, Like a door empty rooms to explore. Hit the lights, just night, for notcomnais its too bright. So make it quick, candle lit. Its"
  • Blue Eyed Matador - Voltaire
    "Here, on the side by the wake And I'm freezing There is a light up ahead And I rise and float through the air Through a tunnel Now the light's up ahead Here, in a bullring I stand Am I dreaming? There"
  • Blue Eyed Gal - The Kingston Trio
    "Gonna find a bran' new gal. Don't want one who's lazy 'cause the one I got right now, 'bout to drive me crazy. 'Bout to drive me crazy. 'Bout to drive me wild. 'Bout to drive me down that road more'n a"
  • Blue eyed gal - Kingston Trio
    "Gonna find a bran' new gal. Don't want one who's lazy 'cause the one I got right now, 'bout to drive me crazy. 'Bout to drive me crazy. 'Bout to drive me wild. 'Bout to drive me down that road more'n a"
  • Blue Eyed Fiend - Sonic Syndicate
    "Please kill me in my sleep so I get stuck in my dreams I'll keep exhaling the rime of my chaotic harmony But the wrecked parts of that ship keep floating in So I see, this time was never made for me... Never"
  • My Blue-Eyed Jane - Bob Dylan
    "The sweetest girl in the world Is my blue-eyed Jane. We fell in love like turtledoves While the moon was shining down. I asked her then, I asked her when Wedding bells would ring. She said, "Oh, dear,"
  • My Blue Eyed Jane - Hank Snow
    "Now the sweetest girl in the world Is my blue eyed Jane We fell in love like turtle doves When the moon was shining down I asked her then, I asked her when The wedding bells would ring She said oh dear It"
  • Red-Eyed And Blue - Wilco
    "We've got solid state technology, Tapes on the floor, Some songs you can't afford to play. When we came here today, All I wanted to say was how much I miss you. Alcohol and cotton balls, And some drugs"

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