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  • Wiz - Candlemass
    "Thunder and lighting, action, come fire, come rain The wizard is playing god in his armchair again Cyberlike snake eyes they burn The man with the black cat will show us what tricks he has learned Abraxas,"
  • The Play - Wiz Khalifa
    "Tell you about these Taylors Niggas that I ride for, We get it on our own Real niggas in the struggle, you're not alone We ain't have any major label backin' Just me and my niggas and we made sure we"
  • Wiz Got Wings - Wiz Khalifa
    "Wizzle got wings, Wizzle got errythang, I ever wanted They say they joy come with the pain, I make sure that my growth is never stunned Be careful who you run with One false move in the dirt, you could"
  • Work Hard, Play Hard - Wiz Khalifa
    "Work hard, play hard /x4 Work /x8 Diamonds all on my ring nigga Gold watches, gold chain nigga Hundred thou' on champagne nigga Yeah my money insane nigga Yeah I'm making it rain nigga But I was just"
  • Home From "the Wiz" - Barbra Streisand
    "Barbra Streisand Miscellaneous Home From "the Wiz" When i think of home, i think of a place Where there's love overflowing I wish i were home, i wish i was back there With the things i've been knowin' Wind"
  • Payphone (feat. Wiz Khalifa) - Maroon 5
    "I'm at a payphone trying to call home All of my change I spent on you Where have the times gone Baby it's all wrong, where are the plans we made for two? Yeah, I, I know it's hard to remember The people"
  • 2 Be Wiz U - Miyavi
    "A-yo soko no boku chan , zenzen kodoku nante hedemo ne- mite- na tsura shite tuyo gatte mitari but... I know the feein' buddy (it's just "hitori yogari") Hontou wa dare ka ni dakishimete hoshii right ?"
  • Influence (ft. Wiz Khalifa) - Tove Lo
    "First line, take mine; I'm fine as fuck Love myself tonight and I think you can feel the same Moonshine, good time; babe, you're in luck Cause I will do whatever comes to mind, you'll go insane Things"
  • Play - Prince
    "I could wait all night and day, To go to a party sit down and wait, Give my request to the DJ, Cuz my song hes gotta play. And when i hear that beat, I get my body up out my seat I grab a guy and move"
  • Play - Sarah Connor
    "All alone Been all alone for so long Since he's been gone I've been tryin' to Make it on my own Yeah it may be wrong But tonight I know I Can't be strong I want someone If you got what it Takes then bring"
  • Play - Christina Milian
    "Jennifer Lopez Guest Artists: none Album j.lo Track- Intro: Uh Yeah Verse1: I could wait all night and day To go to a party, sit down and wait Give my request to the DJ 'cause my song he's gotta play"
  • Play - SS501
    "W-w-w-WISH ONE~ W-w-w-WANNA BE~ W-w-w-WISH ONE~ kaseum kadeukhi parabwa han beonjjeum nuneul kamgo neukkyeo turyeo-um ttawin peoseo ije sijakiya sesang soge nal deonjyeo eonjena kkumeul kkudeon sesang"
  • Play - Jennifer Lopez
    "Could wait all night and day To go to a party Sit down and wait Give my request to the DJ 'Cause my song he's gotta play And when I hear that beat I get my body up out my seat Grab a guy and move my feet He's"
  • Play - Betta Lemme
    "alo bonjur hi hey i didn’t get your name love I feel so out of plays cause I don’t usually come to parties I’m a little bit shy but naughty but sine you laid eyes on me I want to Grey up and move my"
  • Play - David Banner
    "Cum girl, I'm tryna get your pussy wet Work that, lemme see you drip sweat Cum girl, I'm tryna get your pussy wet Work that, lemme see you drip sweat Gon play with it Gon play with it Gon play with it Gon"
  • Play - Jax Jones, Years & Years
    "How long till you play me the song that will make me belong to you One dance with my baby tonight And we'll dance till the night is through What you, what you gon' do I sud to be so ready to run my"
  • Play - Lorie
    "J'oublie le monde autour juste 5 minutes Le temps d'couter une love, une love song A la fin de l'histoire j'vite la chute Sur mes ides noires une love, une love song "ON ! ON" prends de la hauteur "ON"
  • Play - Krooked K
    "(Chorus) Gamers starin' at the t.v set. Play that (Lemmie see that NES) Gamers starin' at the t.v set. Play that (Lemmie see that Genises) Ah come play with me, come play with me, come play with me Some"
  • Play - Stephen Fretwell
    "There must be something in the water tonight Little girl you just don't feel right Stand and deliver, get rid of that shiver Don't you think I feel the cold too? Hey, hey Hey Hey, don't be so hard on"
  • Play - Rudimentary Peni
    "(Rock and Roll beast is dead, ?but your ungle must be fades?) Come on everybody join your hands Come in everybrain clap new bands Come in everybody clap your hands Come on everybrain join new bands We"

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