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Playing For Change

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Playing For Change

  • Daylight (Playing for Change) - Maroon 5
    "(Maroon 5 ozdobił swój ostatni singel "Daylight" niekonwencjonalnym obrazkiem, na który złożyły się ujęcia różnych muzyków z całego świata. Co ciekawe, sam utwór różni się zarówno od wersji płytowej, jak"
  • Change - Jennifer Nettles
    "(Chorus) Change, can I water this down for you? Change, don't know how you will take this news Change, something's wrong and I can tell Change, this is gonna hurt likeā Well, underestimation is my"
  • Change - American Minor
    "Oh mama Yeah Don't hang your head Virginia You're just wasting your time We all see stormy weather Somewhere on down the line Hear people talking crazy Like there's no turning back We see the preachers"
  • Stop playing god - Exilia
    "You're playing with my weakness I'm sliding in the dark Im falling so deeply I don't see your mercy and I don't see your signs Im falling, falling deeper Fuck the new millennium it's worse and worse each"
  • Playing With Fire - Ana Johnsson
    "No stop in gasoline, I know I shouldn't but I'm playing with fire, God knows where I've been, it has been a struggle and I sure I feel tired. Try to walk away, but then you begging me to stay. What"
  • Playing With Fire - Ana Johnston
    "No stop in gasoline, I know I shouldnt but Im playing with fire, God knows where Ive been, it has been a struggle and I sure I feel tired. Try to walk away, but then you begging me to stay. What to a game,"
  • Playing my game - Lene Marlin
    "Wont open my mouthYou know what Ill sayIt hurted meThat its gotta be this wayI cant no longer hideGod knows Ive triedI held onAs long as I couldIf I could change itI wouldThis is the way I amAnd this is"
  • Playing With Fire - Detritus
    "Singing of death, singing of hate, singing of demons and ghosts Twisting their minds, taking their souls, digging their graves with your boasts Just for an image, just for the rhyme, words that you don't"
  • Playing For Time - The Buzzcocks
    "Playing for time, I can see your false face in my mind I can hear your false claims, out of line But now everyone, they pass you by Playing for time, I can see you're out of place and time Standing in"
  • Playing for blood - A Heartwell Ending
    "In her eyes, theyre shinning just like diamonds glisteningIts so sickeningShe blinds the worldTell me do you listenTell me do you knowTell me do you care what Im aboutI know you dontSo I know youre goneShe"
  • Playing For Keeps - Matchbook Romance
    "Its so simple And complicated the way you can crush me No matter how much this hurts This is through I get as far as your door before I get caught I make up excuses just to touch you and I can't stop,"
  • Playing for time - Uriah Heep
    "Try, you get a roll of heartaccheHear it and you're with my mindI've played with fire, burned my fingersNow I'm gonna take my timeYou don't have to shout about itCan't you see it obviousFeel it's getting"
  • Playing For Keeps - Switchfoot
    "Do me a favor Would you sing this to me slow? 'Cause I'm thinking it's my song Do me a favor Would you tell me when to let go? 'Cause I think I'm holding on Chorus: Would you do it for me? (2x) 'Cause"
  • Playing For Keeps - Elvis Presley
    "(Kessler) I'm playin' for keeps This time it's real And I want you to know Exactly how I feel I'm playin' for keeps I'm sure this time And I won't be happy Until I know you're mine There have been others That"
  • Playing For Keeps - Dragpipe
    "Collect my thoughts that are in my way All the time i thought i'd say Giving back to what i've gained It's endless, this waiting and waiting Holding the cure in my hands Can't keep the hide on the"
  • Playing' by the rules - Michael McDonald
    "Who are youAre you someone that i knewOr did you come and go inside a dreamWell, you look the sameEven though you say you've changedYou can't hide the shame of a guilty heartChorus:Well, i know there's"
  • Playing Dead - Crash Test Dummies
    "I know that you don't love me I know you hate my guts I know the nasty things you say About me, to those sluts Well, maybe I'm a weasel Maybe I'm a liar Maybe I'm a skinny punk Who couldn't change"
  • Playing God - Pretty Maids
    "We seek immortallity The wish to control In the face of tecnology We reach for our goals We deny the laws of nature Breaking the genetic rules Playing god Playing with fire Playing god The quest and"
  • Playing House - Voice Of The Beehive
    "(By Tracey Bryn & Martin Brett) He's walking slowly - he is in no hurry He is walking to the slaughter of the hell that's called routine She arises tried - she is feeding on the famine of the Fat"
  • Playing House - Armand Van Helden Feat. Kudu
    "I have a special friend He lives across the street Sometimes he'll call me up When he wants to play with me, play with me, play with me We play all kinds of games We both play hide and seek Sometimes he'll"

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