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Playing For Change - United

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Playing For Change - United

  • Daylight (Playing for Change) - Maroon 5
    "(Maroon 5 ozdobił swój ostatni singel "Daylight" niekonwencjonalnym obrazkiem, na który złożyły się ujęcia różnych muzyków z całego świata. Co ciekawe, sam utwór różni się zarówno od wersji płytowej, jak"
  • United Nations - Ektomorf
    "Skin colour, racism and prejudice This world will never change The roots of the hate to deep in our lives And we have to much pain I see it I was born for what I was born And you can't bring me down I"
  • United - Dream Evil
    "Welcome to the evil side Spread the word nation wide Come and drink this blood of mine It will increase your metal spine Promise you, time is now your wounds will heal Dont' be scared, time to forge"
  • United - Stratovarius
    "We drifted apart on the sea of lie Sailed into new horizons, out of sight We lost the way, we lost the key But the spirit was kept alive and free Now destiny has brought us back We are here before your"
  • United - Seven
    "Can you be free from your heavy load? You will find that your dreams come true Can you see through the endless lies? You will find that your goals are near There's no time to wait for the sunlight It's"
  • United - Robbie Williams
    "You sit and scream at all the scandal That put the monkey on your back Don't put your idols on a mantel You'll only want your money back Don't slap my face and call me brother Lend a hand and knock"
  • United - Throbbing Gristle
    "You and IYou and ILiving togetherLoving foreverAt our distanceAnother for instanceUnited UnitedYou become meAnd I becomy youShe is sheAnd she is you tooUnited UnitedA corresponding game to playA special"
  • Live For Love United - Pascal Obispo
    "Have you ever dreamed of playing for the biggest team there is on earth? Have you ever played at dreaming large? The time is now and you are the star The ball is travelling in your direction Give it all"
  • United - Marky Mark
    "Maybe one day we'll be united And our love won't be devided Prince Ital Joe: If love was a thing That me say money could buy The rich man would live And me say the poor man would die If freedom was thing That"
  • United - Prince Ital Joe
    "I close both locks below the window. I close both blinds and turn away. Sometimes solutions arent so simple. Sometimes goodbyes the only way. And the sun will set for you, The sun will set for you."
  • Live For Love United - Peabo Bryson
    "Have you ever dream of playing for the biggest team there is on earth have you ever played dreaming large the time is now and you are the star the ball it is travelling in your direction give it all of"
  • Change - Jennifer Nettles
    "(Chorus) Change, can I water this down for you? Change, don't know how you will take this news Change, something's wrong and I can tell Change, this is gonna hurt likeā Well, underestimation is my"
  • Change - American Minor
    "Oh mama Yeah Don't hang your head Virginia You're just wasting your time We all see stormy weather Somewhere on down the line Hear people talking crazy Like there's no turning back We see the preachers"
  • Stop playing god - Exilia
    "You're playing with my weakness I'm sliding in the dark Im falling so deeply I don't see your mercy and I don't see your signs Im falling, falling deeper Fuck the new millennium it's worse and worse each"
  • Playing With Fire - Ana Johnsson
    "No stop in gasoline, I know I shouldn't but I'm playing with fire, God knows where I've been, it has been a struggle and I sure I feel tired. Try to walk away, but then you begging me to stay. What"
  • Playing With Fire - Ana Johnston
    "No stop in gasoline, I know I shouldnt but Im playing with fire, God knows where Ive been, it has been a struggle and I sure I feel tired. Try to walk away, but then you begging me to stay. What to a game,"
  • Playing my game - Lene Marlin
    "Wont open my mouthYou know what Ill sayIt hurted meThat its gotta be this wayI cant no longer hideGod knows Ive triedI held onAs long as I couldIf I could change itI wouldThis is the way I amAnd this is"
  • Playing With Fire - Detritus
    "Singing of death, singing of hate, singing of demons and ghosts Twisting their minds, taking their souls, digging their graves with your boasts Just for an image, just for the rhyme, words that you don't"
  • Coded And United - Optimus Rhyme
    "Reboot, work, recharge, work, walk home, recharge, shutdown, reboot, repeat (x2) Finally, assimilation complete Check the motion, two feet easily Slick circuitry keep the balance perfect Assembly stocked"
  • United Kings - United Kingdom
    "(Intro: Hell Razah) Yo, son, I've got something to tell you. You know what I'm saying? Because when you're going to be a great speaker. You know what I'm saying? A wise man told me to be a hero of your"

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