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Please please me -the Beatles

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Please please me -the Beatles

  • Please Please - Devo
  • Please Please Please (Tradu - Shout Out Louds
    "Muito tempo atrs O tempo que tivemos era assim e assim Essa foi a pior data da sua vida Ento eu liguei paraa sua casa - seu pai atendeu o telefone Ele no era fcil de ignorar Mas nós estamos felizes porque"
  • Please Baby - Colin James
    "Please baby - please please baby Won't you come back to your daddy one more time Please baby - please please baby When I get my money I will give you my last dime When you left me babe, you left me feeling"
  • Please Remember - Rivers Cuomo
    "Please, remember I'm only a friend A friend who boinks me You're too crazy to settle down with Then why lead me on? I don't love you, but I can't help myself I'll make you love me Please, Maria,"
  • Please Don't - Bears
    "I'm not checking out I'm just trying not to think about Things that I'm going through Things that have nothing to do with you So please don't worry, I'll be fine Please don't worry 'cause I'm glad that"
  • Santa please - Toni Braxton
    "Santa, please, will you help me 'cause I'm all alone with my Christmas tree... See, my honey's on his way, his flight's delayed Can you bring him on your sleigh? 'Cause time is going Slowly dragging me"
  • Quiet, Please - Superflea
    "Later on I'll explain myself there's something you don't know about me all I wanted was a bit of peace can I get some quiet,please? It's just...after all these years... If I have to,I'll beg and plead I"
  • Please Read Me - Bee Gees
    "Please Read Me Many years ago I was a simple man A simple man, no worries me; I never lied Please read me. Not much conversation ever came from me, I never saw reality; I never tried. Please read me. Ah.... Maybe"
  • Please Read Me - Nina Simone
    "(1967) Robin Gibb, Barry Gibb Many years ago I was a simple man A simple man, no worries me; I never lied Please read me. Not much conversation ever came from me, I never saw reality; I never tried. Please"
  • Please Please Please - Globe
    "amazing! and welcome event! ... ... so cool smart We are going to VIVA MIRACLE We are going to VIVA MIRACLE ... tonight tonight Please Please Please be just a boy Please"
  • Please Please Please - Juncker
    "undskyld mig lige hvis jeg trnger mig p det var slet ikke min mening at kommer her forbi men tilfldigvis har jeg slet ingen sans for geografi det er s koldt udenfor i regnvejr og blst nr man altid"
  • Please - Pete Murray
    "For always I'll see you there For always I'll hold your hand For always be your man Please say something I want you to add To this morning I have to go and All is nothing without you.. without you.. without"
  • Please, please, please - Miyavi
    "nee Darlin' PURI-ZU, PURI-ZU oitekanaide, onegai zutto zutto anata no soba de yume wo mitetai no anata no tonari de anata no yume ga mitai no kusa ya hana ga mizu nashi ja sakenai you ni hito ga yume nashi"
  • Please - Umberto Tozzi
    "Please una sigaretta pleaseE poi dopo smetter di amartiPlease stai con gli occhi apertiplease se hai bisogno giura che mi avvertiplease dimenticandoti di menon aver fretta come per innamorartidi un altro"
  • Please... - Gundam SEED/Destiny
    ""Please... " kiite iru no? watashi no aizu wo PANERU bakari shisen wa zensen DOKIDOKI shiji wo tokidoki mushi no sotsuu wa futsuu? BARABARA ishiki HARAHARA saseru jiyuu ga riyuu? anata to tobu"
  • Please - Love Spit Love
    "PleaseDon't moveDon't speakPleaseDon't goDon't leavePlease herPlease himSlow downSweet thingPleaseDon't moveDon't speakThere must be something i forgetThere must be something i forgetTo sayPleasePleaseLies"
  • Please - Nirvana
    "theres only one moment for living (x11) I cant believe this (x8) Well maybe, But i dont think so or maybe yes i dont know only you theres only one moment for living (x11) I cant believe this (x8) I forgot, A"
  • Little me, please forgive me - Britney Spears
    "Just yesterday you were looking up to me, and you'd ask me what I thought. But now I'm sitting here All alone with my tears, looking at my life that I've bought Where did I go?, yeah. My eyes, they will"
  • Love Me, Please Love Me - Michel Polnareff
    "Love me, please love me je suis fou de vous Pourquoi vous moquez-vous chaque jour De mon pauvre amour. Love me, please love me je suis fou de vous Vraiment prenez-vous tant de plaisir A me voir souffrir. Si"
  • Please Be Kind - Frank Sinatra
    "(S. Chaplin, Sammy Cahn) Well, this is my first affair, please be kind Handle my heart with care, please be kind This is all so grand, my dreams are on parade If you'll just understand, they'll never,"

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