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  • New English Bible - Clifford T. Ward
    "I hired a video and put it under the Tele I taped this and that an' I watched the films I soon got soaked - nay saturated So I phoned the rental company to - fetch it back. An' I'm drying out now I'm"
  • Another drinking song - Skyclad
    "Another drinking song Where they sit around And get a round in while the getting's good They'll make the most until the money's gone They're coming out to celebrate, to sing and dance and to escape A crazy"
  • Coffee Homeground - Kate Bush
    "Down in the cellar You're getting into making poison. You slipped some on the side, Into my glass of wine, And I don't want any coffee--homeground. Offer me a chocolate, No thank you, spoil my diet, know"
  • Ignorance Is Bliss - Jellyfish
    "Wake up! Miss Toadstool, it is I, your one and only King, Bowser Koopa I'm a turtle as you've seen A little slow and a little green But on the whole I'd say Super duper Princess Toadstool, I know you're"
  • Rookie Of Da Year - Mike Jones
    "Uh! Its that boy Magnificent AKA Maaagno The Rookie Of Da Year Be on the lookout for that solo album coming soon It's Magnificent, but you can call me Magno I used to do crime now I'm 'bout my cashflow Thats"
  • Get A Jar - Tame One
    "(It's dip bitch!) Three sheets to the wind bringing it... Sixteen spit (Verse One) You could wind up in a mind fuck situation Lacing cigs with dip kids who flip Its a different trip follow the drip As"
  • The World Could Be Yours - Da Backwudz
    "At the start of our journey together you couldn't tear us apart We was like tinted and Ford, peas and carrots Rings with karats, and it seem people starin Hoes lovin my style, niggaz love jeans you was"
  • Damage - Sage Francis
    "(Chorus) I'm doing Damage (uh), Damage (uh), Damage (uh), Damage (uh) Damage (uh), Damege (uh), Destruction (terror), Motherf**ker say WHAT? (ONE) something's got to give (TWO) something's got to give"
  • Collude/Intrude - Company Flow
    "Mr. Len, a.k.a. Space Ghost, please commence intro Company Flow, perform, J-Treds, prepare El-P, prepare, you have approximately five minutes Fuck the bullshit, Time/Warner will fall Record labels will"

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