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Po polsu Taylor Swift shake it off

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Po polsu Taylor Swift shake it off

  • Taylor Swift - B.R.O
    "Ona wygląda jak Taylor Swift Ona wygląda jak Taylor Swift Ok, haha! Let’s go! Moi ludzie będą pić Narzucają tempo dziś Rano pewno zerwą film Dziś od życie nie chcą nic Ciągle powtarzają mi Weź ja i na"
  • Gasoline (ft. Taylor Swift) - HAIM
    "You took me back But you shouldn’t have Now it;s your fault if i mess around I took a drag But i shouldn’t have Now i am coughing up like i Never smoked a pack Gasoline, pretty please I want to get off But"
  • Shake It Off - Taylor Swift
    "I stay out too late Got nothing in my brain That’s what people say That’s what people say I go on too many dates But I can’t make ‘em stay At least that’s what people say That’s what people say But I"
  • Babe (feat. Taylor Swift) - Sugarland
    "what a shame didn’t wanna be the one that got away big mistake, broke the sweetest promise that you never should have made I’m here on the kitchen floor you call, but I wasn’t hear it you said no one else how"
  • Shake It Off (ft. Piotr Żyła) - Taylor Swift
    "Nie no w życiu się nie Nie spodziewałem Żebym mógł wygrać Prze myśl mi to nie przeszło Co mam powiedzieć? Skoki były znacznie lepsze wczoraj znacznie lepsze wczoraj I to pomaga Taki steres wiamoo Chciałeś"
  • Daaam! (Swift Mix) - Tha Alkaholiks
    "There go the bathroom right there Yo, get this party started Ay, ay yo E-Swift It's the Alkaholik funk One two, ah one two, yeah Yeah, ah one two, ah one two Ooh, we got to clown, E-Swift get"
  • Both Of Us (feat. Taylor Swift) - B.o.B
    "I wish I was strong enough to lift not one but both of us Some day I will be strong enough to lift not one but both of us Ever thought about losing it When your money's all gone and you lose your whip You"
  • Po Po - Fabolous
    "(feat. Nate Dogg, Paul Cain) Alright there ah buddy license and registration Uh officer is there a problem man whats going on? Yeah, I had a report of a UFO whats that? An unidentified Ferrari"
  • Shake It Off - Take 5
    "Shake it off Chillin' in the club, got my boys with me And the party's all jumpin' in the VIP The deejay's playin' my favorite beat And I'm havin' a good time, baby Looked across the room, what"
  • Shake It Off - Wilco
    "Sunlight angles on Wooden floor at dawn Ceiling fan is on Chopping up our dreams What is left of them Take to sleep again Where I dare pretend I'm more than I seem Tears give trigger Yours remind me Of"
  • Shake It Off - Mariah Carey
    "I gotta shake it off Cause the loving ain't the same And you keep on playing games Like you know I'm here to stay I gotta shake it off Just like the Calgon commercial life I really gotta get up outta here And"
  • Shake It Off - Krystal Meyers
    "There is no room to breathe I am under water I can't stand to take the heat And it's getting hotter 'cause all that I Am dying to hold onto Is slowly digging me a grave Gotta get away Shake it off Whenever"
  • Two Is Better Than One feat. Taylor Swift - Boys Like Girls
    "I remember what you wore on the first day You came into my life and I thought "Hey, you know, this could be something" 'Cause everything you do and words you say You know that it all takes my breath away And"
  • Shake It Off - Ninja High School
    "Here's a good reason why i get riled: i spent my teen years as an only child, didn't meet my siblings 'till i was 25. second proud owner of my grandmother's smile. and what is the difference between you"
  • Taylor Swift - You Need To Calm Down (Polish LGBT Video) - JAKUB & DAWID
    "you’re someody that i don’t know but you’re taking shots at me like it’s patron and I’m just like, damn it’s 7 am staying in the street that is knock out but you say it in a tweet that’s a cop out and"
  • I Wish (My Taylor Swift) - The Knocks & Matthew Koma
    "Most girls won't tick all of the boxes More baggage than my L.A. ex and don't know who The Knocks is Most girls are made-in-China plastics Over-the-counter counterfeits; emotional gymnastics It's summertime"
  • E Get Swift - King Tee
    "Get Swift (Everybody's dancin) Get swift (Quiet on the set) DJ Pooh's in the house But yo, this is for my deejay Alright, check this out [ King Tee ] This is for you little weak deejays The weak record"
  • Taylor - Jack Johnson
    "They say Taylor was a good girl Never one to be late Complain, express ideas in her brain Working on the night shift Passing out the tickets You're gonna have to pay her, if you wanna park here Well, mommy's"
  • Shake It Off (Remix) - Mariah Carey
    "(feat. Jay-Z, Young Jeezy) Uh Uh Uh Uh H-O-V & MC H-O-V Young Jeezy (YEAAHHHH) H-O-V & MC H-O-V Young Jeezy I know Y'all see how it's going down the best in the business baby live from the Oval Office Lets"
  • Shake - Pitbull(feat.Ying Yang Twins)
    "shake shake just shake shake just shake shake just shake chica shake shake shake shake just shake shake just shake shake just shake chica shake shake mentirosa mentirosa mentirosa mentirosa dale juevo dale"

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