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Poets Of The Fall Can You Hear Me

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Poets Of The Fall Can You Hear Me

  • Poets - The Tragically Hip
    "(Drum Intro) (Guitar starts up, followed by another) Spring starts when a heartbeat's poundin' When the birds can be heard above the reckoning carts doing some final accounting Lava flowing in Super"
  • Can You Hear Me - Poets Of The Fall
    "Hiding deep within, doors cry opening Lead into the light of love deep like the sea Rich in variety, heartfelt and open, wide like a life, unique, yet so alike Can you hear me, I know I'm just a whisper Can"
  • Poets Problem - Blondie
    "Poet's problem, patron's sin, puts me in the place I'm in. Passion's letter, poison pen, on these two things I can depend. You will write your number, that's not all. I will not be there when you call. I"
  • In Lust You Can Hear The Axe Fall - Xiu Xiu
    "where does it hurt? without fuss, set my finger there to touch it touch it touch it touch it 93 pounds, fetish guilt grip the swans neck and twist it twist it twist it twist it who there is, who is not"
  • God Can You Hear Me - Tait
    "I've been here before It's hard to ignore I'm so used to fighting The same old wars Oh what do you see when your looking at me Have I taken You for granted I can't afford this pain anymore Won't"
  • Can You Hear Me - Enrique Iglesias
    "Can You Hear Me! I remember that I can still feel you Sometimes I'm blind but I see you You are here but so far away The times when you wanna.. Im missing you Makes me feel like I'm spinning Sometimes"
  • Can you hear me - Bob Chilcott
    "I look around me as I grow I'd like to tell you all I know I see life with all its energy The city streets The rush of time This is my world It's where I like to be So much to see So much to find I sometimes"
  • Can You Hear Me - Vanden Plas
    "We had all the gods among us For an endless summer long Now i'm tired of it all So why can't we leave it We are dancing in the halls To a sentimental waltz What a scary situation To see the icon fal CAN"
  • Can You Hear Me? - Don't Look Down
    "Time keeps slipping away And I'd hate to say I Never tried, to read your eyes So please, take a seat next to me Find a place you can be your self There's no one else. Can you hear me? Can you hear me"
  • Can You Hear Me - Opus
  • Can You Hear Me - DJ Bobo
    "Intro: Can you hear me I must have been blind to leave you this way It's hard to say, I miss you I can't live without your love Ref: Can you hear me, can you hear me I know you've got the key With you"
  • Can You Hear Me? - Mark Schultz
    "Down on my knees again tonight, hoping this prayer will turn out right. See, there is a boy that needs your help. I've done all that i can do myself. His mother is tired, I'm sure you can understand. Each"
  • Can You Hear Me - Richard Fleeshman
    "Everybody's talking, I can't speak a word, Underneath the widedoor, How can I be heard? Full of hesitation, Afraid to breath a note, Every whisper on my lips, Catches in my throat. Can you hear me?"
  • Can You Hear Me - David Bowie
    "Once we were lovers, can they understand? Closer than others I was your, I was your man Don't talk of heartaches, ohh, I remember them all When I'm checking you out one day, to see if I'm Faking it all "
  • Can You Hear Me? - Evermore
    "Can you hear me? Can you hear me? The first thing that I notice, the radio went dim I feel the pressure rising as the water's creeping in Rushing through the window in a flood of images Is this my imagination,"
  • Can You Hear Me - Korn
    "it walks whit me it takes its time it sinks its teeth in one at a time it loves to feed it loves my past it’s always taunting but somehow out of grasp can you hear me? cause I am lost and I may never"
  • Can You Hear Me? - Lil' Kim
    "(Kim) Can you hear me now? (Lil' Kim) All of a sudden, everybody wan' bang with us Don't they know them Gotti kids are dangerous? Come come now, y'all need to stop Niggaz better hold they head 'fore they"
  • Can you hear me - Ke
    "I was so blinded to the beauty of the life I had wishing too hard for what I haven't got Lying and losing everything I ever loved Now that it's gone I didn't know that I'd be left here so alone I still"
  • Can You Hear Me? - Caravan
    "Leaving all the days when I was right in your eyes Through all these days of something better Give it all you got, you've learned to try really try Take it out of you more work on better Don't let it"
  • Can You Hear Me? - Missy Elliott
    "This is the information for For where you can send the flowers Its for Aaliyah Ill give you the phone number in case you need it Ok we'll see you Take care of yourself I love you Bye bye I been checkin"

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