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Poison Wishful Thinkin

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Poison Wishful Thinkin

  • Wishful Thinkin' - Poison
    "came to Hollywood Gonna be a movie star She got off the bus She didn't get far Now she can act as good as Meryl Streep Dreams of stardom when she sleeps The casting couch makes her scream Wasn't like this"
  • Wishful Thinkin' - River Road
    "(Michael Henderson/Wally Wilson) Wishful thinkin', wishful thinkin' Only dreams that don't come true When That Evenin' sun goes sinkin' Wishful thinkin' where are you Lord I wish I would have listened Listened"
  • Wishful Thinking - Big Punisher
    "(feat. Fat Joe, Kool G Rap, B Real) What would you do if you could do the unbelievable Once you rule the world every girl will want to be with you First I get the money then I get the power "
  • Wishful - Persephone
    "If I could make a wish What would it be Love, faith, fidelity? A wish so small and though severe One wish and you were here If I could make a wish What would it be Love, truth, eternity? A wish so small"
  • Poison - Poison
    "When I hear the music... Lord, I'm gonna let it play... Somethin' like that! Did you ever get up on the wrong side of the bed With an achin' head, and just fall apart You're runnin' late, the boss is"
  • Thinkin' - 3T
    "Oh baby Oh baby Oh girl, you got me thinkin' (oh baby) Thinkin' about you baby (oh baby) I don't know just what to do Baby, I'm crazy all about you You got me thinkin' (thinkin') Thinkin' about you baby (all"
  • Thinkin' - Steve Forbert
    "Well don't ya go thinkin', and thinkin', and thinkin' and thinkin' so much 'till you're stranded be hind Don't ya go thinkin', and thinkin', and thinkin', and thinkin' so much"
  • Thinkin - Color Me Badd
    "hum...ohh baby..aww baby Yeah! We goin' take you back a little further Thinkin' back on you and me, Remembering how it use to be Those times are precious, I cherish every moment we spent. Yeah! Thinkin'"
  • Thinkin' - Miley Cyrus
    "I am thinking about too much too much, much I think I have enough enough, enough Now, I am longing for"
  • Wishful Sinful - The Doors
    "Wishful crystal Water covers everything in blue Coolin' water Wishful sinful Our love is beautiful to see I know where I would like to be Right back where I came Wishful, sinful, wicked blue Water"
  • Wishful thinking - Celine Dion
    "When I sleep through the night I always dream that we are back together Must be wishful thinking Then I wake up alone The bed seems oh so empty I start sinking Through waves of wishful thinking I was the"
  • Wishful Thinking - Carl Belew
    "Wishing I could see you again dear that the fire of love would burn once more But I guess that's wishful thinking and too much to be wishing for Just thinking how you once kissed me wishing that hadn't"
  • Wishful Thinking - Travis Tritt
    "When you told me you were leaving Girl I didn't believe a word 'Cause to think that you'd walk out on me Just sounded too absurd I'd like to change the things I did That tore our love apart But that's"
  • Wishful Thinking - Wilco
    "Fill up your mind with all it can know Don't forget that your body will let it all go Fill up your mind with all it can know What would we be without wishful thinking Chambers of chains With red"
  • Wishful Thinking - Wynn Stewart
    "Wishing I could see you again dear That the fire of love would burn once more But I guess that's wishful thinking And too much to be wishing for Just thinking how you once kissed me Wishing that it hadn't"
  • Wishful Thinking - China Crisis
    "Its time we should talk about it Theres no secret kept in here Forgive me for asking Now wipe away your tears And if i wish to stop it all And if i wish to comfort the fall Its just wishful thinking I"
  • Wishful Thinking - Carole King
    "I see you, but you don't see me Like a ghost of the future, hovering dark and dreamy You fade in and out of the mist Do you even exist, except in my wishful thinking I reach for you, but I can't touch"
  • Wishful Thinking - Amanda Marshall
    "I will wait for you Like I promised I would do Although it brings me pain And you always knew What to say to lead me to Believe it's not in vain I was safe and secure When you were with me But"
  • Wishful Beginnings - David Bowie
    "Cruising around me the flames burn my body Wishful beginnings Does this remind them again & again You're a sorry little girl You're a sorry little girl Please hide, for the pain must feel like snow You're"
  • Wishful Thinking - Case
    "Ooh, oh babe, ooh yeah There's a reason why I'm trippin Cause today I saw the finest thing life's ever known Looking lovely from this distance And inside of me I know I might be reachin' much too far"

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