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Pola Rise 'Soulless Dance

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Pola Rise 'Soulless Dance

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Pola Rise 'Soulless Dance
  • Pola Rise Soulless Dance
    "24 seconds to decide This place is like amaze I don’t know why it’s falling apart We’re the tips We’re the guys If lost myself I’m going round and round Stock inside After all I’ve gone I try Hide my"
  • Running Wild Soulless
    "Spineless and false you are creeping through time Your flag's turning with the wind, your advantage is prime Feathering your nest is your one and only law Treachery and fraud is the sense that you are"
  • Death Angel SOULLESS
    "We arrive, and are blinded by twisted rubble, and piercing light Screaming sounds of the sirens Rip through the air on this sleepless night Take this boy, and remind him Just how fragile his un-sewn life His"
  • Tactical Sekt Soulless
    "Soulless Blood boils Counting the seconds The demons inside me wail Between the sheets I tear the satin Like a train come off the rails Crash, crass evil 21st century soulless people I'm so tired Escaping"
  • Grave Soulless
    "In my dominion I control the weak And in vain in pain they turn the other cheek I'm souless In my dominion I tear their soul apart Pure eternal hate run through my soulless heart I'm soulless to the"
  • Blood For Blood Soulless
    "Why me A question I ask myself everyday My life is hell must it be this way No chances were ever thrown my way Was it the luck of the draw Was I destined to rot away I question my purpose here I've also"
  • Cancerslug Soulless
    "she beast of pagan lust awaits the blood to covet us i know she is not afraid to slice my flesh and bind the trust shes staring into me as night surrounds this passion flame she is seeing through me rage,"
  • Pawbeats Who we are (ft. Pola Rise)
    "Utwór ”Who we are” pochodzi z albumu zatytułowanego "OUT”, który Marcin Pawłowski - producent, multiinstrumentalista i kompozytor znany jako Pawbeats - przygotował z gościnnym udziałem kilku polskich artystów,"
  • Muniek Staszczyk Pola
  • Dom o zielonych progach Pola
    "Słońce ma się już ku zachodowi, Czerwienią Góry maluje, Przez Biskupi Łan podąża, Brodząc w trawie po szyję. Zanurzam sie w dolinę, Wdycham żywiczy zapach lasu, Jeszcze potok, jeszcze strumień, I będę"
  • Cursive Rise Up!! Rise Up!!
    "dear preacher, thanks for making time for me today hope you don't mind if i hide behind the curtain it's been fifteen years since my last confession by your good book's standards, i've sinned like a champion but"
  • Therapy? Rise Up
    "src="../pagead2.googlesyndication.com/pagead/show_ads.js"> Check the shape of your eyes You're taking too much And loosen your smile You're pushing too hard You're lost for words For what it's"
  • Cursive Rise up rise up
    "Dear preacher, thanks for making time for me todayhope you don't mind if i hide behind the curtainit's been fifteen years since my last confessionby your good book's standards, i've sinned like a championbut"
  • Martin Jondo Rise Up
    "I saw we rise up and well never give it up Jah never loose Jah power and we never loose Jah love My people rise up out of the evil dust [2x] Born in Babylon but me know me cant stay So me taking Jah train"
  • Nylons Rise up
    "Rise up rise up Oh rise and show your power Rise up rise up Dance into the sun Rise up rise up It's time for celebration Rise up rise up Spirits time has come Spirits time has come We want lovin' and laughter"
  • Teflon Rise Up
    "(Teflon) Only escape is the relentess hip-hop, rap apprentice out for blood All you wannabe thugs keep your distance What's the matter, my insight might shatter your windpipe You now ignite it and recite"
  • Ani DiFranco Round A Pole
    "I could sing you 'round a pole I could talk you up a tree But when it comes to what really matters You are way more clever than me I knew I wanted to be challenged But I was unclear about how So I'll be"
  • Pola Rise Fear
    "And I saw myself Another useless soul who sleepy now sleepy now sleepy now out of time when I saw my face nothing you could log just waiting for waiting for waiting for deadly storm how could I forger"
  • Hawkwind High Rise
    "Flat block Of two dimensions Neon totem pole to the sky Keeping scores of people stacked up so high Above the ground But all they can hear is the sound Of the wind in the antennae It's a human zoo A suicide"
  • Hans York Safety Is Soulless
    "(Hans York/ T. Armstrong) We never walked down the safest path Which we would feel regret for Standing on fences with our heads hanging down With no risk to keep us open One thing we have asked for From"

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