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Polovtsian Dances

  • Polovtsian Dances - Alexander Borodin
    "Uletaj na kryl'jach vetra Ty V kraj rodnoj, rodnaja pesnya nasha Tuda gde my lubya svobodno peli Gde bylo tak privol'no nam s toboju Tam, pod znojnym nebom negoj vozduch polon Gde rad govor morja Dremljut"
  • Holy Dances - Beach House
    "Beach House Devotion Holy Dances In the night I called yourname - heart of mine one letter at a time. I'll be found in a land of savages Ah-h... Maybe you don't know what you've got, spent yer money on"
  • Sally Dances - Longpigs
    "Baby Sometimes I coulda turned you on Honey This time With your big strong hands Baby Somehow If I could chop them off Honey I'm stuck But you could clear me out But I needed A summertime Saw you falling Saw"
  • Dances Fantastic - Neva Dinova
    "I don't want that kind of girl seen her face 'round me before broke my heart and out poured oil I don't want that kind of goil Ella asta terrible, and she's having a field day she left me hanging all on"
  • She dances - Frameless
    "Well, I still remember you saved me from drowning Now therere walls between us that I cant tear down We were so enchanted, our love was embedded In the river`s water but the water ran dry Now Im parking"
  • Old Dances - Kate Nash
    "Your lips are darker than before and the bags under your eyes are blacker than they were and there's something different about your skin and nobody knows how you got home last night Your lips are darker"
  • Wild Dances - Ruslana
    "Just maybe I'm crazy, The world spins round and round and round shi-di-ri-di-duy, shi-di-ri-di-da-na shi-di-ri-di-duy, shi-di-ri-di-da-na I want you to want me as I dance Round and round and round shi-di-ri-di-duy,"
  • Sidewalk Dances - Jairus
    "Andrea does her dance on sidewalks building fires and tying us to lights and rythms fighting to ignore the shapes she throws fighting our way through our critics, we memorised this taste taking breaths"
  • Wild Dances - Rus
    "Just maybe I'm crazy The world spins round and round and round Shee-ree-kee-die, shee-ree-kee-dam-day Shee-ree-kee-die, shee-kee-ree-a-dam-da I want you to want me As I dance round and round and round"
  • My Heart Dances - Elton John
    "Music by Elton John Lyrics by Tim Rice From the soundtrack "The Road To El Dorado" I see you in the distance and I see us as we are So nearly so contented but a careless word too far I see you in confusion"
  • Dances Of Resistance - Babylon Circus
    "See di yout' dem a chant an' prance Dem a ready to play dis dance Running from the hill like a burning lance To the valley of abundance So many voices on the same riddim Singing louder than the sound"
  • In Between Dances - Pam Tillis
    "There's room at my table, why don't you pull up a seat? The music's inviting but I'm staying off of my feet The floor's getting crowded, but I don't wanna take part I bet you can guess it's got someting"
  • In Between Dances - Tillis Pam
    "There's room at my table, why don't you pull up a seat? The music's inviting but I'm staying off of my feel The floor's getting crowded, but I don't wanna take part I bet you can guess it's got something"
  • So She Dances - Josh Groban
    "A waltz when she walks in the room She blows back the hair from her face She turns to the window to sway in the moonlight Even her shadow has grace A waltz for the girl out of reach She lifts her hands"
  • Nobody Dances Anymore - Brandtson
    "You wanna play it safe, Don't wanna step out. You gotta pretend, So no one finds out. You gotta break free, You gotta break out, So everybody knows what you're all about. Don't be afraid to be the one"
  • A Sparrow Dances - On Thorns I Lay
    "To the gate of paradise, as angels lisp the hymn of life, perfumes and screams of people, inundate this night. My God give me power to live again the scene where I'll kiss her and then so sweet I'll die. Oh... it's"
  • When She Dances - Joe Bonamassa
    "The world is cold tonight But everything will be alright She walks into the room Stars to know her light Chorus: When she dances I see where my only chance is I feel my whole life start, babe When she"
  • Dances with Satan - Theatres des Vampires
    "Dances with Satan into the Pentagram, drink the blood of virginsRape a nun on the altar your mind out of control!!Enchanted from this macabre atmosphereBody.. in the cell...mind..in other dimension.Dances"
  • As Dust Dances - Biffy Clyro
    "There's a man on the corner selling dozens of bones Every type of bone except the one that I want Ever think what your eyes do they're trying to sleep But where your tongue rests, is it against your teeth And"
  • Dances With Devils - The Agony Scene
    "Hell waits for everyone. It's not a question of belief. We've found our souls now we will burn for it. So give us damnation. Eternal suffering. We sought salvation when there was nothing left to save. We'll"

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