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Porky vagina

  • Vagina - Bloodhound Gang
    "My last girlfriend didn't like me thought she might beMost likely a dyke she just didn't excite meLefty? Yeah but that was alrightShe was hotter than the sun but she just wasn't that brightMy mistake she"
  • Vagina Song - Voltaire
    "Some of them are hairy Some of them are bald Some are kinda scary And this is what they're called... Vagina! (Vagina) (X2) They call that thing vagina Some belong to virgins They're really tight and"
  • Vagina Mine - Puscifer
    "Out to run a train at the railway station, Shotgun Betty stop me dead in my shoes. Out to run a train at the railway station, Shotgun Betty stop me dead in my shoes. Cock on lockdown, she said learn the"
  • Moist Vagina - Nirvana
    "Moist Vagina Aaaaaaahhhhh! She had a moist vagina I particulary enjoyed the circumference The circular walls of her anus Of her anus I preferred her to any other Marijuana Marijuana Marijuana... She"
  • Vagina Song - Longpigs
    "(spoken) ... song about biology and how it f**ks up with love every now and then The face you live in, it doesnt necessarily have to be yours pause for a minute forget your excuses and just like"
  • My Vagina - NOFX
    "My vagina has two sets of lips, but I don't get monthly blood drips My vagina hardly even used My vagina's got lots of extra skin They took my outtie and made it an in Changing Donnie to Marie Osmond Operation,"
  • Vagina Dentata - Die Monster Die
    "The silent sun shines within Listen to yourself and deception floats away... I turn my back now to the world And crawl into the dirt and stone Eyes shut I can see Now it's time to breathe the flame... Vestal"
  • Invasion Of The Porky Men - English Dogs
    "Coming down in two's and three's Have ready your payment please Porky pieces will see you through Hopefully a day or two To disobey will do you harm Suck the gristle from your arm When the pig is at an"
  • The Vagina Song - Bloodhound Gang
    "Some of them are hairy Some of them are bald Some are kinda scary And this is what they're called Vagina! Vagi-hoo-a! They call that thing Vagina Some belong to virgins They're really tight and strong But"
  • The Vagina Song - Tom Green
    "Some of them are hairy Some of them are bald Some are kinda scary and this is what they're called... (chorus) Vagina... Vagina.... They call that thing vagina.... Some belong to virgins They're really"
  • Blac Vagina Finda - Onyx
    "Aiyyo what about the hoes? (Hoes?) Yeah you know, the hoes This is for the nappy hoes, yaknowhatI'msayin? Yeah, word is bond All the hoes that wanna get scrappy, we gonna do it like this for ya Check it"
  • The Who Vs. Porky Pig - Guided By Voices
    "Hey go Quick, be off, be sinking Lown down whale the navy wing It clears out congested arenas They sell rocking host balloons And they're celebrating children And the weeping circus And the smoking-nosed"
  • Surgically Removed Vagina - Meat Shits
    "My bizarre collection is not yet complete I need more piss flaps - Time to take a night on the town now I need more piss flaps - Finding a slut alone picking her up I need more piss flaps - Killing"
  • Peter Percival Patterson's Pet Pig Porky - The Monkees
    "Peter Percival Patterson had a pet pig named Porky This Pet Pig named Porky loved pie He loved pizza pie, pumpkin pie, pineapple pie, pizza pie, mints tarts And Peter Percival Patterson's pet pig Porky"
  • Straight Outta Vagina (feat. Desi Mo & Leikeli47) - Pussy Riot
    "If your vagina lands in prison Then the whole world’s going to listen Don’t play stupid, don’t play dumb, Vagina’s where you’re really from."
  • WAGINA (wyk. Czarnecka & Melcer) - NIMFETKI
    "(Z okazji Dnia Kobiet Karolina Czarnecka z Ireną Melcer nagrały cover utworu "Vagina" zespołu The Tiger Lillies.) Vagina in the sky Once in love I lied We were young and the same height Our love was paradise Vagina"
  • MV (Demo 1993) - Nirvana
    "She has a moist vagina She has a moist vagina When am I so tired When I want on my own shut up She has a moist vagina When I'm more like the fight out When I wanna"
  • Show me your genitals 2 - Jon Lajoie
    "Aahhh yeah, i`m back bitches. Women are equal and they deserve respect, Just kidding, they should suck my dick. Vagina (what!) vagina (what!) I want to have sex with your vagina (uhh) Vagina (what!) vagina"
  • Mama's Boy - Bloodhound Gang
    ": Hello Frank, Hello mother dear, Hi, what are you doin'?, I'm trying to think of words that rhyme with vagina, Oh, lima? Like lima beans, How about that, that teenage witch, Sabina?, No,"
  • Party song - Blink 182
    "(Alright here we go you mother fuckers)Do you want to come to a partyMy friends pick me up in their truck at 11:30This things at a frat house the people are cool thereReluctant I followed but I never dreamed"

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